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March 20, 2015

 Gods Will Ministry
Eshane, South Africa
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Cyber Daily Devotion
Volume 16 Number 080

Today’s Author: Pastor Bill

Scripture: Deuteronomy 31:6
“Be strong and brave. Don’t be afraid of them and don’t be frightened, because the Lord your God will go with you. He will not leave you or forget you.” NCV Bible Paraphrase

Hello — my name is Elin Nordby founder of God’s Will Ministry in Greytown, South Africa. This is my Cross Testimony of how Jesus Christ became everything to me and how He has been faithful throughout my life.

My journey with Jesus begins at a young age. I grew up in a strong Christian home number 3 out of four children, in rural Norway. My dad worked on farms, was a builder and was a good provider. At church he was the treasurer for 55 years. Mom stayed home and tended to us children and faithfully taught Sunday school. In America you would say I am 100 percent Norwegian — for me I would say I’m 100 percent African.

Sunday morning when I was nine years old I saw my first black man. He was from the Congo and came to speak at our church about missions. I listened and purposed in my heart to be a missionary to Africa but in my heart I felt I was not good enough. I knew what being born again was all about but I was not born again and anyways I had to be older to be so. That Sunday Africa was engraved on my heart and in my mind. I knew one day I would go.

Three years later at age twelve during an altar call I received Jesus as my Lord and Savior and everything changed. No longer was I not good enough — now I was walking in the image of Christ. I began leading out in music, I learned to play the accordion to lead worship, and I was active with the youth and helped out in Sunday school. Then an opportunity came to spend one year in Africa. I became so busy with my church responsibilities that one day while praying I said to Jesus, “I am so happy and active in church you don’t need to send me to Africa.”

I was running everything and now I tried to run God. Well, you guessed it — the Lord had other plans. So I negotiated with the Lord. I’ll give You one year in Africa and then come back and continue what I’m doing. That led to several trips into Africa.

In 1996 just after the change from Apartheid in South Africa I moved to a township (Location) just outside Greytown, South Africa. I was the only white person living in the Location and as a white Norwegian lady living alone it made for an interesting life. From the beginning my home became a refuge. I took in children of all different ages giving them shelter, food, a safe place to live and lots of love. That was the beginning.

The Location at first was stand-off-ish. As I walked along the streets policemen would pull up alongside me and ask if I was lost? If I needed help? Are you sure you know where you are? That kind of stuff — that lasted about six months then I became accepted in the community. Over the 13 years I lived there many children came and went but they always knew they had a place full of love, food and rest if they needed it.

One particular day we were leaving church as a group of women having just prayed. We had read about and heard about all the violence in and around the Locations throughout South Africa but this day would be different.

As we exited the church late in the day, as evening was falling, my helper and assistant in ministry was gunned down. She died instantly. I chose to stay and help the children.

In 2008 I moved out of the township and purchased a house in the inner city of Greytown. Now the ministry to the children expanded as I had more room. Today 13 street kids live with me and 120 children are dispersed throughout the neighborhoods of Greytown, South Africa.

Our finances for all this are a gift from God. We do not solicit funds but when they are needed we pray. One time we were 20,000 Rand short ($2,000 dollars) to make our payroll and pay for food. It was a crisis of monumental proportions. We gathered all the children and we prayed. That afternoon someone we did not know sent in 25,000 Rand. Not only did everyone get paid and we bought food — but we had money left over. Jesus is so good.

Throughout the Lord has provided helpers who stand with me in this mission for the Lord. Each one is here because the Lord has picked them and they are working for Him and not me. We are a team together working for the Lord.

We have learned that each child has a personality of his or her own and we work with them to develop who they are. We teach social skills and responsibility skills to adults and children alike. Taking medicine is a specific skill that needs to be developed. Taking a pill as prescribed by a doctor at 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM every day is foreign to them. In their culture they learn to take medicine until they feel better and then stop. If they have an infection medicine must be taken for days after the pain is gone to insure the germs are sufficiently terminated.

This medicine taking skill is especially important since 40 percent of the children we help are found to be HIV-positive. They will need antiviral (ARV) medicines for the rest of their lives and maintaining a proper schedule no matter how they feel is essential.

Saturdays we gather all our children along with friends and neighbors together for a special time with the Lord. We teach Bible stories, sing, dance and share about Jesus. Then we break into smaller groups and learn skills for life. In smaller groups we can detect if there are any deficiencies or abuses that we can care for and minister with them. Most Saturdays we surpass the 200 children mark sharing the joy of the Lord.

This work for the Lord has grown way beyond what I could have ever imagined. When it appears to be overwhelming and too big — is when I sit down to relax a bit. Then in my quiet time with the Lord I consider this is not my ministry. These are not my problems. The finances are not my burden. This is the Lords doing and it is His ministry and I’m here to pass along what the Lord asks me to do. Then I can go about my business with the understanding that if we are to do it He alone will provide.

My favorite Bible verse is Romans 8:28
“We know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose” NKJV

I hold on to this verse and when things get too hectic and too overwhelming this verse brings comfort in that the Lord will work it out as we stand in His will.

Without the Cross there is no hope. We would be a hopeless people without what Jesus did for you and me. His death on the Cross and resurrection from the grave drench us with hope for a bigger, better, brighter future with Jesus forevermore.

This Cross planted tells all — there is no other Church — there is no other place — there is no other opportunity to receive eternal life. Come to Jesus. And as they pass by all will know we love and preach Jesus. They too can have a relationship with Him — just come inside.

In parting I would like to share what I believe about children in our future. While children are the future Jesus wants them now. He wants to fill them with joy, understanding and wisdom of the Holy Spirit. And that is why we are here.

Prayer: Father I thank you for Elin and her faithfulness and lift her up as she daily is impacting this generation of youth for Your Kingdom. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

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 Attaching beams

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Setting Cross in position

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Lifting Cross

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Final Push

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Elin watching all the action

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God’s Will Ministry mission statement

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Children dancing

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More than 200 children present for Saturday morning ministry

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Pastor Carol praying for worker and his family

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Plaque installation