4 Ways to Give!




Give to:
  1. Plant Crosses
  2. Support creative cdd Devotions
  3. Provision for Pastors Bill & Carol
  4. Where needed most—General Fund

Those who send support monthly earn the title Fire*Starter Partner, and a hearty thank you for your faithfulness

100% of your donation will be used in the fund you select under our guidance and direction“

–ccm Board of Directors




Cross Fund Giving:

Help provide resources for planting Crosses throughout the world, fulfilling the Cross Vision.

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cdd Devotion Fund Giving:

Give to the Cyber Daily Devotion, the 2-minute daily blessing that comes right to your mobile or desktop.

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General Fund Giving

General giving provides resources to be used wherever they are most urgently needed.

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Pastors Fund Giving:

Give directly to our Pastors, Pastor Bill and Pastor Carol, who take no salary for their efforts.

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Make your gift a Recurring Donation to become a Fire*Starter Partner

Our monthly givers fuel our operation. Regular contributions make it possible to plan longterm and help us to budget well. We call them our Fire*Starter Partners! As always, 100% of your donation goes to the ministry area that you designate.

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  • Cyber Daily Devotion
  • Fire*Starter Partner
  • Pastor Fund
  • General Fund
  • Cross Fund