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Saturday October 31, 2020

Agape Fellowship Ministry
Nairobi, Kenya
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5241 cdd Tea and Biscuits
Monday November 9, 2020
Volume 21 Number 288

Today’s Author: Pastor Bill

Scripture: Matt 26:26
“During the meal Jesus took a Passover biscuit, blessed it and broke it. He then gave it to the disciples, saying, “Take this and eat it: it is my body.” WNT (Bible Paraphrase)

Hello, my name is Bishop George Thiongo with the Agape Fellowship Ministry in Nairobi, Kenya. I grew up in the Huruma Estate slum in the Northeast area of Nairobi. My dad and mom had 7 children and I was number 5. My dad passed away when I was very young. Mom opened a roadside market hut, selling charcoal. I went to live with my grandparents who lived nearby. My grandparents made sure I was in church each Sunday. I was obedient and attended for them.

Then a tent ministry set up in our area. I was drawn to listen when I was 15 years old. The message touched my heart and I wanted to know this Jesus they were talking about. When the tent left I wanted more of Jesus. I joined an evangelistic team that was winning souls through their ministry of tea and biscuits. They would set up tables in an area and invite people to come and talk offering them free tea and a biscuit. It was an exciting time of my life to learn about Jesus and tell others of His love.

The tea and biscuits lasted almost 10 years. I met so many people introducing them to Jesus. It was fun and exciting. Then I entered Bible School. I was 27 years old when I met Mary at school. We married the next year and we now have 3 boys — Lawrence 22, Samuel 21, and Joseph 20. After graduation from Bible School the Lord led me to many massive slums around Nairobi. I was preaching Love, Joy, Peace and Hope wherever He sent me. I grew up in a slum, I lived in a slum and the Lord showed me ministry was abundant in the slums. The world so needs Jesus and the hope he brings to all of us.

A few years later I registered as a ministry with the government and currently there are five churches in our group. My wife Mary Pastors one of them and next week Pastor Bill will introduce you to her and her new Cross.

My favorite Bible verse is John 3:16 “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life” NKJV

As a Bishop I am challenged by the Lord to teach and prepare others for ministry and establish churches — all this in the worst of the worst slums.

About 2 years ago the Lord gave me a dream. It was a warning to prepare His people. The essence of the message was to tell everyone that everything was going to change. And through the change I was to tell them that Jesus Christ is Lord and still on the throne. Follow Jesus and all will be well. I told thousands of people. Some took me seriously while others laughed it off.

Then CORONA VIRUS struck us all. For a year I had been telling everyone to prepare that everything was going to change. Now when I walk down the street people will stop me and thank me for the message — for truly everything has changed!

Our ministry in the slums continues to the most pure and vulnerable people. As we introduce them to Jesus, the Lord lifts them above their circumstances and showers Hope, Love, Joy and Peace on them. Did the Lord build them a new house immediately – no, Did the Lord give them a clean water well immediately – no. Did the Lord provide clothing and shoes immediately – no. Did the Lord fill their pockets with money immediately – no.

The Lord changed their hearts. Hope, Love, Joy and Peace overwhelmed them. And as they reflect these qualities the rest follows. And the Lord provides a home, clean water, clothing and an income. It is truly miraculous.

Pastor Bill here is something I never thought I would see, nor did I realize the impact. The Cross – a beautiful Cross provided by your readers (THANK YOU) that stands overhead and draws people.

In a slum there has been nothing new for many years. And here we have a brand new landmark. It shouts HERE IS JESUS. It opens new doors in new ways to teach about the Cross and how Jesus gave His life for each one of us. And gives us new and exciting opportunities to share the Hope, Love, Joy and Peace of Jesus to lift them out of poverty of body, mind and spirit.

Prayer: Thank you Father for those you send, where others dare not travel, to preach Your Gospel. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!