m Cross 0273
Tuesday September 1, 2020 

Badlands Golf Course
1018 80th Ave
Roberts, WI  54023
ccm Cross 0273

GPS/DMS 44° 59′ 1.19″ N -92° 33′ 8.39″ W 

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5201 cdd The Handiwork of God
Cyber Daily Devotion
Volume 21 Number 188

Today’s Author: Pastor Bill

Hello, my name is Gordy Perry owner of Badlands Golf in Roberts, Wisconsin. This is my Cross testimony of how Jesus has been the core of my life from the very beginning.

I grew up in Glenwood City, Wisconsin which is halfway between Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota and Eau Claire, Wisconsin. This area is the heartland of dairy farming in Wisconsin.

My dad was a dairy farmer milking 60 cows twice a day. I am the oldest of four children. I learned very early to carry responsibility to get a job done and done right! This determination spilled over in my life as I became a natural leader of projects.

Our family was in church most of the time. When there was an activity we were there.

School was a necessity but not my choice of how I should learn. I am a hands on learner which has served us well owning and operating a golf course.

During my late teens and early 20’s I prayed for a Christian wife. Asking God for a woman who would share my Christian values and work with me in ministry. Just didn’t know what that ministry would look like. I dated with expectations that the Lord would provide. Each date was a dead-end!

Then I met a wild Charismatic fellow who introduced me to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Church was nice for fellowship, but it became clear my future was one on one with Jesus. That’s when I became born again accepting Jesus as Lord of my life.

The light bulb was turned on and burning brightly for Jesus.

One year later my prayers were answered. Heidi walked into my life and we chose one another to share a walk with Jesus for the rest of our lives. We have six children — To God be all the Glory!

We grew our family in the church and went on missionary adventures throughout the world. We witnessed Jesus showing up in the most special ways wherever we ministered.

Then came a vision to build and own a golf course. In the vision Heidi and I worked hard with our children building the golf course during the spring, summer and fall. Then over the winter we were on missionary adventures.

In 1991 we bought our land for Badlands Golf and broke ground. Our vision was becoming a reality. We were inspired by the land overlooking the beautiful St. Croix Valley and could see the handiwork of God in each fairway, bunker and green as it developed.

We dedicated all that we were doing to the Lord Jesus Christ.

It has been nearly 30 years since we started. We’ve had good times, challenges and bad times. But through it all Jesus has stood tall in our lives.

So, today we planted a large aluminum Cross in the middle of our golf course to Give God Glory for all He has done in giving us this vision!

This Cross planted stands as a symbol of Jesus Christ pouring out His blood for us to be redeemed. Revelation 12:11a “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony” NKJV

We desire that every one of our golf participants passes by this Cross, and they will know that we love the Lord and He loves them with a love beyond measure. As business owners Heidi and I knew we had to take a stand for Christ amid COVID-19 and all the civil unrest.

We already had a salute to our Military Veterans with a small garden and a large American flag. What was missing from our golf course was a Cross testifying to the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. This Cross planted tells everyone that Jesus is not only available when we need Him but is available at all times.

We believe this Cross will stand for 100 years or more as a testimony to Jesus Christ as Lord of our lives.

Prayer: Father thank you for the ways you exhibit your handiwork in the lives of those who seek You. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!