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Wednesday May 13, 2020 

 Souls Harbor Church
ccm Cross 0263


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5141 cdd Mop Closet Revival
Cyber Daily Devotion
Volume 21 Number 128

Today’s Author: Pastor Bill

Scripture: Matthew 19:26 “Jesus looked at them and said to them, ‘With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.’” NKJV

Hello, I’m Pastor Larry Martin with Souls Harbor Church of Canton, Georgia. I was the youngest of two kids growing up here in Canton. My dad was a carpenter while mom worked in a men’s clothing store when we were growing up. We would not be called a church family, but we did attend church some.

When I was 16 years old my girlfriend brought me to a revival in a country Baptist church. It was apparent they all had something I didn’t. The Pastor walked around during the revival shaking everyone’s hands. When he stopped in front of me he asked, “Have you been saved?.” He literally did not let my had go and pulled me up to the front. I received Jesus Christ as Lord that day.

I married that girl. Our son was born, and over time we drifted from the Lord. Eventually the stress of our marriage and walking away from the Lord she took her life through suicide.

Five years later I was part of a bikers group steeped in drugs and debauchery. I re-married and we carried on in the drug infested environment bringing 2 kids into the world. I owned a biker shop and our lives were miserable. Then one night all strung out on drugs my wife laid her head on my chest, I prayed Lord God take all these drugs away.

The Lord instantly picked us for our own revival. My wife was begging me for more drugs and holy laughter struck me. The more I laughed the more I wanted to laugh. My wife joined the laughter. We were completely set free of drugs.

We owed God something for such an experience. We decided to go to church. It was communion Sunday. I ate of the bread and drank the juice — I started shouting and dancing for the Lord. I joined the choir and one by one brought my biker buddies to the Lord. We held a healing meeting and people were instantly healed.

I told everyone what Jesus had done. The church board was not happy with my expressions of appreciation for what Jesus had done in our lives. They ejected me. And pointed me down the road to a Charismatic church.

I started a Bible study in my Biker shop. Then came a big tent just down the road. We joined into the revival. At the end, the preacher announced me as the Pastor in the Biker building. We moved somethings around and the church began. We enlarged the building and the church grew. People were saved and miracles were commonplace. Clyde was a traveling evangelist I met and befriended. As the church grew he became my assistant Pastor.

My marriage was a wreck — All my time was in the Bike shop or church — I determined to win my wife back. I threw my Bible on the bed and stopped all church activities. I told Jesus I’m through — find another boy! My wife wanted attention and I was going to give it to her. I left the church in the hands of Clyde.

When the demons took over we became 7 times more destructive with drugs and debauchery. Drinking, drugs and methamphetamines — I was flying high and I stayed high. The money was rolling in as I dealt drugs. It was big money – like I had never seen before.

I was injecting all kinds of drugs in my veins with needles. My body was disintegrating before my eyes.

The police captured me — I was charged and pled guilty for 7 felonies. I received 20 years in prison and a $365,000 fine. I found myself in prison. My wife left me and there I was all alone with a busted life.

I spent five years and seven months in prison. It changed my life. The local jail ministry visited often, and I gave my life back to the Lord.

The Lord grabbed my heart again and I drew the prisoners to Christ on the inside. I started and pastored the The First Church of the Mop Closet. We had great revivals, healings and baptisms with the prison mop bucket. The Lord moved mightily.

While in prison a member of the Biker church sent me a letter of encouragement. Her name is Faye. We began a relationship while I was still in prison. We were married by the Prison Chaplin before my release.

Upon release I received a lengthy probation and we headed back to the Biker church with Clyde.

Clyde was leading the church and I helped as an assistant. We had a role reversal, but the Lord was working.

Over the next few months, the church grew. Clyde became sick and died and I became Pastor again. It was necessary that I become whole with the authorities. I hired a lawyer and over the next few years the Lord opened doors no man can budge.

My judge was given the nickname “No Hope Pope.” He carried a reputation of making all parolees pay dearly for the experience. At first it was a tug of war — But then God showed up! Miraculously I was completely pardoned, and my $365,000 fine was totally forgiven. Hallelujah!!

Since becoming whole again with the authorities Faye and I have lead the Biker church. The Lord has 50% of our church actively involved in prison ministry and weekly we are preaching, teaching and introducing prisoners to Jesus Christ. 90% of our church has had a Holy Ghost experience with Jesus in a prison environment.

My favorite Bible verse is: John 8:36 “Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed” NKJV

Throughout this journey with the Lord we have experienced some tremendous miracles:

1. In the Prison at the Church of the Mop Closet there was an inmate who was deaf at birth. The doctors over time performed surgeries and he received 40% hearing in one ear. When we prayed 100% of his hearing was restored – in both ears.

2. We held a day of Freedom in Prison and a man came forward. He had worshiped and served Satan all his life. He brought a pentagram to our meeting saying, “I renounce Satan, but I can’t destroy this pentagram for fear of what Satan will do to me.” I asked him to drop it on the floor. Then I stomped it into tiny pieces. He was delivered and set free of his fear of Satan.

3. I was personally healed from blood poisoning. I broke my finger with a sledgehammer smash — it swelled — the back on my hand became bright red. A red line was moving up my arm. We prayed and the red went away. By morning all swelling was gone and the hand was 100%.

Lupus, leukemia and all kinds of cancers have been healed while we prayed to the Lord Jesus Christ for action. He did not let us down!.

The Cross to me is the most horrific form of death. Jesus did it for me. The empty Cross shows the resurrection power past and present. Crown of thorns – a Kings crown.

This Cross planted is a large reminder for all who pass by that Jesus is Lord – Is He your Lord? Great revival is coming. Now is the time and place to accept Him.

I am not ashamed of my past because I know who I am through the righteousness of Christ. Christ continually uses my failures to help others.

This coming September Faye and I will celebrate 25 years of marriage. To God be All The Glory!

Prayer: Father thank You that multiple opportunities are available for those who fall. We are blessed that Your love covers multiples of sins. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!