ccm Cross 0197
Wednesday October 31, 2018

Jesus Christ the Savior International Assemblies
North Caloocan City, Metro Manila, Philippines
ccm Cross 0197

GPS/DMS 14°45’55.31″ N 121°5’5.42″ E

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4759 cdd Eternal Life Value
Cyber Daily Devotion
Volume 19 Number 008

Scripture: John 10:28-30
“And I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; neither shall anyone snatch them out of My hand. My Father, who has given them to Me, is greater than all; and no one is able to snatch them out of My Father’s hand. I and My Father are one.” MKJV

Hello, my name is Pastor Derio Dotosme, with Jesus Christ the Savior International Assemblies, in Metro Manila, Philippines. I grew up in Masbate Dimasalang in the Bicol Region on Masbate, Island, (18 hour drive and ferry ride South West of Manila) the youngest of thirteen children. 5 boys and 8 girls. My dad was a poor farmer and an “Albularyo” which is a Filipino term for a witch doctor, folk healer or medicine man. Mom took care of all the kids and did not participate in witch craft.

Growing up we were not involved with a church. I didn’t even know what a Bible was!

I remember my dad had strange powers of darkness I didn’t understand. Fishermen called on him often asking him to make sure their fishing trips ended with a boat full of fish. He told us the boats always returned full of fish. The fishermen would give him money.

People came day and night looking for relief from evil spells that had been placed on them. They asked my dad to terminate the spell and gave him money when it was gone.

When people were involved in conflicts that could cause them harm they came to my dad and asked for help. He would confront the issue and the antagonist would lose their strength and power. He received money when the conflict had passed.

I came to understand witches placed spells on people that prevented the fishermen from getting the fish they needed to feed their families. And these spells caused illness and mayhem in people’s lives. And witches stirred up conflicts between people resulting in harm. It was my dad’s responsibility as a witch doctor to undo these spells. As a poor farmer these spell reversals provided money that helped feed our family.

Once a year, at Easter time, for 21 days dad left us. While he was gone, he would tell us he was wrestling with demons. The entire time he was gone he fasted and did not eat or drink.

The first 7 days he started on Good Friday. He retreated to his exclusive cave. Not sure where it was but he was all alone in there. Here he said he wrestled demons.

The second 7 days he retreated while continuing to fast from food and water to a cemetery where he again wrestled with demons.

The final 7 days he retreated to a very large church where his fast continued and he battled the largest number of demons.

Dad never took any of us with him. He died when I was eleven and mom moved us all to Metro Manila. In Manila one of my brothers got a job as a dishwasher. There he met Christians who were working with him. He received a tract about Jesus and an invitation to a church meeting.

My brother received Jesus Christ as Lord in his life and he brought me to church. We attended that church for 2 years learning about the Jesus in the Bible. We attended a youth discipleship class and the preacher was talking about John 3:16 and when I learned how much Jesus loves me, I had to love Him back. I gave my heart to Jesus.

Then we came to this church because it was more suited to my work schedule. Here I experienced deliverance from all that had been holding me back. The Pastor prayed for me and huge weights were lifted off me. I began to soar for Jesus. My life had changed from darkness to light in an instant. One by one, starting with mom, everyone in my family found Jesus. Not only my immediate family but aunts, uncles and cousins. It was a tsunami of revival. The light of Jesus gave us hope, a home and a future.

After high school I worked for six months in a factory when I had a dream. In the dream Jesus was directing me to preach to large numbers of children but I argued with him saying I was too shy to do it.

I knew I was supposed to go to Bible school and learn so much more about working for Jesus. I left my job and moved into the church. And Bible school would have to wait as the doors opened to go on a one-year tribal mission in the mountains. For the next twelve months I would spend one month with each of twelve tribes in the mountains leaning how to evangelize.

When I returned from the tribal missions in the mountains, I knew my life belonged to Jesus. I found a Bible school that met at night and became a barber during the day. When things were slow in the barber shop, I would pull out my Bible and read and study. It took me seven years, but I graduated from Bible school.

Upon graduation we started a Bible school here at church. The purpose was to educate anyone who wanted to do more for the Kingdom of God and set them out to start a church. The training started slow but soon we were teaching, graduating and opening new churches every month. It was exciting to see Jesus move so quickly in the hearts of the people.

So far, we have graduated 60 pastors, opened 32 churches and stretch all the way to Korea and Bahrain. We have begun sponsoring children who cannot afford tuition to go to school. We are currently working with 230 kids from kindergarten to college.

I was introduced to a most interesting young lady named Maria Louisa. She enrolled in the Bible school and for three years we prayed together. She completed her studies and we are now married with children. The Lord’s timing is always correct and together we now minister as the Lord leads.

Our vision for the future is a new sanctuary that can hold up to 10,000 people and continue our growth of church planting and sponsoring children for a strong Christian education.

My favorite Bible verse is John 15:7 “If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you” NKJV

The Cross has a special meaning for me in that if it were not for what Jesus did on the Cross, I would have no chance for eternal life. I owe my existence to what Jesus did for me on the Cross. When Jesus died and rose from the grave, He gave me eternal life value. I will be forever grateful.

This Cross planted will show all who pass by — THIS A CHURCH THAT BELIEVES IN JESUS CHRIST. We teach that Jesus died, rose from the grave and through Him alone we find eternal life.

Prayer: Father thank you for establishing visions and dreams and opening doors for your kingdom growth. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!