ccm Cross 0195
Saturday October 27, 2018

Evangelical Christian Outreach Foundation, INC.
Malalag Cogon Malungon, Sarangani, Philippines
ccm Cross 0195

GPS/DMS 6° 24′ 9.82” N 125° 17′ 11.28” E

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4747 cdd Impact
Cyber Daily Devotion
Volume 19 Number 256

Today’s Author: Pastor Bill

Scripture: Romans 8:28
“We know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose” NKJV

Hello, my name is Pastor George Gevero. Everyone calls me Pastor Gevero. I was born in Pandan, Negros, Occidental, Philippines. I was the sixth born of fourteen children. My dad was a teacher and farmer. Mom kept the family organized and together. We grew up as a casual Christian family attending church when it was convenient. This is my Cross testimony of how Jesus Christ has impacted my life for his purpose.

When I was thirteen years old my oldest sister was a teacher at VBS — Vacation Bible School. She brought me to the event. The Pastor spoke about the Bible and it came alive for me.

Immediately I understood who Jesus is and accepted Him as Lord of my life. From that point on my entire focus for life changed and, in my spirit, I knew I would become a Pastor. All throughout High School, leadership roles for Christ were my life.

Graduating from High School I jumped at the chance to go to Bible School. The next four years trained me in everything Christian leadership. I met my wife Bonita and one year after graduation we married. Today we have three children. Two girls and one boy.

Through the years we have Pastored five churches for the Lord. Only one time did I experience a period of frustration. At the time I considered stepping down. We prayed and fasted and wrote our letter of resignation to be turned in the next day. That night the Lord spoke to me. He was clear that we were to remain in ministry. Since then I’ve never doubted my purpose for the Lord.

Prayer and fasting have become the cornerstone of our ministry. When in doubt we pray and fast. When in need we pray and fast. When things are over whelming, we turn to prayer and fasting.

Then a stomach illness struck. The doctors were helpless. I couldn’t eat without sickness and I lost a lot of weight. I didn’t look good. We took this to the Lord in prayer and fasting. He healed me when the doctors could not. To God alone be all the Glory!

This Cross planted today sits alongside the major highway on our Philippine island. Many thousands of cars, trucks and buses will pass this way every day. I believe this large Cross will send a message to our community and impact it for Jesus. They will recognize that He is here, and He is calling to them.

Pastor Gevero says this patch of highway is the most dangerous for traffic on the island. He says there is an evil spirit that causes drivers to fall asleep. Even in the middle of the day! Most drivers have died here on impact with trees as they leave the road, and scores of others have been seriously injured.

Today while we were beginning to plant this Cross a driver fell asleep and crashed impacting a tree head-on right across the highway. There were four people in the small Honda. We were worshiping in the church in preparation for planting the Cross when we heard the impact. It was loud, and everyone knew a car had once again hit a tree.

Upon hearing the impact, the truck crane operator preparing our Cross for planting saw what happened and immediately crossed the road and rescued all four people from the car. He then brought his crane to the site of the accident and picked up the car and moved it beside the road where it was towed away.

Pastor Gevero said, “It was no coincidence that this Cross was planted here today, along this evil stretch of road. And no coincidence that the crane truck and driver were immediately available for help. It serves as notice to our community that this Cross is here to stand watch over this highway. He said most of those who are involved in accidents along this stretch of road do not live. Today that is changing, the Cross and Jesus have arrived to impact our community. To God Be All the Glory!”

My favorite Bible verse is Matthew 6:33 “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you” NKJV

The Cross to me means the great love of Jesus when he died and rose from the grave for my salvation.

This Cross planted today will impact our community and everyone who passes buy for years to come. It is our shield in times of trouble and stands guard for our protection because Jesus Christ lives in victory over every evil spirit.

Editors comment: In my travels in the Philippines over the years, it is my opinion that this stretch of road is one of the straightest, most well-built and smooth driving surfaces, I’ve witnessed. It would be like a stretch of road in the USA that suddenly appears after a long and winding mountainous road. The kind local police would use a radar gun because after patiently traversing winding mountainous roads a driver would impulsively increase speed with a sigh of relief. Finally, a smooth straight road!

We stood with Pastor Gevero and his congregation and took spiritual authority over this highway, as taught by Jesus Christ, by binding these evil sleep spirits and loosing all who pass by in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Reports are its working. To God be all the Glory!

Prayer: Father thank you for the victory of Jesus Christ over the grave that we might be saved. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!