ccm Cross 0180
Saturday August 25, 2018

Christ Love Fellowship Center,
Paynesville, Liberia, West Africa
ccm Cross 0180

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4672 cdd The Riddle
Cyber Daily Devotion
Volume 19 Number 181

Today’s Author: Pastor Bill

Hello, my name is Pastor J. Alphenso Richards with the Christ Love Fellowship Center, Paynesville, Liberia. Everyone calls me Pastor Alphenso. This is my Cross Testimony of how the Lord used a riddle to bring me close to Him.

I grew up in the Capitol City of Liberia called Monrovia. I was the eighth born of ten children. My dad was a truck driver and very active in the church as a Lay Leader. Mom was a business woman. When the church doors were open we were there. All twelve of us! Church Services, Sunday School and Bible Studies consumed our lives. I was along for the ride. I heard what was said but none of it landed in my heart.

Then in 1993 while the Civil War was raging all around us an evangelist came to our school. Death and destruction were everywhere, and he preached salvation in Jesus Christ. I listened but was not moved until a few days later I received a word from the Lord during Praise and Worship in church. It was then I began to connect all the dots about what Jesus means to me. The word I heard said, “You are able to do what no man can do. You are able.” It was a riddle that grabbed my attention.

Soon after, I enrolled in Bible School. I wanted to learn more of what this riddle from the Lord meant. Bible School led to Seminary which led to Bible School in the USA eventually graduating with my Doctorate in Theology at Northwestern Christian University.

Over the years the riddle has played itself out in signs and wonders. Like the well-known local prostitute who was called out much like the woman at the well in the book of John Chapter 4. She gave her life to Christ and turned from her evil ways.

Or the man who would have been classified as a drunk was saved by the Blood of Jesus Christ and turned his life around. He went to Bible School and graduated. He is now a prominent deacon in our church.

Prayer that sets the captives free when a witch appeared. She was actively practicing witchcraft, and, in our service, she was set free and demons sent running.

When we needed land for our church to expand, we took to prayer. Three men from our congregation and I undertook to fast and pray for fourteen days. At the end of the 14 days all the money came in to pay for the land.

The riddle I received all those many years ago continues to develop. The Lord takes me places and uses me in ways I could never imagine. Jesus Christ is in control of my life and because He lives I am able.

My favorite Bible verse is: Philippians 4:19 “And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus” NKJV Here in Liberia where we are still healing from the scars of Civil War we live this verse every day, as we look to the Lord for provision.

The Cross to me means the Life and Death of Jesus Christ followed by his burial and Triumphant Resurrection from the grave. Jesus paid the price for the Redemption of your soul no matter who you are. Jesus loves you, and all you must do is accept that fact. To God be all the Glory!

Prayer: Father thank you that Jesus challenges those You love to go further and longer with You than they could ever imagine. Because Jesus lives they are able. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!