ccm Cross 0161
Thursday February 22, 2018

Ndakane Congregation
Uniting Presbyterian Church
Nqamakwe, South Africa
ccm Cross 0161

GPS/DMS 32°15’55.23″S 27°54’39.9″E

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4582 cdd Serving
Cyber Daily Devotion
Volume 19 Number 091

Today’s Author: Pastor Bill

Scripture: Mark 10:45a
“For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve” NKJV

Hello, my name is Thembi Ngalwana and everyone calls me Reverend Thembi with the Ndakana Congregation of The Uniting Presbyterian Church in Mgamakwe, South Africa. I grew up in Cape Town, South Africa the middle child of five. We were four girls and one boy. My dad was an elder in church and mom was a domestic worker.

I received Jesus Christ as my savior when I was very young. He was always the love of my life. At age 14 the Holy Spirit in me motivated me to mimic everything holy. After church I would preach the sermon. I would replay all the good things I had seen. I could see myself as the Pastor of a church.

The only problem was all the Pastors were men. They had their roll and the women had their roll. But still every Sunday I stood replaying the sermon.

When I graduated high school everyone wanted to know what I was going to do? Get married? Have children? Work in the church cleaning and serving?

But the Lord had other ideas for me. My visions of me preaching and leading a congregation grew. But the doors to such an opportunity were closed.

Then a group of ladies visited from the state of Michigan in the USA. They saw my strong desire to lead for the Lord, so they helped provide for my training. I started immediately and graduated three years later. I spent one year in Summerset East with the Saint Andrews Congregation and then the Lord shocked me as I received a call. For us as Pastors we are either appointed to a church or we are called to a church. When appointed you will periodically move from church to church to learn your roll. But when called it is a lifetime position.

Through this time, I met my husband Xolani and we now have 2 boys. Ages 10 and 6.

For me to receive a lifetime call to this position in 2006 was just the amazing grace of Jesus Christ.

The Lord placed a vision for ministry in my heart. I was to build the spirits of the broken hearted, heal the sick and carry forgiveness to everyone I met. Our community was full of anger, hate and destruction. I was to bring the Love of Jesus.

One of the first miracles that set the tone for ministry was when a woman came to me asking me to pray for her son to be released from alcohol and all the perversions related to it. I prayed and several weeks later Jesus had healed that young man. This served notice to everyone that His church is a church of restoration. From that day forward when asked I pray and Jesus does the rest. Healings, forgiveness, broken bondages and strong holds are replaced with love. The love of Jesus.

As a Pastor my greatest joy is traveling to the remotest parts of our community and visiting with, praying for, and serving communion to the poorest of the poorest. The elderly confined to beds and those who cannot move around well will find me at their door to show the love of Jesus.

The Cross to me is our connection to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Through His terrible pain and suffering we are redeemed for all eternity.

This planted Cross shouts out to our community that there is protection from evil here. There is hope here and His name is Jesus Christ.

Prayer: Father thank you for opportunities to serve others as Jesus did. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!