ccm Cross 0130
Monday February 5, 2018

EPWC Church
Evangelical Prayer & Worship Center
Tekwane, South Africa
ccm Cross 0130

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4541 cdd Unashamedly
Cyber Daily Devotion
Volume 19 Number 050

Today’s Author: Pastor Bill

Scripture: Romans 1:16a
“I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes”

Hello, my name is Apostle Jerry Khozas from Evangelical Prayer & Worship Center (EPWC) Tekwane, South Africa. Everyone calls me Apostle Khozas. I was the third born of five children in the small village of Magudu which borders Swaziland, South of Kruger Park in South Africa.

My grandfather was a Pastor and my dad was a power plant operator for Eskom (South Africa Electricity Supply Commission). Mom was home with the children.

We were a church family. My earliest memories as a family are in church. I received Jesus Christ in my heart at very young age, in a Sunday School revival. As far back as I can remember I lived the Christian life. I was a youth leader and the teen leader of the Student Christian Organization in High School.

When I was 16 years old I considered my position one of support for others to develop into ministers. I didn’t see myself as a Pastor. Then my Pastor prophesied over me that I have a call on my life from the Lord. It was followed several weeks later from a traveling evangelist who confirmed it. I ran from it. I told God “NO” it’s not for me.

I had been leading and preaching but only assisting until these two spiritual words changed everything. I argued with God for weeks and months. I told him “NO” again and again until finally I surrendered everything to the Lord. At age 21 I preached my first service as a Pastor.

I planted my first church when I 23 years old. Immediately after planting that church I received my one and only personal message from God. The message was clearly spoken, “As I was with Moses, so I Am with you.”

Several years later I planted my second church. I didn’t know the language, didn’t know one person in the town or community — but the Lord said go and I went. The Lord said build and I built.

God has been so good to me. He has kept me aside for Him and when I wavered or stuttered His love showed up and carried the day.

I have seen God in so many ways work on my behalf. I’ve seen Him:
Protect me
Stand firm with me
Give me power to endure
Provide when I had nothing
Love me when I was unlovable
Open doors that were tightly locked
Hold me up when I was breaking down
Make a way for me when I wasn’t qualified

When speaking about miracles in my life, first and foremost is my salvation. I should have been dead many times over by now by way of one major car accident after another. Satan would love to wipe me out, but the Lord continues to protect me.

I have been confronted by gangsters who have been sent to kill me. “The angels of the Lord took care of each situation as the Lord says, “NO”.

A knife wielding woman crashed through my window saying, “I’ve come to kill you.” The Angels of the Lord stepped in and I’m safe.

When the Favor of the Lord is present miracles happen:
The Lord provided housing I never thought I could afford.
The Lord provided automobiles I never thought I would drive.
Doors were open for employment beyond my schooling and capabilities.
Contacts were made with Mighty Men of God through the Lord’s networking.

Miracles are the Lord in action. I take no credit. I’m just the messenger when:
The dead rise
The cripple walk
The sick are healed
Lost children are found

Pastor Bill, I don’t have one favorite Bible verse. I love the Bile and all it teaches. Everyday a scripture will jump off the pages at me and capture my heart. That is the scripture that is my favorite — until tomorrow! I say WOW God look at that scripture!

Our ministry logo has a Cross on it. The Cross has been significant from the very beginning because it is the power of God. And now we have a Cross of our own. Thank you Pastors Bill & Carol and your readers.

I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ — Jesus removed our sins by His actions on the Cross. No matter what direction you travel the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross will cover You. Run to Him.

This Cross planted tells everyone who will listen that the way to become born again is through the Cross:

Jesus is here
Come to Him
Never hesitate
Lives are saved
Jesus Loves You
Jesus will save you
Jesus cares about You

Currently our group of churches numbers 7. We are on our way to 12 and beyond. Because Jesus Christ lives we will continue until His return.

I love Jesus and I am unashamedly a child of God!

Prayer: Father thank you for those who unashamedly stand up and are counted for Your Kingdom spreading the light of Jesus Christ. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!