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Wednesday March 8, 2017

Uniting Presbyterian Church
Tutura Congregation
Centane, South Africa

GPS/DMS 26° 41′ 15.97” S   27° 52′ 22.61” E

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4355 cdd Double Standard
Cyber Daily Devotion

Volume 18 Number 125

Today’s Author: Pastor Bill

Scripture: Proverbs 20:23a
“The Lord detests double standards” NLT (Bible Paraphrase)

Hello, my name is Hazeman Mkhanyiseli but everyone calls me Reverend Njobe. I’m from the Tutura Mission of the Uniting Presbyterian Church in Centane, South Africa. This is my Cross testimony of how Jesus taught me how to live for Him 24/7.

Before talking about me personally, there is some information you may want to know. In 1894 Missionaries from the Uniting Presbyterian Church arrived in Africa from Scotland. This Tutura Congregation was their first established church and later became the first church led by a black man in South Africa. We have a rich history of establishing churches all throughout the Transkei area of South Africa.

I grew up in the area surrounding Port Elizabeth, South Africa. My dad worked for the newspaper while mom stayed home rearing the kids. There were six of us and I was number 6. We were a church family with dad as an elder and mom was the chair for the women’s group. When I was young I went through all the motions of going to church but never really entered in until I was 16 years old. It was 1991 and several businessmen held an open-air revival. Their topic was the prodigal son. I saw myself in the preaching. That night I accepted Jesus Christ as Lord in my life.

Then I began working with my dad around the church. He was known as the church handyman. He could fix anything. I learned a lot from him as we repaired pews, windows, plumbing and just about anything that needed fixing. While working together I also learned that there are many who wear a Sunday Christian face and then during the week they are someone else. A double standard life. I saw myself heading that way and determined to live a Christian life on Sunday and every day 24/7. That really opened my eyes.

My life was transformed and everyone noticed. I wanted to learn more about Jesus so I looked for a mentor. When I asked my Pastor for help he said, “I have been waiting for you to ask.” My life in the Bible was just beginning.

I grew in the Lord and at 20 years old I knew I was to be a minister. I asked my Pastor about more education and he said, “I have been waiting for you to ask. We could all see it in you.”

Three years later I graduated from Bible School. The first church I Pastored was for one year. Then I moved to another congregation where I stayed seven years. Three years at another congregation and for the past three years I’ve been here with the Tutura Congregation.

The Lord has been very good to us and His provision in our lives has been such a pleasure to see. When I first arrived in Tutura I received a call from the elementary school principal. A young boy was out of control and he asked if I would offer some spiritual guidance.

When I arrived at school a ten-year-old boy was causing all kinds of problems. After a time, we learned that a Muthi had been given to the boy by the Dark Forces. (A Muthi is a concocted herbal medicine) When he chewed the Muthi he acted as a wild animal.

We prayed for him and when we did a chili cold wind was transformed into a gentle warm breeze. The young boy went to sleep when the warm breeze fell on him. He was exhausted with the struggle going on deep within and slept for two hours. When he awoke, Jesus had set him free. He was back to normal.

For weeks, everyone associated with the school went way out of their way to thank me for coming to the school. The boy’s mom looked me up and thanked me. The boy returned to normal and has had no more incidences.

This Cross planted brings notice that Jesus Christ is way closer than we realize. The reality of the Cross hits home as we see it before our eyes.

My favorite Bible verse is Mark 13:13 “You will be hated by all for My name’s sake. But he who endures to the end shall be saved.” NKJV

We have placed reflectors all around the Cross. They will reflect the light we are going to shine on it. It will reflect throughout the entire valley. It will be saying, “Come, this is a place of Jesus.” “Come and see the Cross of Jesus. He is not there, He has resurrected. Believe in Him and have eternal life.”

Prayer: Father help me to live every day as Sunday with the same loyalty to You. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!