ccm Cross 0079
March 21, 2015

Khayalami Childrens Village
Greytown, South Africa
ccm Cross #0079

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3811-12 Orphan Hope
Cyber Daily Devotion

Volume 16 Number 105

Today’s Author: Pastor Bill

Scripture: John 14:18a
“I will not leave you orphans”

Khayalami Childrens Village (My Home in the Zulu Language) is situated in Greytown, South Africa. Starting a Childrens Home was clearly our call from the Lord and this is our testimony of how our faith was tested and our resolve to follow The Lord Jesus Christ carried us through.

Moving to Africa from Norway, with four young children in 2003, was a big step of faith for us filled with multiple challenges. The first month after arriving the whole family stayed in an outside room with no running water or electricity. We waited patiently to take occupation of the house we had bought.

We were actively looking for a place to start the orphanage from the beginning, but without any money it was not easy. We were eager to get started and began taking orphans into our home. From the very beginning we met challenges head on. First our four children needed to learn a new language. Then they had to adjust to a new culture. Plus the newly acquired orphans had to adjust to our European issues. All of this with money very tight.

In 2004 we learned that the Agricultural Society was selling land they had used for cattle auctions. It was the perfect place. Seven and one-half acres right next to the local school and the hospital. Before leaving Norway some people had promised to help financially to purchase property but just as we signed the papers — they pulled out.

Miriam’s brother, Lewi in Norway, stepped up to help. Lewi immediately began a campaign to raise money in our home church. He sold “shares” in the Khayalami Childrens Village (redeemable only in heaven). The campaign was a financial success and he raised enough money to pay for the property as well as build an electric security fence. Each share cost 10,000 Rand (about $1,000 at the time).

Lewi is such a blessing for the kids as he is still doing fundraising for Khayalami in Norway.

KCV (Khayalami Children’s Village) was now a reality. Then we faced construction hurdles which added a long period for us to practice patience. Our Pastor and his wife became our first children’s house donors and personally provided our first KCV house. They joined with a local builder, in our church, who provided the labor. Our first house for the children was complete. We were so excited. We staffed it with a house mother and placed six children in it. We identified it as KCV Cottage Number 1.

Our excitement soon turned into just another problem as no other house donors came forward. It was a tough period with no funding and no further building. Additionally, there was a list building with many more children needing help. Then one day as Miriam and I were praying, the most amazing thing happened.

We were both independently encouraged by the Lord, during prayer, to take small steps of faith. If we took the step of faith we both knew He would take care of the rest. Our minds were set and an action plan was determined. We took what little money we had and used it as a seed. We bought a truck load of cement bricks. Together in joy, we dug out a set of footings which were the beginning process of building the second KCV house. Each time we stepped forward in faith the Lord met our need. Bricks, cement, building supplies, roofing, windows and tools. One and one-half years later KCV Cottage Number 2 was ready. This one held eight children and one house mother.

Today by the grace of God, as we continue in faith, we have 65 children in 9 cottages at Khayalami, each with its own house mother.

Our personal financial situation was just as stressful at this time, but how the Lord sorted that out is a testimony of its own which we talked about last week! (You can review it again by Clicking Here)

We now have a large budget which on paper would frustrate any business owner. We are, on paper, about 25 percentr short of income on a monthly basis — but the amazing thing about the Lord is that when the bills are due we pay on time. The Lord’s timing is always perfect. To God be all the Glory!

There was a time a few years back when pay day arrived for the home moms. Just plain and simple — we did not have the money. We prayed — then we prayed again — we went to the bank to get what money we had and just before arriving a donor (an angel) from across the ocean had deposited the exact amount needed in our bank account. Whatever our problem — whatever our circumstance — whatever our challenge — Jesus has been and still remains the answer.

Our favorite bible verse for Khayalami Childrens Village is James 1:27 “Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world” NKJV

The Cross is a powerful testimony that what we are doing is by the grace of God, and for Gods glory.

This Cross planted serves as a reminder of what we believe, and what we are trying to instill in the lives of the children. More important than food and clothes is a living relationship with Jesus Christ. Our older children held a special Easter event around the Cross we just planted. It is the first step in their journey to personally know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior in their lives.

Prayer: Father thank you for making ways to help when there are no ways, for those who love You. You did it so many centuries ago and now here You are doing it even today — in Africa, in America, in Asia, Europe, Australia and South America. Father Your love is endless and we give You all praise glory and honor. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

02 Cross 0079 Khayalami Greytown WEBSign welcoming everyone

03 Cross 0079 Khayalami Greytown WEB

 Picking up the Cross planting crew

05 Cross 0079 Khayalami Greytown WEB

 Crew assembled for action

06 Cross 0079 Khayalami Greytown WEB

 The process to begin digging the hole

07 Cross 0079 Khayalami Greytown WEB

Hans gathers the kids

08 Cross 0079 Khayalami Greytown WEB

 As Hans approaches the kids are delighted

09 Cross 0079 Khayalami Greytown WEB

 Moving Cross beam into location
11 Cross 0079 Khayalami Greytown WEB

 Protecting the beam from termites

12 Cross 0079 Khayalami Greytown WEB


13 Cross 0079 Khayalami Greytown WEB

 One final push

14 Cross 0079 Khayalami Greytown WEB


15 Cross 0079 Khayalami Greytown WEB

 Hans helps Pastor Bill attach plaque as the kids want to be a part

16 Cross 0079 Khayalami Greytown WEB

 Cross standing guard over the children

17 Cross 0079 Khayalami Greytown WEB

Plaque “Declaring God’s Glory over KCV and Greytown, South Africa