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March 10, 2015

Maranatha Church
Daveyton, South Africa

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Additional photos after Testimony.

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Cyber Daily Devotion

Volume 16 Number 145

Today’s Author: Pastor Bill

Scripture: Psalm 107:30
“What a blessing was that stillness as he brought them safely into harbor” NLT (Bible Paraphrase)

My name is Lenard Mbatha, Pastor of Maranatha Church in Daveyton, South Africa. This is my Cross testimony of how Jesus came into my life and He brought me into His Safe Harbor.

My wife is Anna and we have been married 28 years. We have two sons.

I grew up in KZN which we call Kwa Zulu Natal, in South Africa. A big area where everyone lived off the land. My dad had four wives and I was the second child of his second wife. When I was young and growing up I lived with my dad. Growing up I had a strong pull toward the Lord. I was the only one in my family who attended any church services or Sunday school.

I enjoyed school through the 9th grade. That led to my abilities of working with my hands. I was always able to find some kind of manufacturing job using my hands. As I grew older and could decide for myself I left my dad and moved in with my mom. We lived outside of Johannesburg, in a township called Daveyton.

Mom was kind and always sought my best. One day an evangelist came knocking on doors in the neighborhood. Mom invited Shadrack the evangelist in and learned about Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. She accepted Jesus right then and there. Mom bubbled over with the Holy Spirit and it did not take long for her to tell me about Jesus. I too received the Lord as Savior in my life.

That was the beginning of my life with Jesus. Immediately I became active with the youth at the Daveyton church. Soon becoming the youth leader. Over a short period of time our youth group grew tremendously and I was appointed the National Youth Director. I worked with the evangelist — he spoke with the adults. I spoke with the young adults and teens. Eventually we all became family as the evangelist married my oldest sister.

Our two sons both love the Lord and are now working with me in ministry. One is involved with praise and worship. The other as the financial assistant.

My involvement with church grew. I was working a full time job and still functioning as the National Youth Director. In 1991 I became the Pastor of the Daveyton church and the Lord has been faithful as we have become a house of prayer, place of deliverance and a Safe Harbor for the wounded. The hurt, suffering, offended and distressed have a home here.

Several years ago we experienced a foundational attack on our church. A young man came in as an angel of light. But soon he was exposed as a Satan worshiper. His mission was to undermine and destroy what we were accomplishing. The Lord exposed his wickedness. When we prayed we saw visions of a destructive fire driving a wedge in our church. After his agenda was exposed and he was removed the church began a new season of harmony and growth, which continues today.

My favorite Bible verse is 1st Timothy 4:12
“Let no one despise your youth, but be an example to the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity” NKJV

The Cross is so powerful in the lives of those who believe. It is the symbol that Jesus gave His life for you and me.

This Cross we are planting sends a message to our entire community that this is a place of help, relief and hope. The height of the Cross will identify for the community where help can be found. People will come to be healed, receive provision and hear the truth. They will come and share their burdens and together we will lay them at the foot of the Cross — His Safe Harbor.

There is hope here in our Safe Harbor and His name is Jesus of Nazareth.

Prayer: Father thank you for Safe Harbors You have established throughout the world for those who seek the peace of Jesus. For those in need right now I ask that You supernaturally open a Safe Harbor specifically for them. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

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 Preparing the ground

ccm Cross 0075 Daveyton SA 03

Securing concrete mix

ccm Cross 0075 Daveyton SA 04

Pastor Mbatha tightens Cross beams

ccm Cross 0075 Daveyton SA 05

Using existing fence to help with cross lift

ccm Cross 0075 Daveyton SA 06


ccm Cross 0075 Daveyton SA 07

Pastors son Meshach securing the plaque

ccm Cross 0075 Daveyton SA 08

Pastor Mbatha reviewing the plaque

ccm Cross 0075 Daveyton SA 09

Cross planting crew

ccm Cross 0075 Daveyton SA 10
Plaque over Daveyton, South Africa “Declaring god’s Glory”