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February 11, 2014

Lindelani Village Ministry
Greytown, South Africa
ccm Cross #0062

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3478 cdd PG 13 Good Health
Cyber Daily Devotion
Volume 15 Number 042

Today’s Author: Pastor Bill

Scripture: James 1:27a
“Religion that God accepts as pure and without fault is this: caring for orphans or widows who need help” NCV

PG 13 is a movie rating. No one under 13 should watch a film rated this way unless they are with a parent to explain the plot and what is happening. The following Cyber Daily Devotion contains alleged activity that should be treated similarly. If you are reading this to preteen children please read the entire devotion silently first and proceed with caution. pb

Informal settlements in South Africa were originally established as temporary housing. People migrated from remote areas to the cities and waited in these informal settlements for government subsidized houses to become available. Over the years, for some, this type of life became permanent and impossible to control.

Life in the informal settlement of Lindelani (the word means wait) on the outskirts of Greytown, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa, is described by a previous resident named “Princess”. In her own words:

“The Lindelani informal settlement area was filled with lawlessness. Not even police wanted to venture inside. Killing, kidnapping, raping and pillaging at will were everyday events. And on top of all that, witch doctors raided the area and kidnapped small children using their body parts for potions.”

Using body parts for potions is commonly called a “Muthi Killing” in South Africa. The Muthi Killings at times extended beyond young children to the elderly and infirmed. Potions for casting spells are made from the Muthi Killings generating great income.

This area of Greytown, South Africa, was known nationally as one of the Hot Spots for insurrection. Gun battles took place on the streets and many homes were set on fire.

Enter Shalom Fellowship, a local church, on the Shalom farm, of which Angus and Jill Buchan are a part. The work at Lindelani at first was all spiritual. Prayer teams saturated the area walking throughout Lindelani claiming it for the Kingdom of God. The Apostle Paul in his letter to the Ephesians in chapter 6 verse 12 describes the scene: “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.” NKJV

As the peace of Jesus delivered by the prayer teams began to settle down the lawlessness — physical work began. Buildings were planted, fresh water brought in and a refuge for children was established.

In America such a group living together brings up the shantytowns of the great depression era. The best guess for the Lindelani population is 3-5,000 people. The community is built with mud, tin, plastic or similar items and is almost invisible as one drives by. Just beyond the rise and around the corner there it is — lean-tos and boxed huts tucked away in a valley — that most refuse to acknowledge.

Shalom Fellowship set up a “Crèche” — a French word meaning a place of baby care. They named it Philani, meaning “Good Health”. Here would be the beginnings of physical restoration following the prayer saturation. A beachhead that is a safe. A clean environment set up as a refuge for children.

“Princess” is now the director of the staff of five full time employees who operate Philani. Lauren and Magda are the Shalom Fellowship volunteers overseeing the work done there. Everyday 20 babies are cared for and more than 60 children to age seven are given love and shelter. And there are plenty more children in Lindelani that need help.

At the “Crèche” daily activities include:
Feeding people regularly.
Teaching skills that can lead to jobs.
Holding weekly Bible studies for the ladies.
Encouraging cleanliness with classes for adults.
Bringing in health care professionals who work pro bono.
Establishing vegetable gardens so families can feed themselves.
Holding after school activities to keep kids occupied and out of mischief.
Providing day care when no grandmother is available so mom can go to work.
Teach a risen savior and faith in Jesus Christ as the beginning of lifting them out of the financial and spiritual poverty that grips their lives.

Additionally Shalom Fellowship has helped with:
Installing an incinerator to allow for proper handling of debris.
Hiring local people when funds are available to help with workloads.
(As we did when planting the Greytown, South Africa, Crosses).
Increasing water supply bringing in fresh, clean water to ward off disease.

In Lindelani there is a long way to go but each day is step forward with the Lord.

This Cross planted is “Giving God Glory” for making a way where there seemed to be no way — breaking down strong holds one child, one adult, one marriage and one family at a time. Bringing the peace of Jesus to Lindelani.

Prayer: Father thank you for the love of Jesus that turns out of control situations into peace and good health. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

WEB 02 Cross 0062 Lindelani SA WEB

Lindelani is the name of the informal settlement
and Philani is the name of the Creche (day care)
where ministry takes place every day. Here the
Philani children are actively playing on gym set.

WEB 03 Cross 0062 Lindelani SA WEB

Philani children playing in their sun protected porch area

WEB 04 Cross 0062 Lindelani SA WEB

Lindelani as seen walking up the entry path

WEB 05 Cross 0062 Lindelani SA WEB

Lindelani tucked in the valley from the road

WEB 06 Cross 0062 Lindelani SA WEB

Shacks made of mud, plastic and discarded materials

WEB 07 Cross 0062 Lindelani SA WEB

Tin, wood, rubber, paper and more discarded materials

WEB 08 Cross 0062 Lindelani SA WEB

This is a look at the Creche (day care)
inside the informal settlement of Lindelani.
The Philani Creche is just on the
outskirts of Lindelani.

WEB 09 Cross 0062 Lindelani SA WEB

Pastor Carol, Magda and Princess speak to the ladies

WEB 10 Cross 0062 Lindelani SA WEB

Pastor Carol shares the love of Jesus
with the women’s Bible study

WEB 11 Cross 0062 Lindelani SA WEB

Pastor Carol praying for the women

WEB 12 Cross 0062 Lindelani SA WEB

Attaching bolts and nuts to Cross

WEB 13 Cross 0062 Lindelani SA WEB

But a minor setback slows progress.
The hole has filled with ground water.

WEB 14 Cross 0062 Lindelani SA WEB

The Cross is moved to a new location

WEB 15 Cross 0062 Lindelani SA WEB

Where a second hole was dug and we
promptly severed the main water line

WEB 16 Cross 0062 Lindelani SA WEB

Hans, a member of Shalom Church came to
our rescue and quickly repaired the water
line. Then invited us back to Greytown
next year to plant a cross at
Khayalami Childrens Village,
an orphanage that he supports
and servers nearly 50 children.

WEB 17 Cross 0062 Lindelani SA WEB

Cross raised in position

WEB 18 Cross 0062 Lindelani SA WEB

Preparing to go higher

WEB 19 Cross 0062 Lindelani SA WEB

Final push

WEB 20 Cross 0062 Lindelani SA WEB


WEB 21 Cross 0062 Lindelani SA WEB

Securing Cross

WEB 22 Cross 0062 Lindelani SA WEB

Attaching the plaque

WEB 23 Cross 0062 Lindelani SA WEB

Filling the hole

WEB 24 Cross 0062 Lindelani SA WEB

Cross planting team

WEB 25 Cross 0062 Lindelani SA WEB

Lindelani plaque Declaring God’s Glory over the informal
settlement, the Philani Creche and Grey Town, South Africa