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February 8, 2014

Beth-Hatlaim Orphanage
Shalom Ministries
Greytown, South Africa
ccm Cross #0060

GPS/DMS 29.0549° S, 30.6085° E01 Cross BHO Greytown WEB

Additional pictures after Testimony:

3468 cdd House of Lambs
Cyber Daily Devotion
Volume 15 Number 032

Today’s Author: Pastor Bill

Scripture: James 1:27a
“Religion that God accepts as pure and without fault is this: caring for orphans or widows who need help” NCV

This is the ccm Cross Testimony for Shalom Ministries’ commitment to children. They are headquartered in Greytown, South Africa,

Angus Buchan of “Faith Like Potatoes” book and movie fame not only preaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ but he lives it. A few years before “Faith Like Potatoes” became a book, in 1998, Angus and his wife Jill put into practice what they were preaching. And “House of Lambs” translated into Hebrew “Beth-Hatlaim” was born. A home designed to provide a permanent environment for children who had been abandoned or orphaned, with no known relatives as a result of the effects of HIV/AIDS.

Their love for children runs deep and each child at Beth-Hatlaim receives love, good food, health care, education, clothing, transportation, spiritual nurturing and recreational activities. At Beth-Hatlaim they are committed to raising children to adulthood in a family environment — teaching them about the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Shalom Ministries orphan home has five independent cottages each with 6 children and a housemother. The goal is to establish a Christian family unit. The health, wellbeing, security and Christian principles of the children is paramount. They are continually challenged to grow spiritually with character, confidence and individuality.

Each child is given the opportunity to participate in local community activities to prevent isolation and exclusion. Housemothers are employed from the local community. Children are encouraged to speak their mother tongue plus English and/or Afrikaans. They are also taught about their specific culture and traditions by their housemothers.

There is a resident chaplain who is available providing spiritual guidance and counsel to both the children and staff. The children attend the local Halalisani Junior School and move up to the local Greytown High School, where they receive excellent academic tutoring and proper coaching in the sport of their choice.

Angus puts it this way, “I will never forget a few years ago some visitors to the Children’s Home, asked, not in a malicious way, how long we kept the children here for. I must say I did have to repent afterwards but I asked them how long they kept their children for. Of course, the answer is forever. It is a home that we are running, it is not a hostel or an institution, and we are trying our best to make it that way.

I really want to thank the Lord for the tremendous work that Jill is doing at the moment. She is a grandmother, although she doesn’t look like it, and she is doing a sterling job keeping things ticking over. It is wonderful to see the growth in the children and just to see how God undertakes for us on a continual basis.”

Beth-Hatlaim – House of Lambs receives a subsidy from the South African Social Welfare Department for each child. This provides nearly 30 percent of their operating support. The Lord Jesus Christ has always been faithful to provide the additional 70 percent needed each month. Finances are honorably managed and professionally audited each year.

Through the years the children have brought Angus and Jill much joy as they have grown up as part of their family. As with every family, they have shared laughter and tears, difficulty and success, but they clearly consider it an honor and privilege to look after God’s children here on earth, for such a time as this time.

In the early years most of the children who came to the home were HIV/AIDS positive. The children were smothered in prayer and given proper food and medical attention. Today many of these children are living successful lives free from HIV/AIDS as Jesus healed them and set them free.

John 8:36 “So if the Son sets you free, you are truly free” NLT

The purpose of this Cross is “Declaring God’s Glory” throughout the land for victory in lives of each child and the victory of those set free from HIV/AIDS.

Prayer: Father thank you for sending Jesus to set the captives free, no matter what the circumstances. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

02 Cross BHO Greytown WEB

Shalom Ministries with Angus Buchan is active in
world evangelism, Christian Education, providing
for widows in poor areas and here for
homeless children.

03 Cross BHO Greytown WEB

Children receiving Jesus puzzles
from previous ccm ministry visit

04 Cross BHO Greytown WEB

Children enjoying previous ccm
ministry trip Gospel presentation

05 Cross BHO Greytown WEB

A few brave children step forward to help
with preparation of the Cross

06 Cross BHO Greytown WEB

Cross beams are secure

07 Cross BHO Greytown WEB

Elder children volunteered to help

08 Cross BHO Greytown WEB

Hans Holst helps us collect
necessary timbers for use
in planting Crosses

09 Cross BHO Greytown WEB

Hans also rounds up a team of 9 strong young
men from South Africa and Malawi to help out

10 Cross BHO Greytown WEB

Moving Cross into position

11 Cross BHO Greytown WEB

Cross ready for lifting

12 Cross BHO Greytown WEB

Pastor Bill prepares workers with a short
power point presentation of responsibilities

13 Cross BHO Greytown WEB

With ropes secure the team begins lifting

14 Cross BHO Greytown WEB

Poles help provide extra leverage

15 Cross BHO Greytown WEB

One final heave

16 Cross BHO Greytown WEB


17 Cross BHO Greytown WEB

Attaching plaque

18 Cross BHO Greytown WEB

Cross planting team

Most of these guys did not know Jesus when
we started. Pastor Carol introduced them
and we were able to pray with them at all
three Cross planting sites

19 Cross BHO Greytown WEB

Plaque Giving God Glory over
Beth-Hatlaim Orphanage
Shalom Ministries
Greytown, South Africa