ccm Cross 0045
February 9, 2013

Maranatha Church
Grasmere, South Africa
ccm Cross #0045

GPS/DMS 26.4264° S, 27.8561° E

Cross 0045 Grasmere SA 2.11.13 web 1Additional photos after testimony

3212 cdd House of Miracles
Cyber Daily Devotion
Volume 14 Number 038

Today’s Author: Pastor Bill

Scripture: Acts 19:11
“Now God worked unusual miracles” NKJV

My name is Pastor Betty Philisile the Pastor of the Maranatha Church in Grasmere, South Africa. We are located just South of Johannesburg and everyone calls me Pastor Go Go Thwala. This is my testimony:

I was born in SOWETO, South Africa — the 7th of 11 children. My life as a child was rough as we had no money to attend school. My parents did not attend church and I had a dislike for anything associated with the church.

When I was a young woman voices in my head were constantly talking to me. They were not very nice voices and they compelled me to do things that ruined my life. My dead aunt was one of the voices and it was very unpleasant. One day a new voice spoke in my head — a stronger more coherent voice. The voice said go to the local Pastor and he will pray for you.

The local Pastor had just ended fasting and praying for forty days and I walked into his office and sat down. Behind him in his office was a TV set — when I looked at it the TV was displaying every sin I had ever committed. I was in shock. The Pastor asked me to stand up. Loud voices in my head said, “you mustn’t stand up!” For the very first time I defied the voices and stood up —  immediately they screamed and left me never to return. That was the day the Pastor prayed the sinners prayer with me and I became a Born Again, Blood Washed, Child of God and received Jesus as My Lord and Savior.

Prayer and fasting became a part of me and the more I prayed and fasted the more the Lord would do for me. Soon after Simon and I were married our marriage was broken — I went to the mountain and prayed and fasted many times — usually 7 days and sometimes longer. The Lord restored my marriage and together my husband Simon and I now minister at the church.

There is not enough time and paper to tell you all that Jesus has done for me but here goes: I was transported to heaven — I can tell you it is the kind of place you will never want to leave. Words cannot describe the beauty and love in heaven.

The Lord told me I was the mother to all and I was to return to earth and show everyone love. I argued and asked to stay. He said, “No, you must go back and tell everyone about me.”

The Lord also told me I had to return and care for small children that had no parents or were in severe poverty. Jesus said He would send people with money to help me. The financial helpers showed up one at a time and we built a preschool called Zosana Bani which ministers to 90 young children affected by the HIV/AIDS tragedy in our nation.

The Lord also said he would send men to build me a church — soon after my return to earth a stranger whom I had never met before provided the money for us to build the Maranatha Church of Grasmere.

Since my return from heaven there have been many miracles that Jesus performed — here are just a few:

A woman came to our church hysterical saying her baby had died. The power of the Holy Spirit hit me as she was crying and I told her the baby is only sleeping — let’s go now and see. When we arrived the house was full of people crying and wailing — we picked up the baby and she woke up.

Another time I had just ended a 7 day fast and was riding in a taxi. The taxi was attacked and a man with a mask confronted us and said he was there to rob us and we should prepare to die. The Holy Spirit ignited me with a little song “Jesus is faithful” and “Jesus never lets us down”. Then I challenged him in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and he fled.

Simon and I have 7 girls and 1 son — my son who is named Innocent was looking terrible and I sent him to be tested for HIV/AIDS. The test came back positive. We could not believe it but it was true. I went to my prayer mountain for prayer and fasting. When I returned the Holy Spirit rose up in me and I picked up the HIV/AIDS report and twisted it, ripped it up and threw it away as the Spirit in me said, “In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ HIV/AIDS is finished.” Innocent went again to the doctor and his report was negative. To God be all the Glory!

My favorite Bible verse is Exodus 15:25 “So Moses cried out to the Lord, and the Lord showed him a tree. When Moses threw the tree into the water, the water became good to drink. There the Lord gave the people a rule and a law to live by, and there he tested their loyalty to him”  NCV (emphasis added)

This Cross planted today means for me that the Lord Jesus Christ is ALIVE! And this cross will demonstrate to everyone who passes by that “there is a Woman of God living here — her name is GoGo Thwala and she loves Jesus and cannot wait to get back to heaven.”

Prayer: Father thank you for a House of Miracles that is a living testimony through Pastor GoGo that Jesus is Alive and cares for us all that not one should perish. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

Cross 0045 Grasmere SA 2.11.13 web 2

 Pastor GoGo Thwala with her husband Simon

Cross 0045 Grasmere SA 2.11.13 web 3

 Grasmere Maranatha Church

Cross 0045 Grasmere SA 2.11.13 web 4

Zosana Bani HIV/AIDS Pre-School

Cross 0045 Grasmere SA 2.11.13 web 5

Preparing the hole

Cross 0045 Grasmere SA 2.11.13 web 6

 Pastor Bill receiving the Cross beams

Cross 0045 Grasmere SA 2.11.13 web 7

Tightening the nuts and bolts
(Those wearing Lime Green work at the Pre-school)

Cross 0045 Grasmere SA 2.11.13 web 8

Surveying hole depth

Cross 0045 Grasmere SA 2.11.13 web 9

Placing cross in position

Cross 0045 Grasmere SA 2.11.13 web 10

 Cross in position for lifting

Cross 0045 Grasmere SA 2.11.13 web 11

Pastor Bill showing pictures of what workers
can expect when lifting cross

Cross 0045 Grasmere SA 2.11.13 web 12


Cross 0045 Grasmere SA 2.11.13 web 13


Cross 0045 Grasmere SA 2.11.13 web 14


Cross 0045 Grasmere SA 2.11.13 web 15

 Large rocks to secure the Cross

Cross 0045 Grasmere SA 2.11.13 web 16

 Mixing concrete

Cross 0045 Grasmere SA 2.11.13 web 17

Transporting concrete to the hole

Cross 0045 Grasmere SA 2.11.13 web 18

Pastor GoGo Thwala helps out
with rock selection

Cross 0045 Grasmere SA 2.11.13 web 19

Adding rocks to the concrete in the hole

Cross 0045 Grasmere SA 2.11.13 web 20

Pastor bill prepares the plaque

Cross 0045 Grasmere SA 2.11.13 web 21

Attaching the plaque

Cross 0045 Grasmere SA 2.11.13 web 22

Plaque “Declaring God’s Glory”
over Grasmere, South Africa

Cross 0045 Grasmere SA 2.11.13 web 23
Pastor Bill interviews Pastor GoGo Thwala
for her testimony

Cross 0045 Grasmere SA 2.11.13 web 24

The sanctuary Cross for
Maranatha Church Grasmere 

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