ccm Cross 0043
January 26, 2013

Charles Hill Reformed Church
New Xanagas, Botswana
ccm Cross #0043

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3197 cdd The Invitation
Cyber Daily Devotion
Volume 14 Number 023

Today’s Author: Pastor Bill

Scripture: 2 Peter 1:10-11
“So, friends, confirm God’s invitation to you, his choice of you. Don’t put it off; do it now.” MSG

My name is Gawi (Pronounced Havy) Joubert (Pronounced Jo-bear) and this is my testimony of how Jesus directed me to the Kalahari Desert ministering to Bushmen.

My father was a South African policeman and he and mom raised us in church. It only seemed logical for me to be a South African policeman too. Along the way I met my wife Dina. Our first date she asked me if I knew Jesus as my personal savior. My answer was a loud resounding “YES” — we carried on and married at 21 years of age.

As our life developed it became clear that the Jesus Dina knew and the Jesus I knew were different. Being a church kid I did everything the church asked me to do — but Dina had developed a special relationship with Jesus. Oh we went to church but her encounter was deeper, more sincere and electric at times. My Jesus was steeped in traditions while her Jesus was exciting and real.

I volunteered to help out at youth camp for our church. I thought my bush experience could be helpful. But what happened was not me giving to others but others poured out into me. The preacher was talking to the youth about assurance in salvation. The more he talked the more confident I was that I had no assurance in salvation. The preacher laid out a definition of assurance in salvation and when he finished he asked a simple question, “Do you have the peace of knowing you are saved.” I could not answer yes — then he asked, “whoever did not answer yes you must raise your hand so we can pray for you to have this peace.” I raised my hand and we started to sing “Blessed assurance Jesus is mine…” As soon as I sang “Jesus is mine” my eyes flooded with tears. It was then that I knew Dina and I now served the same Jesus.

My heart was so full — I could not wait until going home to tell Dina.

Over the next few years I volunteered for different Jesus projects — building churches, feeding the hungry and even started to preach some. Then I began working with the Jesus film and watched in amazement as night after night believers were brought into the kingdom. It was now time for more ministry — I was preaching to other policemen at lunch and wanted everyone to know the Jesus I knew. Even took theology courses for five years.

Then it was time to step out — I resigned from the police force and then the Lord gave me an invitation to start a full time ministry in Xanagas (pronounced Kanahas) Botswana. That was in 1988 and over the years we have stayed close to the Bushmen of the area and I became at 6 foot 7 1/2 inches tall the tallest Bushman in Africa.

In 1988 I was invited here in New Xanagas by the Lord to work with the Bushmen and refugees that had transplanted in this area from conflicts in their native country.

Pastor Bill the Cross we planted today brings us such joy. It is a sign of hope for the hopeless and we believe it will usher in new life and light. This Cross is a watershed moment in the life of New Xanagas. From now on our whole timeline has changed. When we talk about who we are and where we are — the Cross is the central point. We will refer to time as before the Cross and since the Cross. Jesus does make a difference in our community.

Pastor Bill please extend an invitation to all your readers. They are welcome here. To visit, to teach, to preach, to live, to minister, to worship and if they have a special talent or gift to exercise it here — Ask your readers to come and see what Jesus is doing and what we are all about for Jesus in the Kalahari Desert of Botswana.

Prayer: Father thank you for Gawi and Dina that they accepted the invitation you gave them to work with the Bushmen of Botswana that not one would perish. We ask for spiritual and numerical growth of the community, economic enterprises established and bore holes with the most precious commodity of clean fresh water. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!Cross 0043 New Xanagas Botswana Web 2
Entering New Xanagas, Botswana we were
greeted with the above street signs

Cross 0043 New Xanagas Botswana Web 3
The sand was as hard as concrete
as we were digging the hole

Cross 0043 New Xanagas Botswana Web 4
Lifting the pole was a strategic operation

Cross 0043 New Xanagas Botswana Web 5
First stop up top of a durable metal drum

Cross 0043 New Xanagas Botswana Web 6
Then hoisted a top of the
Glory Lory

Cross 0043 New Xanagas Botswana Web 7
Backing up to the hole

Cross 0043 New Xanagas Botswana Web 8
Just a bit farther

Cross 0043 New Xanagas Botswana Web 9
“Fire in the Hole”

Cross 0043 New Xanagas Botswana Web 10
Then we moved to the church which was creatively
constructed with colorful burlap-plastic tarps that
allow the slightest breeze in and the keeps the rain out.

Cross 0043 New Xanagas Botswana Web 11
Inside the church we instructed
on the power of the Cross of Jesus

Cross 0043 New Xanagas Botswana Web 12

Pastor Gawi (6 foot 7 1/2 inches tall) the
tallest Bushman in all of Africa — preaches
about forgiveness and carrying our
burdens to the Cross.

Cross 0043 New Xanagas Botswana Web 13
Pastor Carol shares about all of you and
follows up on the forgiveness theme.

Cross 0043 New Xanagas Botswana Web 14
Pastor Bill introduces the plaque and our
determination to plant Crosses
“Giving God Glory”

Cross 0043 New Xanagas Botswana Web 15

Kouss is a South African Missionary who was on his
way to Namibia to minister when the Lord spoke
to him and said “Go to New Xanagas now.”

He had no idea why?

He was very helpful and in this picture is
attaching the plaque to the Cross.

Cross 0043 New Xanagas Botswana Web 16
It soon became evident why Kouss was here.

This young man had been deaf since birth. Kouss
prayed for him and Jesus opened his ears.

This day he heard for the very first time. PTL!

Cross 0043 New Xanagas Botswana Web 17
Meet Johan Lourens our contact for the New Xanagas Cross.
He has been with us and been very helpful with other Cross
projects. He wanted to be with us in Botswana but did not
have the funds. He laid down the idea and the Lord sent
a man to him who gave him a bus ticket to be
at the New Xanagas Cross planting.
The Lord is good!

Cross 0043 New Xanagas Botswana Web 18
Pastors Bill and Carol “Giving God Glory”
at the foot of the Cross for all that
transpired in New Xanagas, Botswana.

Cross 0043 New Xanagas Botswana Web 19
Pastor Bill seeks shade from the cloudless sky and bright shining
sun. At a temperature of 103 degrees the Glory Lory gives
shade and protection as he prepares to interview Pastor Gawi
for his testimony to “Give God Glory”.

Cross 0043 New Xanagas Botswana Web 20
Mounted plaque “Giving God Glory” over
New Xanagas, Botswana