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October 19, 2012

Antietam Civil War Battlefield
Sharpsburg, Maryland
ccm Cross #0041

GPS/DMS 39°28’23.52″ N 77°44’40.92″ W

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Cyber Daily Devotion
Volume 13 Number 216

Today’s Author: Pastor Bill

Scripture: Matthew 25:40
And the King will answer and say to them, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.’ NKJV

Lester “Sonny” Mason is an Antietam Battlefield Historian who built a miniature replica of the battle over a two year period. An impressive layout with every detail he could secure for the project. He lives on a plot of real estate that overlooks the Northwest corner of the Antietam Battlefield. It is here on his 74th birthday that the Antietam Battlefield ccm Cross #0041 was planted. The Cross is to “Give God Glory” for the 150th Anniversary of the battle and is a reflection of the Christian love and understanding that his mom passed on to him. Now Angels on the Battlefield:

The beginning of the second year of the American Civil War found General Robert E. Lee commanding the Army of Northern Virginia for the Confederate States. Lee had turned down President Abraham Lincoln’s offer to command the Union Army when Lee’s beloved Virginia sided with the rebel states. General Lee devised a battle plan to take the war from the Southern seceded states to the Northern states and place pressure on Washington DC.

The military plan was aggressive and used the fighting knowledge and skills Lee learned as a decorated graduate of West Point. He probably never imagined as he studied and prepared for a life of military duty that his talented military skills would be used against his fellow countrymen.

The General Lee Battle Plan for the invasion of Maryland was written up and dispatched to three Confederate Generals. Each was to receive a pouch that contained three wrapped cigars along with the battle plans. The three Confederate Generals were Major General James Longstreet, Major General Stonewall Jackson and Major General D. H. Hill.

The Major General D. H. Hill dispatch never arrived. The pouch with its three wrapped cigars was mysteriously found near Fredericksburg, Virginia, leaning against a tree. The Confederate dispatch was handed up the Yankee ranks and found its way to the General-in-Chief of the Union Army, George B. McClellan.

McClellan armed with the detailed Confederate Battle Plan for the invasion of Maryland was now in position to crush the Army of Northern Virginia. It was a golden opportunity to quickly put an end to the Civil War that was tearing the country apart. Plans were put in place to confront General Lee and his advancing armies at Antietam Creek in Maryland near Sharpsburg. An area perceived as “Good Ground” (High Ground) for Union troops to engage the advancing Confederate Armies.

The Antietam Battle lasted one day — in three separate phases. The Morning phase, Midday Phase and Afternoon Phase. The results of this battle are still studied today and annually there is a re-enactment of the Antietam Battle during the summer.

When the smoke had cleared on September 17, 1862 — this day became the bloodiest single day battle ever fought on American soil — with more than 23,000 documented casualties.

The battle in the annals of history appears to be a military standoff or draw — with General Lee pulling his troops out of Maryland — and back into Virginia. Thus thwarting his attempt to militarily pressure Washington DC.

While all this was taking place the hand of God moved in a supernatural and inspired way — that as we look back today — echoes the Love of Jesus.

The Battle of Antietam more than 150 years ago and the resulting withdrawal of Confederate troops from Maryland gave President Lincoln the opportunity for “carpe diem”. He seized the moment and in his speech commemorating the Battlefield of Antietam fulfilled a promise he had made to the Lord and his Presidential Cabinet.

President Lincoln is quoted as saying, “I made a solemn vow before God, that if General Lee was driven back from Maryland I would crown the result by the declaration of freedom to the slaves.”

September 22, 1862 — five days after the Battle of Antietam with General Lee and the Army of Northern Virginia retreating — President Lincoln came to Sharpsburg, Maryland — and he kept his vow to his Lord and Savior. He announced his intentions to set all slaves free. Lincoln’s announcement became the precursor to the Emancipation Proclamation.

Clara heard about the battle at Antietam and quickly assembled three wagons full of food and medical supplies and a group of volunteers. The area was overwhelmed with nearly 90,000 combatants engaging one another — and after the one day of battle 25 percent of the Federal forces while 31 percent of the Confederates lay dead or wounded.

In her own words Clara says:
“I arrived at the makeshift hospital. Cannons were firing away, and bullets were flying overhead. Bodies were strewn in all directions. The clattering sounds of artillery swamped me, and I was so disoriented I did not know where to begin—it was like nothing I had ever imagined. Dr. James Dunn, the surgeon in charge, was desperate for supplies. They had no bandages, rags, gauze or string left, and the soldiers were bandaged with corn leaves (which I would soon replace with linen). Soldier volunteers helped me distribute armfuls of bandages, gruel, water, and comfort. I assisted the doctor and his assistant as they operated on soldiers, removing bullets and cutting off limbs.” (Civil War Talk)

Dr. James Dunn Federal Army Surgeon at the Battle of Antietam has this to say about Clara, “In my feeble estimation, General McClellan, with all his laurels, sinks into insignificance beside the true heroine of the age, the angel of the battlefield.”

The Angel of the Antietam Battlefield, Clara is today known as Clara Barton the founder of the American Red Cross.

Clara is on record as saying her favorite Bible Verse is “In as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren ye have done it unto me” (Matt. 25:40).

Clara Barton never failed to give credit and the glory for her many accomplishments to God. It was usual for her, at the end of any relief project, to hold a service giving thanks to and praising the Lord Jesus Christ.

Wherever men stood toe to toe in battle during the Civil War Clara Barton and her three wagons and volunteers were close to the action to do their work for the Lord — under the shadow of the Cross.

Clara used her own funds for her supply train and received donations as they were afforded. When the civil war was done — Congress asked Clara for an accounting of what she had spent to assist the troops. She was reimbursed for all her expenses.

Prayer: Father thank you for all the service men and women who gave their lives so we can enjoy the freedoms of the USA. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

02 Cross 0041 Antietam WEB
Meet Sonny and Lavinia Mason
Sharpsburg, Maryland

03 Cross 0041 Antietam WEB

 Doug Mason Sonny’s son stepped up to
do all the carpentry work for the Cross

04 Cross 0041 Antietam WEB

Pastor Bill and Doug preparing the beams

05 Cross 0041 Antietam WEB
Attaching the nuts, washers and bolts

06 Cross 0041 Antietam WEB
Transporting beams to site of hole

07 Cross 0041 Antietam WEB

Ed Kline moving dirt in preparation for the Cross

08 Cross 0041 Antietam WEB
Moving the Cross into Position

09 Cross 0041 Antietam WEB

Rufus Martin and his son Jacob
preparing the hole

10 Cross 0041 Antietam WEB

Lifting the Cross into the hole

11 Cross 0041 Antietam WEB

“Fire in the Hole”

12 Cross 0041 Antietam WEB

Sonny Mason being interviewed
by WHAG TV investigative
reporter Jennifer Lee
Hagerstown, Maryland

Day of Cross Planting is
Sonny’s 74th Birthday

13 Cross 0041 Antietam WEB

Miniature Battle of Antietam
September 17, 1862
built by Sonny and his family
over a two year period

14 Cross 0041 Antietam WEB

Picture of Pastor Bill’s gloves
noting places that Crosses have been planted

15 Cross 0041 Antietam WEB

Throughout the day there was a heavy overcast
and once the Cross was planted the Father
“smiled” on us by opening a hole of sunshine
directly over the cross in the thick
clouds for 20 minutes.

01 Cross 0041 Antietam WEB

Pastor Gentry from the local church shared the background
for the song “The Old Rugged Cross” as we dedicated the
Cross to the Lord.

17 Cross 0041 Antietam WEB

Professional photographer Kim Kline from
Kline’s Photography Services in Hagerstown,
MD took this photo from inside the Antietam
National Battlefield Park and has provided most
of the pictures you are viewing on this page

18 Cross 0041 Antietam WEB
Rufus Martin attaches the plaque
“Giving God the Glory”
for what the Angels did for
both sides at the battle of Antietam

19 Cross 0041 Antietam WEB

Plaque on the Cross
“Giving God Glory”