ccm Cross 0031
August 3, 2013

Hultgren Family Cross
Cedar lake
Aitkin, Minnesota
ccm Cross #0031

GPS/DMS 46.2197° N, 93.4018° W13 Cross 0031 Hultgren WEB

Additional photos after Testimony:

3338 cdd Mom Prayed
Cyber Daily Devotion
Thursday August 15, 2013

Today’s Author: Pastor Bill

Scripture: Psalm 23:1
The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. NKJV

“My name is LaVonne Hultgren, I have known of the Lord all my life. I grew up in a Christian home, raised by my grandparents. This included church and Sunday school. I was baptized as an infant and confirmed as a teenager.

I received the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and friend in 1952. My husband was hospitalized with a chronic health issue. My Dad was dying with cancer. It was clear that all things eternal were uncompleted in my life and I had no hope. I was a young mom home alone with my baby, sitting with my Bible open on my lap — looking at:

 Hebrews 11:1
“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” NKJV

As I read the passage, my understanding and life were totally transformed by the Holy Spirit. The word became truth to me. My life had hope!

Jesus Christ is alive!  Because He lives I live!

Planting this Cross came after some prayer and thought, then one day I heard the Lord speak to me, “Yes, plant that cross where it can be seen by all those who come to fish.” That convinced me right then and there. As a subscriber to Cyber Daily Devotion I contacted Pastor Bill and asked for a Cross.”

LaVonne passed into the arms of Jesus before we could plant this cross. Today the entire family gathered together and dedicated this Cross to the memory of LaVonne Hultgren, beloved mother, grandmother and great grandmother.

Son Art and daughter Pat gave tribute to mom and son Rick and all those present confirmed: “Fire in the Hole”. This Cross will be shared with every fisherman who passes this cabin, on Cedar Lake, in Aitkin County, Minnesota.

Following is a poem by an unknown author who captures the experience that was LaVonne as she now rests peacefully in the arms of Jesus.

I hold you in my arms
And together we softly sway
As I rock you to sleep
And this is what I pray:

I pray for your safety
Your health and happiness, too
I ask God to wrap you in his love
In Everything You do

I pray you’ll never know
A single ounce of pain
That you carry no burden
And that you smile through the rain

I pray you have the will
To make all your dreams come true
And that you find success
In all you set out to do

I pray for your future
One that I hope is bright
And if you have the choice
To always do what’s right

I pray you have peace
And love inside your heart
Not just for yourself
But for others is the best part

I pray you grow into a person
Who values the love of Jesus Christ
And that loyalty and honesty
are high on your Christian list

I pray so many things for you
Because I love you so
Because you are a little piece of me
Always in my heart and soul

Prayer: Father thank you that LaVonne picked this Cross “Giving God Glory”, planted at the cabin, as her legacy for her family. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

06 Cross 0031 Hultgren WEB

George Carlberg and son Joshua work on Cross beams.

More than one year ago LaVonne asked George to clear
three trees from an area near the water. George crafted
the trees into the beams for the Cross.

04 Cross 0031 Hultgren WEB

Pastor Bill and Chris Carlberg working on
securing the beams.

02 Cross 0031 Hultgren WEB

LaVonnes’ daughter, Pat Schwalbe, holds the light
as George Carlberg hand augers the hole.

10 Cross 0031 Hultgren WEB

Chloe Schwalbe wanted to help with her
grandmothers Cross. Here Chloe is
assisting Pastor Bill size the bolts.

Chloe is also responsible for some
of the pictures you are viewing.

11 Cross 0031 Hultgren WEB

Our original truck to lift the Cross broke down
so a quick call to the local electrical company
and two hard hat angels arrived to
lift the cross in the hole.

Tim operated the crane like a fine
tuned surgeon and Derek made
sure of plum and depth.

12 Cross 0031 Hultgren WEB


07 Cross 0031 Hultgren WEB

Hultgren/Schwalbe families gather
for the Cross dedication.

08 Cross 0031 Hultgren WEB

Left to right:
Art Hultgren, Rick Hultgren and Pat (Hultgren) Schwalbe
attach plaques to LaVonnes’ Cross.

09 Cross 0031 Hultgren WEB

Cross dedication

14 Cross 0031 Hultgren WEB

Cross plaque “Giving God Glory” over all
of Cedar Lake and Aitkin County, Minnesota.

15 Cross 0031 Hultgren WEB

Dedication plaque for LaVonne Hultgren
beloved mom, grandmother and great grandmother.

16 Cross 0031 Hultgren WEB

LaVonne and Arthur Hultgren
Married 63 Years