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January 23, 2012

Living Temple International Ministry
Namasere Village, Uganda
ccm Cross #0022

GPS/DNS 0.3739° N, 32.9381° ECross 22 Burigi Uganda WEB 01

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2941 cdd Oxford or Cambridge
Cyber Daily Devotion by Pastor Bill
Volume 13 Number 029

Today’s Author: Pastor Bill

Scripture: Matthew 28:18-19
“And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth.  Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” NKJV

Hello, my name is Bishop Samuel Egessa — in Africa we have many other names but I have shortened my official name to this. I come from a poor family where my father had three wives. I was the 4th born of my father’s third wife and number 15.

I never really knew my father and was raised by my mother. We had no religion and my mom knew my way out of all this poverty was education. Mom did everything she could to give me a good education and taught me to study hard. I became known as an excellent student and a leader in my class in primary school that was free for all to attend — My good grades and strong study habits drew the attention of a wealthy Muslim couple.

Mom had no money to pay for my high school and the Muslim couple took me in and provided my housing, clothing and schooling. I once again excelled in my education and the Muslim couple was constantly asking me to become a Muslim. They were very forceful. I just could not do it.

Then in my last year of High School a Christian Ugandan evangelist came to our High School and told his testimony and asked me to receive Jesus Christ as my personal savior. My heart was touched and I needed to know more about the love of Jesus. I accepted Jesus that day and went home and told the Muslim couple. They kicked me out of their house.

I finished High School enthusiastically learning everything I could about Jesus by reading the Bible and going to church. Upon graduation the Ugandan government saw that I was smart and capable and said they would pay for my college if I became a teacher. I said yes — when one door closed Jesus opened another one.

In Ugandan college I once again excelled in studies while becoming a leader in the Christian organization — Scripture Union. I had a dream and saw myself returning to my village as a teacher and even become a principal one day — at the same time preaching in churches and teaching every one about Jesus. As I was finishing college the University of Oxford offered me a full scholarship to receive a masters degree and even further my education if I desired. As I contemplated and was praying about this the University of Cambridge — both from the UK — offered me a similar experience in England.

My heart was not right as a prayed about leaving Uganda for England. I declined both offers in the UK to stay in Uganda and fulfill the dream Jesus had placed in my heart. After graduation from the Ugandan college I received my first teaching position in Namasere — my home village.

It was a joyous time teaching the kids and preaching Jesus throughout the area. Then I was promoted to principal — Jesus became a way of life in our school. Then in 2002, the Lord placed on my heart to become a full time evangelist for HIM. It was a big step not knowing where or when our next income would come from. At this time I also entered Seminary and graduated with a Theological degree. Now I was fully ready to work for the Lord. Today as Bishop Samuel we have sixty (60) churches and one hundred Pastors throughout Uganda that we work with.

Our vision is to have a large church not far from Namasere, Uganda and build it 2 stories high — the second story to house orphans. Then our vision is to plant a church in each of the 108 Uganda Districts — once this is accomplished we will bring the power of the Holy Spirit to surrounding countries. The name of this Ministry is Living Temple International.

With all this about dreams and visions I have learned one thing Pastor Bill, and I know you and I fully agree on this, “When it is God’s timing it will be easy, When it is in my timing it will be a struggle.”

Pastor Bill, let me share with you the vision of this Cross you just planted because it is important for the people to know how the Lord works for us.

In 2007, a Pastor was prophesying that we would build a church in Namasere village. We were meeting under a big shade tree and regularly there were 50 or more of us.

In 2009, a different Pastor prophesied where the church would be.

In 2009, we started construction of this church on the spot the pastor pointed at.

In 2010, another Pastor prophesied that we would have a large Cross built here and pointed to the spot where your Cross is standing.

Later in 2010, we received an email from a Pastor in America introducing you — and the next day Pastor Bill, your email said you would be in Uganda and asked if you could plant a Cross to “Give God Glory”.  We have been waiting in anticipation for your arrival since the email in 2010. Thank you for being obedient to the Lord and coming to our village and planting this Cross to the Glory of God.

In all of these things we heard the prophecy and just waited on the Lord. We knew that if the prophecies were from the Lord they would happen — and yes they did!

God fulfilled my dream and the prophesies — and set before me our vision for the future:

Our short term vision is to construct the church with the second story to house orphans.

Our long term vision is to establish more churches, train and disciple the Pastors throughout Uganda.

We are preparing even now to evangelize more, pray more and fast more accepting all the Lord has for us.

When we evangelize we do these things:
1. Open air meetings which requires a large P.A. system which attracts the people.

2. Door to door witnessing and invitations which requires a major commitment of time.

3. Fellowship preaching and testimonies at weddings, funerals and gatherings giving invitations for people to meet Jesus one on one.

When we pray we do these things:
1. Every month all Pastors meet for two days of prayer and fasting.

2. Every month each church has 30 intercessors praying and fasting 4 days.

Pastor Bill, thank your readers for the Cross — our lives will never be the same because they gave sacrificially — and you came — and you asked nothing in return. Christianity had one of its finest hours while you and Pastor Carol were here among us.

Prayer: Father thank you for Bishop Samuel and others like him who have forsaken the pleasures and positions of this world to live for you. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

Cross 22 Burigi Uganda WEB 02

The beams are being inspected by Bishop Samuel.
Great care was taken to sand the beams, bevel the corners
and coat the beams with six coats of lacquer.

Cross 22 Burigi Uganda WEB 03

Cross beam fitted

Cross 22 Burigi Uganda WEB 04_1

Holes drilled for nuts and bolts

Cross 22 Burigi Uganda WEB 05

Nuts and bolts securely fastened

Cross 22 Burigi Uganda WEB 06

Final coat of lacquer applied

Cross 22 Burigi Uganda WEB 07

Bishop Samuel inspects to give the ok to plant

Cross 22 Burigi Uganda WEB 08

Now it was about 1:00 PM and as the last coat of lacquer
was drying we joined the church service that had
begun at 9:00 AM with praise and worship.

Cross 22 Burigi Uganda WEB 09

Pastor Carol preached a message of hope
and forgiveness to the people

Cross 22 Burigi Uganda WEB 10

We purchased more than 50 Bibles and Bishop
Samuel handed each one out as a special gift
from the Lord — The pastors who received
Bibles were so thankful. Many of them only
had portions of the Bible or hand written
copies of specific books.

Cross 22 Burigi Uganda WEB 11

Then time out for everyone to have
a delicious meal prepared on an
open fire behind the church.

Cross 22 Burigi Uganda WEB 12

Then as the sun was setting the lacquer was
dry on the final coat for the cross and it
was time plant the cross. The Pastors
surrounded the cross — all wanted
to help and be a part.

Cross 22 Burigi Uganda WEB 13

One, two, three — lift

Cross 22 Burigi Uganda WEB 14

This was clearly the most efficient planting
of a non-mechanized cross we have ever had.
The Pastors were eager to shout
“Fire in the Hole”

Cross 22 Burigi Uganda WEB 15

I could sense there was a multitude of
angels smiling down. The congregation was
still praying and praising the Lord.

Cross 22 Burigi Uganda WEB 16

The plaque was secured
“Declaring God’s Glory”