ccm Cross 0021
January 20, 2012

Nakyessa Christian School
Kampala, Uganda

ccm Cross 0021

GPS/DMS 0°18’58.61″ N 32°34’55.88″ E

01 Uganda 2012 Day 12 Kampala 1.19.12 038 WEB1

Additional pictures after the Testimony

2936 cdd Rebellion with a Capital R
Cyber Daily Devotion by Pastor Bill
Volume 13 Number 024

Today’s Author: Pastor Bill

Scripture: Matthew 6:12
“Forgive us for our sins, just as we have forgiven those who sinned against us” NCV

What does it take for Jesus to get your attention? For Aimee Kyambadde it was a process where she learned — not to look at others — but to Jesus alone. Discovering that she was responsible for her own relationship with Jesus and no one could be blamed for her choices — was a most delivering revelation.

Aimee was brought up in a pleasant suburban Minneapolis, Minnesota Christian home and taught all the “right” things. Aimee’s dad and mom pastor a church that by default made her a “PK” — preachers kid. While she became born again at seven years old and loved the Lord sincerely, life became tough for this teenager battling fears, insecurities, and rejection. Adding the moniker “PK” became a millstone around Aimee’s neck she could not control. Trying to figure out where she fit in with friends and the congregation — and dealing with the spiritual mind battles the enemy uses on PK’s — proved painful. She struggled to find her place and felt like she was hurt more than her fair share. Feeling betrayed, judged, and wounded by “the church” and having experienced a violent traumatic physical attack by some “church” youth, she tried to run from people but ended up running from God — hardening her heart to mask her pain.

Aimee knew her parents and many others were praying for her but the traumatic experiences and disappointments in her Christian relationships tormented her. Then the running stopped abruptly.

Her life quickly falling apart, feeling farther from loved ones and God than ever, Aimee realized she needed God to intervene and fast. She prayed “Jesus please slap me in the face if you have to — knock some sense into me. My heart is so hard and I’m so full of anger — speak to my heart in the night season — and change me.” She slept with her Bible open on her chest for seven days.

On the seventh day, Aimee was shot in the face in a drive-by shooting.

In the hospital, Aimee realized it was her and Jesus — not “her and the church” or “her and her friends” or “her and anybody”. She had become even more of a hypocrite than all the “church hypocrites” she hated. Now she knew first hand exactly what Paul felt like on the road to Damascus! At heart and in action Aimee was persecuting the church. Hurting those who loved her. But she was so engrossed in herself she couldn’t see anyone else. It was time to repent! And she did.

From that day, Aimee set her face toward Jesus and learned to stop looking at people to find Him. Devoting her life to helping others overcome similar battles and learn to use their experiences to help others, Aimee became a minister (the one thing she sore years ago she would never do).

Years later on a mission trip in Uganda Aimee met a man named David. Looking across the parking lot where she first saw him — without thinking she said, “Who is that man, I’m going to marry him!”

David is a Ugandan who lived through the Idi Amin regime in the 1970’s. David’s mother was raised as a Church of England Anglican and became born again later in life. As a single mother of nine — she worked hard and faithfully to provide for her family — teaching them vital life lessons. She was a no nonsense kind of woman who passed that character trait on to her children.

David never did entertain the typical temptations of adolescence. He became born again at fourteen. Having been raised during the reign of Idi Amin it was illegal for Christians to congregate, worship Jesus or speak about Father, Son or Holy Spirit. Thousands upon thousands of lives were lost as a result of witnessing for Jesus. This drove the Christians underground living in a stealth mode just to survive. David’s born again experience radically affected his life. Driven to evangelize, he became known at a young age as Pastor David to many of his friends. He and his family remained stealthy Christians until the fall of the brutal dictator.

When David met Aimee, something intrigued him about her. He kept pursuing her to figure out why. A little more than a year later he must have figured it out because he married her!

Together they were inspired to start a children’s home for street boys called “Home Again” in Kampala, Uganda. For this season in their life they housed, fed, educated and spiritually mentored 50 young boys from the streets. During the “Home Again” years they started a family with the birth of their son Azariah.

David and Aimee were called out of “Home Again” last year. Although they are still assisting several Home Again boys complete school — they have begun a new season in their lives pastoring Rez Life Church. Located in Lubowa, Uganda in the suburbs of Kampala — this church plant is getting the attention of people in Uganda. Part of their vision includes training Christian athletes, entertainers, artists, business people and others to be evangelists for Jesus — wherever they travel. And just recently David and Aimee gave birth to their 2nd child, daughter Aviana.

Before starting the church, David and Aimee set up a boxing gym for children and youth Camps in Gulu, northern Uganda. This gave them a stage to focus on Jesus while keeping young people safe, developing their gifts and talents, and teaching them healthy life skills and disciplines. With that experience they built a sports ground adjacent to the church to serve the community and witness for Jesus. The church is growing and the unique sports and arts focused outreach is establishing a foothold for the youth to accept Jesus as Lord of their lives.

David and Aimee desired for this ccm cross # 0021 to be planted at the Nyakka Christian School where their homeless children received an excellent education under the leadership of Bishop Macci. Currently there are more than 600 children in the school.

They believe that the cross is forgiveness, love, and life to all who embrace the Lord Jesus Christ. In Aimee’s words, “She who is forgiven and loved much — must love and forgive much.” The cross also represents a price that was paid by Jesus Christ for all mankind — a price no one else could pay — one that brought the promise of eternal life, health, healing, deliverance, hope, love, life, laughter, joy and every good gift from above — and they are committed to telling everyone about it.

Jesus is faithful! Know this — if someone, somewhere is praying for a loved one — Jesus cares and when the timing is right He will intervene in that person’s life getting their attention for the glory of His kingdom.

Prayer: Thank you Father for interfering in lives and changing rebellious people for the good of the kingdom.

02 Uganda 2012 Day 12 Kampala 1.19.12 038 WEB2
Welcome sign entering the school. The children
had the day off while we were planting the
Cross with the staff

03 Uganda 2012 Day 12 Kampala 1.19.12 043 WEB3

Laying out Cross during construction

04 Uganda 2012 Day 12 Kampala 1.19.12 065 POD WEB4Preparing the hole — they did an excellent job!

05 Uganda 2012 Day 12 Kampala 1.19.12 068 WEB5
Neighborhood children watching
all the action for Jesus

06 Uganda 2012 Day 12 Kampala 1.19.12 088 POD WEB6

Attaching Cross beam was a team effort

07 Uganda 2012 Day 12 Kampala 1.19.12 094 WEB7

Cement was expedited and delivered by “same day” courier

08 Uganda 2012 Day 12 Kampala 1.19.12 118 WEB8
Cross in position

09 Uganda 2012 Day 12 Kampala 1.19.12 129 WEB9
Lifting the Cross

10 Uganda 2012 Day 12 Kampala 1.19.12 132 WEB10


11 Uganda 2012 Day 12 Kampala 1.19.12 152 WEB11

Pastor David pitches in

12 Uganda 2012 Day 12 Kampala 1.19.12 202 WEB 12

Attaching the plaque
“Declaring God’s Glory”