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September 26, 2011

Kenny Lake Community Chapel
Chitina, Alaska
ccm Cross #0016

GPS/DMS 61.5158° N, 144.4369° WCross 0016 WEB 01 Chitina Alaska

Additional photos after Testimony

2856 cdd Faithful
Cyber Daily Devotion
Volume 12 Number 204

Today’s Author: Pastor Bill

Scripture:2 Timothy 2:2
“And the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also” NKJV

(This is the second of three Devotions about planting crosses in Alaska – Kenny Lake Community Chapel)

Traveling through Alaska is a breath taking experience as the panoramic mountains are a back drop for everyday life. Traveling on the Richardson Highway about half way from Valdez on the South and Glennallen to the North is a split in the road leading to Chitina, Alaska.

For hundreds of years Chitina has been the home for the Athabascan people. Tradition tells us they are descendants from nomadic tribes crossing over the Bering Strait and settling in what is today Alaska.

In the August 1900 copper was found near Chitina. Empire builders J.P Morgan and the Guggenheim family purchased the area establishing the Kennecott Mines. For the next 30 plus years the mining rush was on. More than 200 million dollars worth of copper along with some silver and gold was extracted. Life in and around Chitina passed by at a feverish pace as mining exploded. The town prospered — as talk began for Alaska statehood — Chitina — was seriously considered as a state capitol site.

All this fell apart when the mines ran dry and prosperity moved on. This left the Athabascan people the way they were found — living off the land on a bounty of salmon, moose and other animals.

In the testimony of Kenny Lake Community Chapel (Cross #0015) we learned that  salvation through Jesus Christ was introduced to the Athabascan people by Reverend Vincent Joy. This was a time when the mines were receding and the miners were checking out of town for new gold and silver adventures.

Chitina today is just a shadow of what it once was. The bustling population has been reduced to several thousand people spread over a very large area and only one thing remains from the past  —  Jesus Christ.

Every Saturday night a satellite church of Kenny Lake Community Chapel finds Pastor Len Richison, his wife Brenda, daughter Caitlen and son Buddy leading the charge for Jesus in Chitina. There is a community dinner, church service and prayer time.

Pastor Len, his family and the Kenny Lake Community Chapel leaders are faithful to the call established by Reverend Vincent Joy in Chitina. Pastor Len in establishing the Chitina cross echoes “This cross will symbolize the unfailing grace of Jesus and His never-ending love for all those here in the Copper Valley, Declaring God’s Glory.”

Prayer: Father thank you for small beginnings and faithful people in the Copper River Valley that today bring you glory as the Kenny Lake Community Chapel in Chitina, Alaska. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

Cross 0016 WEB 02 Chitina Alaska

Downtown Chitina, Alaska today.
In the 1900’s Chitina was a prosperous Copper Mining
town that was seriously considered as a selection to be
the state capitol when Alaska became the 49th state.

Cross 0016 WEB 03 Chitina Alaska
Cal and John use the back hoe to move
cross into position for planting

Cross 0016 WEB 04 Chitina Alaska
The beauty of Alaska surrounds Chitina

Cross 0016 WEB 05 Chitina Alaska
Buddy serves up a delicious meal prepared at
Kenny Lake Community Chapel for the folks in Chitina.

Cross 0016 WEB 06 Chitina Alaska
Pastor Len prays for each need during the Saturday night service

Cross 0016 WEB 07 Chitina Alaska
Pastors Bill and Len secure the plaque
“Declaring God’s Glory”
to the Chitina, Alaska Cross

Cross 0016 WEB 08 Chitina Alaska

“A Teachable Moment”
Pastor Len gathers round the children watching the planting process
to teach them why we are planting this cross
“Declaring God’s Glory” over Chitina.

Cross 0016 WEB 09 Chitina Alaska
Declaring God’s Glory
over Chitina, Alaska