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September 22, 2011

Kenny Lake Community Chapel
Kenny Lake, Alaska
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2851 cdd It’s About Jesus
Cyber Daily Devotion
Volume 12 Number 199

Today’s Author: Pastor Bill

Scripture: Acts 17:3
“He explained and proved that the Christ must die and then rise from the dead. He said, “This Jesus I am telling you about is the Christ.” NCV

Shortly after the end of WWII — as the USA was rebounding from the great depression and war — and just before becoming the 49th State — life in Alaska was tough. Quality roads were few and far between — drinking water was difficult to find — and only the most able and determined survived.

Reverend Vincent Joy late in the 1930’s started the mission organization Central Arctic Missions (CAM). He ministered along the only highway (gravel) in the state — The Richardson Highway. It ran through the Copper River Basin aptly called the Copper Valley. As the 1950’s approached in the Copper Valley — Reverend Vincent Joy established the Alaskan Medical Ministry (AMM). Like the beginnings of the Red Cross medical care was the vehicle to transcend cultures and introduce the love of Jesus.

Reverend Joy along with establishing CAM and AMM was instrumental in the beginnings of the Kenny Lake Community Chapel. Once doctors began arriving at AMM in the early 1950’s Reverend Joy established door to door evangelism. He would park his car at the intersection of the two main (gravel) roads in the Copper Valley and strap on a pair of skis.

Joy would ski from cabin to cabin introducing people to Jesus. When he contacted Emma and Adam Bell, Ina Lincoln and Grandma George they experienced the power of the Holy Spirit becoming blood washed, born again Christians — life in the Copper Valley would be changed forever. The Holy Spirit had touched the group and Sunday meetings began in Grandma George’s home to share Jesus throughout the community.

The small beginnings began to grow for Jesus. Soon neighbor after neighbor accepted Jesus in their hearts. In 1957 the Richardson Highway was paved completing (unofficially) the northern most part of the Pan-American Highway, which extends all the way south to the tip of Argentina.Life in Alaska became more fluid with the asphalt highway. And the meetings were eventually moved to the Joe Goodlataw cabin in Lower Tonsina, Alaska.

In 1960 Chuck Parmenter stepped into the position of leadership and the tiny church began to grow as they continued to share Jesus. In 1963 the first building was dedicated to the Lord. Over the years several Pastors served as the church continued its growth.

In 2005 Pastor Len and Brenda Richison were led to leave the heat of Arkansas, with their and daughter Caitlen, to embrace the bitter cold and snow of Alaska — and the warm hearts of the people. Their son Buddy followed a few years later. Together they are daily demonstrating their passion and love for Jesus — which echoes from Reverend Joy through the years — making them the perfect match to share the love of Jesus throughout the community of the Copper River Basin.

Pastor Len speaks for the entire congregation of Kenny lake Community Chapel when he says, “This cross will symbolize the unfailing grace of Jesus and His never-ending love for all those here in the Copper Valley, Declaring God’s Glory.”

For in the end when we stand in heaven it will not be about you and me — “It will be about our acceptance of Jesus as Lord of our life.”

Prayer: Father thank you for small beginnings and faithful people in the Copper River Valley that today bring you glory as the Kenny Lake Community Chapel. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

Cross 0015 Kenny Lake Alsaka Web 02

Cal operated the backhoe.
This machine and Cal were a great blessing as they were available for all 3 holes

Cross 0015 Kenny Lake Alsaka Web 03

Terry stepped in and relieved me as he notched the crosses
while Cal, Pastor Len and John looked on

Cross 0015 Kenny Lake Alsaka Web 04

Terry and Andy give a mighty push
while Cal pulls the cross upright with his pickup

Cross 0015 Kenny Lake Alsaka Web 05

Pastor Bill and Pastor Len inspect
as Terry adds water to the sakrete

Cross 0015 Kenny Lake Alsaka Web 06

Declaring God’s Glory
over Kenny Lake, Alaska