ccm Cross 0012
January 25, 2011

Community Feeding Program
Soshanguwe, South Africa
ccm Cross #0012

GPS/DMS 25.4834° S, 28.1068° ESoshanguwe WEB 01

Additional Photos After Testimony

2673 cdd Flame of Blue Fire
Cyber Daily Devotion l
Volume 12 Number 21

Today’s Author: Pastor Bill

Scripture: Isaiah 43:2
“When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they shall not overflow you. When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned, Nor shall the flame scorch you” NKJV

My name is Margaret Maseko and this is my testimony:

I came to know Jesus Christ as my Lord and personal Savior in 1995. The more I read my Bible the more I wanted to know about Jesus. I was so hungry for the word of God I would read whenever I could. The more word of God I put in my heart the more it spilled out of me.

Then came my vision from the Lord:

I awoke one day and had a strong thirst. It was not for water or anything to drink. It was for more of the living water of Jesus Christ. Suddenly it started raining and there was heavy lightning that struck my room.

I started to pray. More than one hour later around my feet there was a flame of blue fire. The room did not burn just the flame. I did not burn just the flame. I felt something new inside me. An even greater desire to serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

As time passed I kept the vision close in my heart and continued my Bible reading. In 2007 I became a Minister of the Gospel and began feeding homeless children. God had given me a purpose for his kingdom. I was determined to do the best possible job I could to please my savior. The feeding of homeless children became the Mustard Seed Ministry of Soshanguwe, South Africa.

Another vision from God came and I was preaching outside under a big tree and praying for the sick.

Today we regularly feed hundreds of children. They come from many kilometers away seeking food, rest and we give them that and much more — we give them the message that God loves them. And yes I pray for the sick under a very large tree.

When I see the cross it clearly reminds me of all Jesus did for me when he died for my sins. He did it for me and he will do it for you!

Prayer: Father thank you for implanting in Margaret, through the vision of the flame of blue fire, Your love and compassion which overflows for the children of Soshanguwe, South Africa. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

Soshanguwe WEB 02

We were picking up supplies and the group assembled
the cross and started planting it upon our arrival

Soshanguwe WEB 03

Lifting went easy

Soshanguwe WEB 01

The Cross slid nicely into the hole

Soshanguwe WEB 04

We attached the sign

Soshanguwe WEB 05

Dedicating the cross with the workers

Soshanguwe WEB 16

Declaring God’s Glory
over Soshanguwe, South Africa