ccm Cross 0010
January 15, 2011

Maranatha Church
Mdantsane, South Africa
ccm Cross #0010

GPS/DMS 32.9460° S, 27.7256° ECross 0010 Mdantsane 01

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2663 cdd Trauma Leads to Christ
Cyber Daily Devotion

Volume 12 Number 011

Today’s Author: Pastor Bill

Scripture: Jeremiah 49:29
“Traumatize them, shouting, ‘Terror! Death! Doom! Danger everywhere!'” MSG

Maxwell grew up in a Christian home. Both his father and mother were born again believers. He attended church regularly and clearly knew the difference between right and wrong. Then his teen age years set in and peer pressure pulled him out of his Christian roots. A life of sinful activities followed. These were the dark years. “If it was considered bad by the church I did it. Satan had control of my life and by the world’s standards I was having fun and enjoying life — one wicked day at a time.”

Then while out for a joy ride with two of his friends they hit another car. Both of Maxwell’s friends died. Shortly after Maxwell was catching a ride on a freight train. He fell off the train and spent almost a month in the hospital.

Those two traumatic experiences woke Maxwell up. He knew he needed the light of Jesus back in his life and that the fun and enjoyment of the world was empty. He learned through all this that Satan is a liar and only concerned in capturing him for all eternity in hell. Maxwell re-committed his life to Christ in July 1985 and never looked back.

Once back in step with Jesus — Maxwell hungered for more of HIM. He attended Bible School and was ordained during Easter celebrations in 1991. His life had been completely re-built by Jesus and now it was his turn to pay Christ back.

At first Maxwell’s passion was as an Evangelist to see souls get saved, disciple them and equip them for work in ministry. He constantly challenged those saved to become relevant for Christ in today’s world.

Soon after Maxwell and his wife Christine started the Maranatha Church is Mdantsane, South Africa. They walked door to door witnessing for Jesus Christ. Their group grew in their home and spread to multiple locations. From homes they grew to a site that was given to them by the new government in 1994. They were blessed by the National Railroad who gave them used chip-wood panels to build a temporary building for their first church building.

Pastor Bill and his ccm team arrived in 2004 helping to start construction of a permanent church. That year the foundation was built. In 2005 the ccm team returned and helped build the first half of the walls. In 2006 they returned and completed the walls. In 2007 Pastor Bill and the ccm team again returned and helped install the roof. And in 2008 the team came back one more time to help install the concrete floor.

Since then the congregation has made further improvements to the building installing windows and doors and occupying the building for worship and teaching about the Kingdom of God.

Maxwell’s vision for the Church is to continually preach the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He desires to plant additional Churches around the Eastern Cape Province in South Africa concentrating efforts especially in the disadvantaged rural areas. Maxwell has turned his traumatic experiences into an opportunity to share Jesus. Now he goes where the gospel of Jesus Christ is currently not preached. His transformed life from trauma to Jesus drives him to want to build a strong church leadership team that will carry the vision forward.

Maxwell sees the cross as the key to salvation and eternal life. “It is because of the cross that my sins are forgiven and that I am saved. To me it represents the  care, love and sacrifice of Jesus. It is the answer to all questions that this world cannot answer. Through the cross we are heirs together of the Kingdom of God.”

This is the Cross testimony for Jongitemba Maxwell Tyeni. We call him Pastor Maxwell.

Prayer: Father thank you for the traumatic experiences in Pastor Maxwell’s life that instilled in him a passion to tell others about the love of Jesus Christ. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

Cross 0010 Mdantsane 02

Cross beams being secured

Cross 0010 Mdantsane 03

Cross in position above the hole

Cross 0010 Mdantsane 04

Team raising the cross into position

Cross 0010 Mdantsane 05


Cross 0010 Mdantsane 06

Congregation dedicating the cross

Cross 0010 Mdantsane 07

Declaring God’s Glory
over Mdantsane, South Africa