ccm Cross 0006
January 28, 2010

Maranatha Church
Hammarsdale, South Africa
ccm Cross #0006

GPS/DMS 29.8040° S, 30.6315° E 0006 Hammarsdale Cross WEB 01

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2451 cdd A Mighty Wind
Cyber Daily Devotion
Volume 11 Number 060

Today’s Author: Pastor Bill

Scripture: 1 Kings 19:11b
“A mighty windstorm hit the mountain” NKJV

In 2002 Baaa Baaa Ntombela came to America and asked me come to South Africa and help start the construction of churches for Maranatha Crusades. I was still on the mend from my 1994 car accident but knew it was the right thing to do.

In 2003 seven of us flew from Minnesota to Johannesburg, South Africa and then drove to Hammarsdale which is near Durban. We began construction and over the next two weeks we poured the foundation and built the walls about two thirds of the way up. We left confident that the local church could complete the task.

Six months later we were contacted by Baaa Baaa Ntombela that a mighty wind storm with hurricane type wind erupted — and before the walls were complete they blew down. We grieved for the loss of our brothers and sisters in Hammarsdale.

But soon after — we received notice that out of the crumbled walls of the first church a bigger and better church — with stronger walls — was being constructed by the church people and the surrounding neighbors. Within 18 months the walls were completed and it took another few years for the congregation to save enough money for a roof.

Last year they installed running water and toilets. This year we came to help complete their church with an electric panel and florescent indoor lighting and exterior safety lighting.

As part of the ccmCrossProject we constructed a cross to give God the Glory for this church, these people and their strong determination under extreme adversity to build their own church.

Prayer: Father thank you for a church and cross built to your glory in Hammarsdale, South Africa. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

0006 Hammarsdale Cross WEB 03
Setting the notch locations
0006 Hammarsdale Cross WEB 04
Pastor Bill gives Glen a break
0006 Hammarsdale Cross WEB 05
Squaring off the notch
0006 Hammarsdale Cross WEB 06
Fitting the timers together
0006 Hammarsdale Cross WEB 07
Adding the nuts and bolts
0006 Hammarsdale Cross WEB 09
Hoisting the cross using ropes
0006 Hammarsdale Cross WEB 10
0006 Hammarsdale Cross WEB 11
Setting the cross level
0006 Hammarsdale Cross WEB 12
Pouring the concrete
0006 Hammarsdale Cross WEB 13
Cross standing tall
0006 Hammarsdale Cross WEB 14
Glen and Jabulani enjoy a moment of fellowship looking at a job well done.
Jabulani was with us in 2003 when we started the project.
0006 Hammarsdale Cross WEB 15
Declaring God’s Glory
over Hammarsdale, South Africa