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January 23, 2010

Baaa Baaa Ntombela Testimony
Madadeni, South Africa
ccm Cross #0005
Cross 0005 Madadeni 24

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1613 cdd Jesus Loves Me
Cyber Daily Devotion
Volume 11 Number 005

Today’s Author: Pastor Bill

Scripture: Romans 8:39 
“No power in the sky above or in the earth below—indeed, nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord” NLT

In 1940 Masojamile was a good father and the chief of the Ntombela tribe of the Zulu Nation. Like his father before him and his father before him he was the chief of nearly 3 million people. It was his desire that his son Mndeni would follow him and also become chief.

But Mndeni had a physical defect. At the age of 3 he received an infection in his right eye which eventually spread in to his left eye and he became blind. Masojamile was grieved by his sons’ condition and knew that if he continued blind he could not become chief.

Masojamile took his son to the witch doctor. The witch doctor tried all his medicine but Mndeni could not see. Masojamile became more determined and took Mndeni from witch doctor to witch doctor looking for a cure. For nine years Masojamile searched the witch doctors for a cure. There was none to be found and Mndeni had to be led by the hand everywhere he went.

At the age of twelve Mndeni was in a field caring for his father’s livestock with other children when he heard a strange sound he had never heard before.

Mndeni asked his associates what the noise was. One described the scene as a white man walking though the field singing with two black women. Mndeni was drawn to the man singing. He asked his companion to lead him to the man.

They approached the three and the white man saw that Mndeni was blind. The white man asked Mndeni through the accompanying interpreters, “May I lay my hands on you and pray for you?”

“No” Mndeni said, “I am royalty and no stranger is allowed to touch me.” The missionary man was insistent through the interpreters. “If I am not allowed to touch you may I speak with your father?” Mndeni knew there was something special about this man and consented to let him speak with his father — Chief Masojamile.

While on the way to see Chief Masojamile the missionary began to sing again. Mndeni asked the interpreters, “What is this man singing.” The interpreters answered, “Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so.” Mndeni asked, “Who is this Jesus?” With no hesitation the missionary answered and the interpreters echoed. “Why He is the one that is going to heal you.” The spirit inside Mndeni leaped for joy.

This missionary was the first white person to enter this part of Zululand and as they walked toward the village a crowd started following them. The village was only 4,000 people and by the time they reached Chief Masojamile more than half of the village was watching.

The missionary stepped forward to greet Chief Masojamile and it was easy to see that he was well respected and loved by his people. The Chief spoke first through the interpreters. “Who are you and why are you here?” The missionary response was planned through many hours of rehearsal in Bible School and role playing. Only it was far more intimidating in real life. “My name is Pastor Johnson and I represent the Lord Jesus Christ and I have come through the power of Jesus to heal this boy.” He continued, “May I have your permission to touch this boy of royalty and pray for his healing by Jesus?”

The Chief was unsure of his situation and asked, “Who is this Jesus? — bring him here — I wish to speak to him.”

Pastor Johnson patiently explained to the Chief who Jesus was and that He came to earth to die for our sins and to save us all — and through the Holy Spirit Jesus will heal Mndeni.

Pastor Johnson was persistent — ever insisting that he touch young Mndeni.

This was strictly forbidden by Zulu law. But nothing had worked before to heal his son. The witch doctors were worthless and the Chief had spent considerable time and effort to have his son healed.

The chief spoke through the interpreters. “You may touch the boy for he is my son and Jesus can heal him — but I warn you — if you fail you will die right here — right now.”

Then Pastor Johnson looked at the chief and his son and without hesitation started signing:

Jesus loves me this I know
For the Bible tells me so
Little ones to Him belong
They are weak but He is strong

Yes, Jesus loves me
Yes, Jesus loves me
Yes, Jesus loves me
For the Bible tells me so

Right then he touched Mndeni. Immediately Mndeni’s left eye opened and he was able to see. There was rejoicing throughout the village.

Chief Masojamile was pleased with Pastor Johnson and asked him to stay and teach his people about Jesus and his healing power. Pastor Johnson stayed one week and through his teaching of Jesus over half of the village was saved including Chief Masojamile’s wife Emelinah. And on the last day something very special happened.

The last service was held and people from the village and surrounding areas were present. Pastor Johnson called Mndeni forward and gave him a Biblical name — He renamed him Shadrack for a Christian name from the Bible story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.

Then he sang again:

Jesus loves me this I know
For the Bible tells me so
Little ones to Him belong
They are weak but He is strong

Yes, Jesus loves me
Yes, Jesus loves me
Yes, Jesus loves me
For the Bible tells me so

When Pastor Joson finished singing he touched Shadrack and this time his right eye opened. He now had perfect vision in both eyes. Not only had Jesus restored his vision but he made sure both eyes were healed.

Our story continues four years later. Zulu tradition led Shadrack from Zululand to Johannesburg and work in the largest gold mine in the world. The Germiston Gold Mine is nestled in the South West suburbs of Johannesburg.

Chief Masojamile wrote a letter of introduction. He informed everyone that Shadrack was in line to be chief. He asked that Shadrack be treated with the utmost respect and requested he be allowed to work above ground where it was safest.

 Shadrack was assigned to work in the kitchen. The job was safe enough but it was difficult for Shadrack to adjust doing work assigned to women in the Zulu culture. But he was obedient and began praying for everyone who came through the line. As he served food soon he was saying — “God bless you” — “Jesus Loves You.” — “Jesus will heal you.” The men in line started asking questions about God and this Jesus. Shadrack invited the men who inquired about these things to room number 16. There every night he ministered to the men in his room. And thus his ministry was born.

 For several years this went on with Shadrack leading more and more men to Christ. Then Shadrack began walking the streets of Daveyton with his wife Emily. They fasted during the day and prayed on their walks at night. Then they started knocking on doors. House to house for Jesus! His ministry took on a new determination.

While apartheid was at its’ height in South Africa Shadrack was invited to a prayer and praise conference in Johannesburg — along with three other black pastors. They were permitted to stand way in the back and observe what was happening because blacks could not sit amongst whites.

Loren Cunningham of YWAM, Joy Dawson and Pastor Steven from the United States were the key note speakers at the event. Toward the end of her message Joy Dawson left the podium and walked to the back of the auditorium. She walked up to the black man in the red coat who was Shadrack and prophesied over him.

“You are called to the uneducated of South Africa and the world. God will make a way for you to carry His message wherever He desires. Go to a Christian Bible School and get prepared.”

Shadrack left the meeting amazed that out of all those people in the auditorium he would receive such a word as this!

Soon after Shadrack was hitchhiking from Durban to Heidelberg when two white South African women passed him on the road. The Holy Spirit spoke to them in the height of apartheid to stop up ahead, turn around and come back and pick up a black man.

When the women learned about the word from Joy Dawson they committed to raise funds for Shadrack to go to “Christ for the Nations” Bible School in Dallas, Texas. Shadrack left his wife Emily and three children – Gabriel, Kristina and Caleb for the United States. He carried a letter of introduction to the people of America from the women and one large suit case. But he could not speak English.

Upon arrival in the Dallas airport he watched as people scurried with their luggage to and fro but had no idea where he was or where he was going. The only thing he knew for sure was that God would take care of him.

Shadrack saw many people get on a bus and thought he should get on too. He road for several hours until he was the last one on the bus. The bus driver notified him that this was the end of the line and he would have to get off. Shadrack had no idea what he was saying.

The bus driver motioned to him for any papers he might have and Shadrack handed him the letter of introduction to the school. The bus driver read “Christ for the Nations” in Dallas, Texas.

The driver immediately drove to the nearest police station and had Shadrack and his one large piece of luggage removed from the bus.

 Inside the police station the sergeant of the day looked at the introductory letter and gave Shadrack a bed for the night. He called Christ For The Nations Bible Institute. They sent someone over in the morning to pick him up!

Shadrack arrived a week early for school and learned that everyone spoke only English. He was bewildered and befuddled by English. When classes started the next week everything was in English. He still knew none. He longed to return home to his wife and family.

In desperation Shadrack prayed. “Father I cannot understand anything here please let me understand or send me home.”

God’s answer was quick and precise. “Fast and pray for seven days.”

Seven days later on a Monday morning and the first thing Shadrack heard was, “Hi, I’m Jim Hodges.” Jim Hodges was his teacher for the past week but Shadrack had no idea who he was, what he said or how to pronounce his name — Until now.

From that Monday forward Shadrack fully understood English and graduated one year later from Christ For The Nations.

Shadrack returned to South Africa and God immediately sent him back to his tribal area in Zululand. This was where the witch doctors were still in authority over the land and people. And where God wanted Shadrack to confront them.

Shadrack began preaching and teaching from village to village. The people were getting saved and healed. News of his presence reached throughout the area. People were coming from all over to see the “Boy Who Would Be Chief” and this man Jesus he was always talking about.

The witch doctors became incensed by Shadrack’s activities. The head witch doctor Peter Mabeka called for a plot to kill him. The trap was set.

The next day in Zululand as Shadrack was walking toward his ministry tent he saw a great fire in the distance. Others could not see it but Shadrack knew he had to go. He approached the large fire and a magical snake attacked him and bit him on the leg. This was the trap set by Peter Mabeka and the witch doctors and it had worked beautifully.

Shadrack missed the revival meeting that night and went back to his tent gravely ill. Many people came to help and pray for Shadrack but he sent them out. There, alone he prayed and asked God: “Father it is ok to take me — I’m ready! But I’m better prepared to do battle for your kingdom if you desire. Your power will be manifested among the people with my healing.”

Shadrack slept through the night and the next morning had no ill effects from the magical snake bite.

That night Shadrack stood before the crowd as a testimony that Jesus is stronger medicine than any magical snake or witch doctor. The witch doctors were present because they wanted to see for themselves if Shadrack was still alive. At the end of this meeting Peter Mabeka the dreaded witch doctor came to see Shadrack. He asked many questions about Jesus and surrendered his heart to Christ.

Shadrack asked Peter Mabeka to bring his witch doctor bag to the river. They sang “Jesus Loves Me.” They set the bag on fire and screams of anguish could be heard from the bag as Shadrack committed the demons to the pit of hell.

Shadrack stayed in Zululand with Peter Mabeka as his apprentice for two years. After that period Peter Mabeka became the Pastor with the gift of healing. Peter traveled throughout the entire area sharing the love of Christ until he went to be with the Lord in 2006.

In 1986 I led a group of people to Pastor Mabeka’s in Zululand and we held a tent crusade for a week. In the early 1990’s I returned with a group and we built a church for Pastor Mabeka just north of Jozini.

Currently there are at least fourteen churches that have sprung out of this one completed church near Jozini in Zululand.

Pastor Jobe                           Jozini (1) – Nkonkoni
Pastor Thusi                          Jozini – (2) – Ngwenani
Pastor Cele                            Jozini (3)
Pastor Cele                            Jozini (4)
Pastor Mngomezulu                Mbazwana
Pastor Masinga                       Ndumu
Pastor Mkhabela                    Mbambani
Pastor Manukuza                   Otobotini (1)
Pastor Manukuza                   Otobotini (2)
Pastor Mthembu                    Manguza (1)
Pastor Mthembu                    Manguza (2)
Pastor Mthembu                    Manguza (3)

Since this list has been compiled there have been more added! And a new church is under construction near Jozini right now.

And the “Boy Who Would Be Chief” — what happened to him?

Chief Masojamile came to the Lord thru Shadrack’s ministry and when he passed on to be with the Lord it became Shadrack’s turn to become Chief. He respectfully declined the elders and decided to follow Jesus. Today Shadrack heads up Maranatha Crusades South Africa with more than 350 churches throughout South Africa and neighboring countries. Maranatha Crusades includes:

Maranatha Churches
Maranatha Bible Seminary
Maranatha Youth Outreach
Maranatha Training Institute
Maranatha Compassion Ministries
Maranatha Evangelist Tent Ministry

Can’t you just hear him now?

Jesus loves me this I know
For the Bible tells me so
Little ones to Him belong
They are weak but He is strong

Yes, Jesus loves me
Yes, Jesus loves me
Yes, Jesus loves me
For the Bible tells me so

This testimony was recorded in Newcastle, South Africa in January 2005 with Kevin Pollins, Gabriel Ntombela and me, Pastor Bill — present.

In January 2007 Shadrack was riding in a car driven by his nephew when they were struck by another car — with impact at Shadrack’s passenger door. Shadrack was immediately dispatched to hospital where they closed a large gash across his head. It was my privilege to pray for Shadrack while in the hospital when the doctors gave up hope for his life — That day Jesus healed him and the next day Gabriel called me to say, “The doctors are astonished by his miracle recovery.” To Jesus be all the glory!

Last year while in South Africa Glen Huff and I met with Baaa Baaa Shadrack Ntombela and asked if he would like a cross built at the Maranatha Church in Madadeni, South Africa, to give God the Glory for all HE has accomplished in his life. He quickly said, “YES.”

Yesterday Glen Huff, his wife Lee Ann, Penny Bertsch and I visited Baaa Baaa Shadrack Ntombela and he asked us to build many more crosses around South Africa that should keep us busy for the next few years. To God be all the glory!

Cross 0005 Madadeni 02
Cross stands next to the first Maranatha Church
in Madadeni, South Africa
Cross 0005 Madadeni 03
The original church was built in 1984 and doubled in size in 2008.
Cross 0005 Madadeni 04
Hole being prepared
Cross 0005 Madadeni 05
Cutting the notch in the cross beam
Cross 0005 Madadeni 06
Glen pitches in to insure a straight cut
Cross 0005 Madadeni 07
Cross beam is ready
Cross 0005 Madadeni 08
Work begins on the main beam
Cross 0005 Madadeni 09
Completing the intersection of the two beams
Cross 0005 Madadeni 10
Pastor Bill and Pastor Peter inspect a perfect fit!
Cross 0005 Madadeni 11
Pastor Bill drilling holes
Cross 0005 Madadeni 12
Glen attaches the the nuts
Cross 0005 Madadeni 13
Three bolts represent the Father, Son and Holy Spirit


Cross 0005 Madadeni 14
Moving the cross into position
Cross 0005 Madadeni 15
Glen directing traffic
Cross 0005 Madadeni 16
 Inserting cross in hole
Cross 0005 Madadeni 17
 Cross rises
Cross 0005 Madadeni 18
Cross 0005 Madadeni 19
Mixing Concrete
Cross 0005 Madadeni 20
Glen securing cross with rope
Cross 0005 Madadeni 21
Celebrating establishment of the cross
Cross 0005 Madadeni 22
Pouring concrete
Cross 0005 Madadeni 02
The Cross is standing tall over the Madadeni, South
Africa neighborhood as a testimony to Jesus
Declaring God’s Glory
over Madadeni, South Africa