ccm Cross 0002
January 25, 2009

Boschwaba Christian Church
Boschwaba, South Africa
ccm Cross #0002 

GPS/DMS 25°18’60.00″ S 31°00’60.00″ E
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2156 – cdd Madonsela
Cyber Daily Devotion
Volume 10 Number 026

Today’s Author: Pastor Bill

Scripture: Psalm 107:27
“You were spun like a top, you reeled like a drunk, you didn’t know which end was up” MSG

Madonsela was a certified drunk. As a certified drunk he had rights that included irresponsibility, lying, anger, rage, theft and violence. These demons were his constant companions. Madonsela thought he knew how to silence his companions. But his mind had been deceived and clouded. His rights created a life of enormous pain and frustration which was only silenced when he drank. But fleeting moments of peace were quickly disturbed as he consumed liquor to excess and his demons of irresponsibility, lying, anger, rage, theft and violence came out to play — big time.

Many had to be praying for Madonsela — for a very long time — for God to intervene as he did. For whatever reason God chose Madonsela — not because he was righteous or holy but for the direct opposite reasons. Who would tend the Lord’s flock that was undesirable in the world?

Only one of their own!

Madonsela first heard the voice in his heart in 1992. It was a bad night and he was still drunk at 8:00 AM after an all nighter — but the voice in his heart was crystal clear: “Are you aware that you are perishing? That your life is slowly but surely ebbing away? Why are you destroying yourself? Surely if you do not do something about this you will be dead.”

Many had tired and many had failed to sober Madonsela up — but now for the first time he listened — but he did not yield. He found a big Bible and searched for a church — all the while drinking his demons into false submission. For six years Madonsela fought in the land between good and evil.

In March 1998 Madonsela finally allowed the Lord Jesus Christ to be Lord of his life. No more half-way, no more playing church — if this was the real thing he wanted it all. Six months of intensive Bible study followed. Then he was ordained a lay-pastor and assigned three farms to shepherd. By the end of 2000 Madonsela was ordained Pastor Andrew.

Soon after his ordination the voice in his heart turned to a vision. Jesus was in his vision directing Pastor Andrew to a beautiful green valley in Boschwaba, South Africa. Immediately when he set foot in the village his heart leapt and he knew that this is the place he had been praying for. The Lord directed him to build a house on the top of the highest mountain so he could claim the entire valley for Jesus. It was a place appointed by Jesus where he could pray each morning and claim this special valley for Christ.

A week ago Glen, Doreen and I were at Boschwaba where we constructed a fence around the church that Pastor Andrew built in the valley. We also built a large cross that overlooks the entire valley to mark the spot where something very special happened in the life of Pastor Andrew and the people of Boschwaba, South Africa.

As Pastor Andrew said, “The cross emphasizes to me that this is a very special place in the eyes of the Lord and it gives me courage to go full force with the work the Lord has put on my shoulders.”

 Prayer: Father thank you for using a certified drunk — Pastor Andrew — who has been washed clean in the blood of the lamb — to carry your message throughout the valley of Boschwaba, South Africa and beyond. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

Boschwaba Web Photo 1

Preparing the upright notch

Boschwaba Web Photo 2

Aligning the cross beam

Boschwaba Web Photo 3

Sealing the notch with pitch

Boschwaba Web Photo 4

Setting the cross beam

Boschwaba Web Photo 5

Pastor Andrew and Pastor Bill survey the project


Boschwaba Web Photo 7

Declaring God’s Glory
over Boschwaba, South Africa