Virtual Golf Invitation


from the
Christian Cyber Ministries
Board of Directors

2 Corinthians 9:10
“For God is the one who provides seed for the farmer and
then bread to eat. In the same way, he will provide
and increase your resources and then produce
a great harvest of generosity in you” NLT

Once a year we hold an
event, raising funds
in support of these
Cyber Daily Devotions

This year we have chosen a
Virtual Golf Experience
Where everyone can participate

Four golfers will take to the course
Thursday August 14, 2014 as
your representatives while
playing Virtual Golf.

Virtual Golf

Virtual Golf

The Four Players:
Kirk Gassen — ccm Chairman
John Schuler — ccm Board Member
Brad Markwell, for Pastor Carol — ccm Board Member
Pastor Bill — ccm COO, ccm Board Member

While golf is our theme it is not our purpose.

Our purpose is to raise $15,000 dollars
to expand, upgrade and multiply our
distribution with the Good News of
Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
We need your help to reach this goal.

Cyber Daily Devotion

Cyber Daily Devotion

Giving in support of Cyber Daily Devotion has
never been more fun or easier.

There will be four prizes awarded each
with a minimum value of $100.00, plus
your name can be inscribed on the ccm
Cross planting of your choice and you’ll
enjoy bragging rights having won the
ccm Virtual Golf Event.
(Only one prize per participant)

Virtual Golf Participation
and Giving Information
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without participating in the Virtual Golf Event
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