Un-packing cdd Details

cdd — Cyber Daily Devotion — is a free Internet Gospel Centered publication. We are currently raising funds supporting its continued distribution through 2017.

The first cdd was published in 1999 and 16 plus years later we have published more than 4100. That averages out to 256 devotions per year.

Over the years our reach has grown around the world as the Internet has grown.

Today our most pressing need is help in budgeting our cash flow to insure bills are paid in a timely manner.

For example:
A $600.00 gift is a blessing to us which is much appreciated but $50.00 a month blesses us twelve times. All the while insuring that our cash flow is sufficient for each need.

Likewise a $1200.00 gift is a blessing but $100.00 a month blesses us twelve times.

Please understand that every gift no matter how small or large is very much appreciated. Each gift helps bring the cdd to your desk top every day Monday thru Friday.

Your circumstances may be such that monthly giving is not for you — please know that is fine with us. If a one-time yearly gift or quarterly gift is right for you — then PTL and thank you.

Whatever works best for you works for us!

We call our monthly Givers Fire*Starter Partners which is an indication of support for spreading the Fire of the Holy Spirit. Some Fire*Starters ask that their funds support planting Crosses. Some Fire*Starters ask that the Cyber Daily Devotion part of our ministry receive their gifts. Some the Pastors fund. Some say wherever is needed most.

Our Board of Directors is committed that 100{438a7d4fb4d553ed786f81e925bb4b9cef0198d2b00cf400ab4e959f6d826bb6} of your funds are used as you direct. If a specific budget is met funds are rolled over to the next event or year in that category which in turn expands our outreach.

Thank you for your interest in Giving — please note that every donation is a special blessing and as we continually “Give God Glory” for providing you as your gifts are the oil and fuel that runs the engine known as “Christian Cyber Ministries.”

God bless you and thank you for taking the time to read this and learn a bit more about what we do. Please pray and ask the Holy Spirit what amount to Give is right for you.

For the ccm Board of Directors

Pastors Bill and Carol

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Christian Cyber Ministries
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