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2715 and 2716 – cdd *Lighting the Match*
Wednesday March 30 and 31, 2011
Volume 12 Number 063 and 064
Today’s Author: Pastor Bill

Scripture: Matthew 6:20
“But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal” NIV

Imagine as you are sitting at your work computer an email arrives from 9,000 miles away — a foreign country. And then imagine that you take the time to open it. A choice must be made. I don’t know this person, do I read it?

Ok you choose to read it — the email asks you to provide a special creative service — and then the Holy Spirit interrupts — and you hear HIS still small voice, “Do this and provide it for free.” You don’t know the person, he is asking for something you have to make specifically for this request and now the Holy Spirit nudges you to provide it for free!

Boschwaba, South Africa ccm Cross 00002Following is the story of how the Holy Spirit lit a match at the Boschwaba, South Africa cross — that started a fire — which is now affecting people throughout the country of South Africa and perhaps all of Africa. This is the story of Clayton and Bradley and how they became “Fire*Starters.”

January 2009 we bought timber (In South Africa lumber is called timber) in White River, South Africa and planted a cross in the Boschwaba, South Africa community: cross #0002.

While in South Africa we made contact with three new Pastors for crosses to be built one year later in January 2010. We returned to the USA.

Summer 2009 we sent each of the three pastors the size and dimensions of the cross and asked each to go to a local timber outlet for an estimate. Raising the funds for the crosses would take some time so we needed the accurate cost. All three responded that they were unable to buy the timber we needed.

One of the Pastors was Sipho — a Zulu who lived with us in Minnesota for a short period back in the 1980’s — his English is excellent. Sipho spearheaded another attempt to find the timber but was unable to find it anywhere. Eventually we sent an email to the store where we had purchased the Boschwaba cross timber The manager answered and directed us to the manufacturer. A man named Clayton.

Now I’m in Minnesota USA and needed to contact someone by email who is 9,000 miles away in Africa and never heard of me. All I could do was pray, “Lord we need your help to secure the timber for these crosses. This is our last chance.”

October 21, 2009 at 6:44 AM an email was sent to Clayton. To my surprise the answer came quickly — “yes we will build the crosses for you.” Thank you Lord for answered prayer. An email followed with, “Thank you — what is the cost per cross?”

Over the next month we communicated back and forth a few times but the cost never arrived. Finally we spoke by phone and to my surprise Clayton said, “Sorry for the delay we are a family owned company and I needed everyone’s approval. We will provide the crosses for you” — “Thank you,” again was my reply. But we still needed to know how much to budget for each cross so the funds could be raised. Then Clayton added, “We will provide them free!”

January 2010 we flew to South Africa and the crosses were delivered on time to each site. Clayton had kept his promise. You can see crosses #0004, 0005 and 0006 at Crosses Planted.

While in South Africa we stopped along our way to meet Clayton. We spent 45 minutes discussing the crosses and what we had been doing in South Africa for the past few years. Then I asked. “Clayton, what were the circumstances that prompted you to provide the crosses. You received an email from someone from a foreign country you had never met or communicated with. How could you say yes?”

Clayton answered. “Pastor Bill, in your email you were building a cross at a church in Hammarsdale, South Africa. (In 2003 — six years before we helped build the Maranatha Hammarsdale church). I was stationed in Hammarsdale by the Army during the apartied period. Hammarsdale was the worst of the worst for violence and destruction of all townships. When I read you were building a cross there the Holy Spirit quickened me that we needed to be involved.”

As we talked it was clear that Clayton was a Christian in tune with Jesus and the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit knew he could be counted on for HIS project. We talked on and then it was time to leave. I turned to Clayton and said, “I have one more question to ask.” Clayton stopped me there and said, “I know what you are going to ask and the answer is yes. We will provide all the crosses you plant in South Africa and anywhere in Africa.”

This past January 2011 we returned to South Africa and planted four more crosses. You can also see them at #0010, 0011, 0012 and 0013.

Clayton and Bradley lit the match that has planted seven crosses. The Holy Spirit has started fires for Kingdom growth in neighborhoods, prisons and the hearts of people because of this generous obedience. That makes Clayton and Bradley Fire*Starter members.

Prayer: Father thank you for Clayton and Bradley listening to the Holy Spirit and together starting fires throughout Africa. Bless them back 100 fold for taking the time, money and effort to provide crosses for Africa as Fire*Starters. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

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