Fire*Starter FAQS

CrossQ. Why plant a Cross?

A. To Declare God’s Glory. God’s ways are not our ways. He has instructed us to plant crosses as a signal that this is Holy Ground — this is Jesus territory. And, as we plant the Holy Spirit starts the fire. As the fire grows the Kingdom is enlarged.

Q. Why does Pastor Bill and ccm need Fire*Starters?

A. Your consistent financial support as a Fire*Starter enables me to devote more time to keeping Cyber Daily Devotions flowing, planting crosses, ministering and writing. Knowing that I have your timely support and partnership enables me to better budget God’s money helping to free up time for more cross plantings which in turn starts more fires and expands the Kingdom of God.

Q. How much should I donate?

A. As the Holy Spirit has called me to “go”… HE likely has called you to “send”. This is HIS business so you give what HE would have you give. HE loves the “Widow’s Mite” and “To whom much is given, much is required”. There are few opportunities to truly “store up treasure in Heaven” so make your gift “as unto the Lord” — and I give thanks for you to God our Father.

Q. What is accomplished by my joining as a Fire*Starter?

A. By joining with us as a Fire*Starter, your electronic monthly gift helps eliminate the stress, challenges, difficulties, ups and downs of fund raising. Allowing Pastor Bill more time to write, minister, keep Cyber Daily Devotions flowing and plant crosses while the Holy Spirit starts the fires expanding the Kingdom.

Q. I’m not comfortable sending funds electronically, is there another way?

A. Yes, for those who are reluctant to send funds electronically via the computer we have a printable form on our website. click the following secure link to our website. Our mailing address is:

P O Box 406
Cambridge, MN 55008

Or, I’ll be happy to email you a form. Contact me at:

Q. I still have questions? A. No problem. Just email me with your questions

Scripture: Matthew 6:20
“But store your treasures in heaven where they cannot be destroyed by moths or rust and where thieves cannot break in and steal them” NCV