Fire*Starter Facts


Scripture: Ezekiel 20:48
“Then all the people will see that I, the Lord, have started the fire. It will not be put out” NCV

Q. What is a Fire*Starter?
A. A Fire*Starter supports ccm with a recurring monthly donation.

Q. Why the term Fire*Starter?
A. The Holy Spirit is often referred to in the Bible in the form of fire.

John the Baptist in Luke 3:16 refers to Jesus baptizing us with the Holy Spirit and Fire. The Holy Spirit was likened unto fire in the Upper Room in Acts 2:3. In 1 Kings chapter 18 Elijah prayed and fire fell out of the sky consuming the sacrifice on Mount Carmel.

The Holy Spirit clearly comes in the form of fire. His fire builds His church and He is doing it in different places around the world. First He sends in His anointed to claim the ground. Then the fire starts and spreads. That makes us Fire*Starters.

Q. What are some examples of this?
We were asked to plant a crusade tent in Zululand, South Africa. We planted the crusade tent and the Holy Spirit started the fire and did the rest. 11 churches have started from the Zululand crusade tent.

Penny B. went with us to South Africa and we planted three crosses. The Holy Spirit started the fire in her heart expanding the Kingdom and now she is ministering in South Africa with her Live Free International Ministry for women.

Last year we planted a Cross in Mwihoko, Kenya. The Holy Spirit started the fire expanding the Kingdom and today more than 30 prisons throughout Kenya receive devotions.

Q. How do I become a Fire*Starter?
A. First pray and ask the Lord how you should participate. When you are sure you want to become a Fire*Starter, click here to follow the secure link to our website financial support page.  Any questions please contact me: