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November 2016

Mikelson Bible Institute
Sarangani Province, Philippines
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4213 cdd Just Do It
Cyber Daily Devotion

Volume 17 Number 245

Today’s Author: Pastor Bill

Scripture: John 15:8
“By this My Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit; so you will be My disciples” NKJV

World War 2 was threatening in the Pacific when Einar Mickelson and his wife (Alice) were called as Missionaries to Indonesia. Then six long years of battle left scars on just about every island, atoll and country in the Pacific. It was now time for peace and to rebuild a world for everyone to live securely. For Einar Mickelson, the call of God whispered to him while in his prayer closet. He had been placed in the right place at the right time. Einar and his wife would take Jesus where no one had taken Him before. They were missionaries in the South Pacific area of Indonesia to the North Kalimantan Tribe. For twenty years, they served the Lord in Indonesia. Then they sensed their time was coming to an end.

Einar was 60 years old and again he heard the whisper of the Lord in his prayer closet. I can only imagine his conversation with his wife. “Honey, I just heard from the Lord what we are to do now.” “Einar, what did the Lord say?” He said, “I have need of you on Mindanao Island in the Philippines.” “What do you think, honey?” “Well, if the Lord has need of us who are we to say no? And He has always provided in the past and I know He will provide in the future.”

Einar and his wife were once again being dispatched to people who had never heard of Jesus Christ as Lord. Perhaps the irony was that they never considered their 20 years of gospel missionary experience in Indonesia as preparation for this next adventure for the Lord.

This time, setting up a new out post, was second nature. Over the next five years it may have been said that Einar and his wife accomplished more for Christ than in the entire time they were in Indonesia. The Lord was obviously smiling on their every endeavor.

The two tribes that received this special blessing from the Lord were the Blaan Tribe and the Manobo Tribe. The area was only accessible by boat and lay at the Southern tip of Mindanao Island.

An outpost was built, housing erected, churches built and a Bible School begun. Then Einar went to be with the Lord. His wife continued and Sir Baro of the Baan Tribe became the leader of the Bible School.

Sir Baro had graduated from the Bible School and with his wife (also a graduate) took on responsibility for the outpost including the church and Bible School. They raised five boys. Everyone went to church — walking with Jesus was a way of life. Well, except for son number 2, that is! Frederick had a bit of an independent wild streak in him. A mind of his own.

He was intelligent, aggressive and people friendly. He attended church but his first love was math. As he progressed through school his math skills sharpened and he longed for the day he could be an electrical engineer. By the time Frederick graduated from high school his dad had become the President of the Mickelson Bible Institute. Dad desired that all his children attend. But not Frederick, he wanted to go to Manila and become an electrical engineer. And so, it was. It broke his parents’ hearts but he was headed to Manila chasing his dreams.

For two years Frederick excelled in his ambition to study math and seek a career as an electrical engineer, at the university. Then a friend invited him to a special church event. Frederick had not been going to church for some time and had reveled in things of the world. He hesitated but something deep inside encouraged him to go.

They entered the church to find that the special event included a speaker from Mindanao Island. It was his dad, Sir Baro, the President of Mickelson Bible Institute. Frederick was in shock as he sat down listening to his dad.

The topic of the message was the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32). As Frederick listened and his dad developed the story between father and the prodigal son, Frederick began to weep. The Holy Spirit was at work. Gripping him ever so tightly with love and understanding. When the story turned to the young man squandering his father’s inheritance with unsavory living. The Holy Spirit quickened Frederick and it was as if scales fell from his eyes. He understood that he had been running from his father — and even running harder from Jesus.

The love of Jesus overwhelmed him and it was clear he could run no longer. He enrolled in Shekinah Alliance Bible College. After graduation, he Pastored a church for five years. His father went to be with the Lord. Frederick met his wife Tiffany Joy and they Pastored at Shekinah Bible College for four years. Frederick is now President of Mickelson Bible Institute and Tiffany Joy is by his side in ministry.

Since its inception, Mickelson Bible Institute has been instrumental, with all three Presidents, in planting more than 300 churches. They are concentrated in an indigenous tribal area and 90 percent of the Pastors have graduated from the Mickelson Bible Institute.

All because Einar and his wife said, “Well, if the Lord has need of us who are we to say no? And He has always provided in the past and I know He will provide in the future.”

Today if you find yourself being challenged in a call from the Lord allow me to encourage you to consider this. Einar was 60 years’ old when he and his wife started on Mindanao Island. They moved to an indigenous tribal area, in the remotest of areas with no developed supply line. They had no medical backup. What kind of a Christian can do that? — One that is sold out to the Lord.

Likewise, Pastor Carol and I know and understand that each Cross we plant has profound implications within the Kingdom of God. These testimonies tell of ordinary people who by saying yes to Jesus accomplish extra ordinary things. Not because of who they are but because of whose they are.

If God is calling you to do something for Him no matter how small or big. Just Do It! The Holy Spirit will do the rest. Just like with Einar and his wife, just like with Fredericks dad and his mom. And just like with Frederick and his wife Tiffany Joy as they attest: It’s not about them. It’s about Jesus. It’s about Giving God Glory for what has taken place.

Prayer: Father thank you for Holy Spirit moments when pure hearts are molded on assignment to impact others for Christ. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

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Declaring God’s Glory over
Sarangani Province, Philippines