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November 7, 2016

Davao Alliance Bible College
Davao City, Philippines
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4208 cdd Everything Changed
Cyber Daily devotion

Volume 17 Number 240

Today’s Author: Pastor Bill

Scripture: John 3:16 “‘For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him, should not perish but have everlasting life.”

Hello, my name is Reverend Carl Magtibay, of Davao Alliance Bible College, and this is my Cross Testimony of how Jesus Christ became real in my life and changed everything.

I grew up in Davao, Philippines as the oldest of six children. Three boys and 3 girls. My dad was a farmer and mom was busy taking care of us all. As the oldest I learned to be helpful and independent. When I was in high school I was determined to do life my way. I picked the dark side. We went to church but it was just a routine and didn’t mean anything other than pleasing my parents.

Living on the dark side of life I was always looking for happiness. But happiness became an elusive mirage. The voice I heard was always telling me to do something unsavory and evil — saying the malicious act would make me happy. But when I acted it out I felt terrible. It was like I was sinking in sand and there was no way out.

A High School friend invited me to a Christian youth rally. I struggled with going but ultimately my friend persisted and I attended. It was there that I met the Lord Jesus Christ. The speaker was talking about happiness, the thing I had been seeking and looking for, in all my vices and in all the wrong places. The harder I looked the more promiscuous I became. Until this day. On this day, I was given a choice of eternal happiness with Jesus or no happiness and damnation in Hell for ever.

In the blink of an eye everything changed and I was over joyed in picking Jesus.

My attention to school increased, my grades went up and I was hungry and desired to learn more about Jesus. I had a dream while sleeping. Jesus was calling me to be a servant for Him. I awoke and began to pray asking for a confirmation. It didn’t take long. The very next day, when at church, we were called out to be leaders for Christ. I went forward. My life has never been the same again. After High School graduation, I enrolled in Bible school.

I picked the Alliance School of Church Growth, which was started in 1978 by Reverend Carlos Ayoc. Carlos had received a vision from God to start a Bible School in Davao City. The vision was of people pleading to be taught about Jesus and wanting to tell others about Him.

Carlos and a handful of others were graduates of Ebenezer Bible College of Zamboanga City, Philippines. They knew they were called to Davao City and they saw the vision come true as people from all walks of life continually asked him for training. He began the school in a church. They met evenings with 35 students. The school grew.

In 1990 the Chinese Evangelical Christian Church was relocating their High School to a new building. Carlos purchased the old High School for 1.2 million Pesos and changed the name to Davao Alliance Bible College.

I enrolled in 1980 and was one of the students in the Bible college. Upon graduation, I began Pastoring a series of Alliance Churches in service to the Lord. In 1991 I began working at the Davao Alliance Bible College as the Dean of Men. It was here I met Jocelyn and one year after her graduation we married. We now have three children. Two boys, Shamgar 21 and Zuriel 14. Our daughter is Chazrene 10 years old.

I became the first alumni of the Bible School to become President in 2014. Jocelyn is on staff with me as a professor. Today we have 86 Bible students. Our vision is to train them up and send them to Christian Churches and ministries throughout the Philippines and beyond. Skilled for:
Church planting
Children’s Ministry

Since I decided to leave the darkness and follow the light of Jesus, everything in my life has changed for the Glory of God.

This Cross planted means a lot to me because this is our symbol of Christian faith. Jesus Christ died on the Cross to save the world from sin. For the Jews, it is a stumbling block, for the Greeks it is foolishness but for us, as Christians, it is power and wisdom. This Cross will clearly project God’s love to our entire community.

Prayer: Father thank you for touching lives and inspiring the next generation of Christian leaders. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

cross-0126-davao-city-phil-web-02Concrete pad poured at the bottom with re-rod supports


Sufficient rock and sand to complete the concrete base


Skillfully welding the substrata in place


Substrata designed to withstand Philippine typhoon winds


Jocelyn leads us in praise and worship as Reverend Carl Magtibay prepares his message of hope

Plaque “Declaring God’s Glory” over Davao City
and Mindanao Island, Philippines