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November 4, 2016

Ebenezer Bible College
Zamboanga City, Philippines
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4201 Heavenly Justice
Cyber Daily Devotion

Volume 17 Number 233

Today’s Author: Pastor Bill

Scripture: Psalm 145:8
“The Lord is gracious and full of compassion, Slow to anger and great in mercy” NKJV

Blessings from the Philippines, my name is Reverend Roland Dulaca and this is my Cross Testimony of how the Lord Jesus Christ has been directing my life since I was a small child. He has been gracious, full of compassion, slow to anger and great in mercy regarding me.

I grew up by the sea in Zamboanga City, Philippines, as the youngest of four children. Three sisters and me! My dad was a pastor and mom was always there for us as together they ministered for the Lord Jesus Christ throughout the Philippines.

Growing up, church was a way of life. I never questioned anything and respectfully participated. But as the Lord would have it I had to one day decide for Jesus or the world. My dad died when I was six years old and life in the church was with my mom and sisters. When I was about 8 years old I received my first Bible at Vacation Bible School. I was a Pastors kid and knew most of the stories. It showed with my attitude and pride! At age 14 I was attending Bible camp and it was my birthday. The preacher had an altar call and I went forward. I told the counselor that I wanted to be a preacher like my father. I was not ready. The world was calling me. I completed high school and chose to pursue a career in food and beverage. I graduated and it landed me a job with the Pepsi Cola Company, as a sales representative. At first it was fun and challenging but not very financially rewarding. Then I met another sales rep who taught me the ropes of sales. He was a nice guy but as dishonest as a three-dollar bill. He taught me how to make money not sell Pepsi.

Soon I had all the money I wanted but the sales techniques were questionable, at best. But I knew in my heart they were downright dishonest. The money came easy but it was full of guilt. Soon I learned that one lie meant two more to cover it up. Then another lie and three or four more to cover that one up. Although I enjoyed the money, living a life of dishonesty was full of guilt and not for me.

I had stopped going to church and felt my life was out of control. I decided to go to Bible school for one semester to get my life back on track with God. Ebenezer Bible College was happy to have me attend as it was where my dad had completed his Bible training.

Within a few weeks I was President of my Freshman Class. I stumbled upon a book by Lawrence Richards entitled A Theology of Christian Education. Here I met the Lord one on one. I learned that my life style and my Christian walk could not be two separate issues. They were supposed to be one in the same. So it was time to re-align my thinking where my Christian values directed my entire life. No room for a divided life — Christ or nothing.

I graduated after four years from the Bible College and became the Pastor of a church in Tagum, Philippines. It was here where I married a very beautiful young lady (inside and out) Wilhelmina, my girlfriend whom I met in Bible school. We spent two years at Tagum and I moved to a larger metropolitan Manila church in Quezon City. Life was good and the Lord blessed us with two children, JD and Sarah Faye.

Then a misunderstanding with the church hierarchy caused me great pain and threatened my marriage and position in the church. The result was that we moved to the USA and Pastored a Filipino church on the West coast. Our time in America was bitter sweet. The hurt and misunderstandings in the Philippines ate away at us all the while we were serving the Lord. The more we thought about it the more we longed to return to the Philippines. The Lord was good through it all and after a great deal of prayer and seeking the Lord we learned three things:

1. Grace is real: All my life I taught about grace but it took this place in our lives to walk through a situation that we couldn’t control. We gave it 100 percent to the Lord. His grace is sufficient.

2. Injustice is not for me to correct: Sure, we had received a raw deal. But it’s up to the Lord to right the wrong. Justice is His. I’m just asked to love as Jesus loved.

3. Forgiveness is well within my control: I had taught about forgiveness but it wasn’t until I had to let go and let God control this situation that I understood the benefits of forgiveness. It’s the attitude of my heart. And it’s a decision I must chose each day.

While the Lord was patiently teaching me these things, He was more demonstrative with Wilhelmina. She was in the shower one day and the complete revelation came to her. When she increased the water from cold to hot, suddenly the water washed over her a fresh as the Holy Spirit scrubbed her with complete forgiveness for all parties. It was instant and complete.

It was time to return to the Philippines. Our prayers had been answered.

We packed the kids up and we moved back to Zamboanga City, Philippines. I was not qualified as most for the position I now have — my schooling was not enough; my experience was not enough and my departure for the USA was a question for most. But God! He knew and He always knows what is best.

Pastor Bill I have always worn a visible Cross around my neck. It speaks for me with everyone I meet. It says Jesus is alive. Jesus is here in my heart. And you too should know my Jesus.

It is amazing how since our return to the Philippines, that I am introduced to so many people who have been at the bad end of injustice. They have been wrongly accused or improperly charged. They are all saying, “How can God allow this to happen to me?” It’s then I introduce them to my Savior Jesus Christ telling them He alone can right the wrongs and snuff out injustice.

There is Justice in the Cross. Can we match the injustice Jesus received at the hands of Pharisees? Jesus brought Justice to us through His atonement. It was no easy task. I tell everyone to bring their injustices to the Cross. Jesus knows. Jesus Heals. Jesus Loves. Jesus died for you and me.

Jesus says, “Come to me — I’ll show you Justice.”

This Cross we are planting will tell our Muslim and non-believing neighbors that this is a Christian Community and Jesus Christ is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

In closing let me share this. Wilhelmina 18 months ago, was told from many concerned friends that she looked very pale and must see a doctor. The doctor determined that her hemoglobin was very low. He did tests. And more tests. They gave her transfusions. Over time it was determined that her hemoglobin was continuing to drop — it was Myelodysplastic/myeloproliferative neoplasms. Meaning blood stem cells do not mature, as a result hemoglobin (red blood cells) drop in number. More transfusions, more tests. A second opinion was sought. The diagnosis came back as the first one. She would need transfusions for the rest of her life.

Wilhelmina asked, “Lord, why are You doing this to me?” It was difficult for her to adjust. She was supported by her prayer group and we all stormed the gates of heaven for her. Every two months another transfusion. Then she surrendered it all to the Lord. She told Him He is in charge and she will do whatever He says. The future was His and everything depended on Him. You know what? That was six months ago and she has not needed a transfusion since. To God be all the Glory!

No matter Your circumstance — no matter your plight — Give it to Jesus — He alone brings Justice.

Prayer: Father thank you for the justice of Jesus which sets me free from a judgmental spirit. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!


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