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Wednesday September 28, 2016

Cambridge Christian School
Cambridge, Minnesota
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4168 cdd Raising Up Generals
Cyber Daily Devotion
Volume 17 Number 200

Today’s Author: Pastor Bill

Scripture: Matthew 18:20
“Where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them” NKJV

In 1976, conditions facing Christians in the Public School system prompted three of us to begin praying for the future of education for our children. We met every week for two years. Those two years of prayer, unbeknownst to us, were to reveal astounding Kingdom results.

Hello, my name is Kitty Shipshock and this is my Cross Testimony of how the Lord of the Universe heard our prayers and opened door after door establishing a Christian School. Mary Twitchell and Roger Newton joined me and the three of us prayed. Our prayers were direct — the Father had asked us to pray for the establishment of a Christian school — and we were faithful. Looking back, we prayed and it happened just the way He wanted it and with whom He chose.

The summer of 1978 it became clear we were to begin a Christian School in the North Branch, Minnesota, area. Then we received word through our prayers that our focus for the school would be to raise up Generals for Kingdom work. Each week new revelations were forth coming. We learned that our position was to teach the children the Love of Jesus and the Truth and Joy in God. Others began to catch the vision and joined us in prayer. Then Chadashchay Ministries (which means New Life in Hebrew), under the leadership of Steve Newton, allowed our vision to join with theirs.

We stepped out in faith and announced that a Christian School would be opening in the Fall of 1978. Each week we prayed for a place to hold classes, teachers to step up, enrolling students and for the money. Our faith was tested at every level along the way. The prayers continued.

June passed, then July and it seemed like in a heartbeat it was mid-August. The school was to begin the day after Labor Day. So far — just three students had enrolled and one teacher stepped forward —The prayers continued.

The local Methodist Church had just completed a new church building and we were offered the basement area for our school. We accepted. Now we had a teacher, three students and a place to meet. Very meager beginnings indeed! More than once questions arose about training Generals. How does one do that? The prayers continued.

Then, like a Mighty Wind from God, everything swiftly moved into place. We opened our doors right on time with 17 students K-6. The prayers continued.

That first year the Lord established a foundation for the future built not on brick and mortar, not on finances, not on lofty teachers and administrators — but on prayer.

When our first year was complete the School along with Chadashchay Ministries moved to the old Boys Town on Lake Fannie near Cambridge, Minnesota. This was a property that had previously been owned by the Catholic Church and the Baptist Church with intended use of a refuge for disadvantaged children. It was the perfect place for us to grow. And grow we did. The prayers continued.

The number of children increased and as they did it was just amazing how the Lord provided more teachers. We weren’t into advertising and the kids kept coming. Whenever a class room would fill up the Lord provided another teacher. It was absolutely incredible that as a need appeared the Lord provided.

One evening we had a teacher/parent meeting and we had a specific need for carpeting and renovation for expansion. We didn’t quite know how to ask for the money. That night when we left the meeting everyone was on board for the expansion and all the money had been raised. The prayers continued.

Again, looking back it was clear that what we were doing was way bigger than we could ever imagine. A need popped up — the Lord met the need. It was almost like the needs were being met before we needed it. When we needed Him Jesus showed up. And the prayers continued.

Over the years we out grew the facilities on the lake and a group of churches around the Cambridge area stepped up to support what we were doing. Today we are nestled alongside Highway 65 less than a mile from the main part of town. The school name has been changed to Cambridge Christian School (CCS). We are a K-12 school and although the three of us have moved on, within the Kingdom, others have replaced us and the school now attends to students in a new facility. And the prayers continue.

About those Kingdom Generals.

Having started the school thirty-eight years ago the Lord is fulfilling His vision placed in our hearts for raising up Generals. Today we see this in the number of graduates who have become soldier leaders. They have valiantly helped lead our troops in recent conflicts over seas. We see that children who graduated from the school have returned and are now in leadership roles at the school. There are previous students who are currently on the mission fields around the world doing Kingdom work. And many graduates have taken responsible business and political positions throughout the community. And the prayers continued.

Just recently, one of our more troublesome students during our growing years, graduated and experienced a troublesome life. He learned what to do while in school but did not practice it. His life was a mess. He recently, at age 45, re-dedicated his life to Christ, turned his life around and has entered the seminary to become a pastor. And the prayers continued.

Our assignment was to teach the children the Love of Jesus and the Truth and Joy in God. And that continues today.

In the Fall of 2004, Cambridge Christian School began the next chapter of its journey. The school relocated to the new facility at 2211 Old Main Street South, Cambridge, where it continues in its drive toward excellence to build mind and spirit. Additional classroom space and an early childhood center were added in the fall of 2006.

Today CCS is led by Superintendent Scott Thune. The campus consists of 15 acres which also provides plenty of green space for outdoor recess and physical education classes. The campus includes a baseball and soccer complex located on seven acres. We are sponsored by Elim Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, Lakeside Christian Church, New Hope Community Church and North Isanti Baptist Church.  All of which are located in our surrounding community.

CCS is independent in its ownership and is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International and the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce.

At CCS, we believe the most important thing one generation can do is equip the next generation to glorify God. To reach that end, we disciple students in learning how to follow the Lord Jesus Christ.

Few decisions will have as lasting an impact on the life of a child as the choice of his or her school. CCS believes that God has a wonderful plan for each child. It is the school’s goal to help students find their strengths and develop the intellectual, emotional, social, physical and spiritual health to accomplish whatever road is set before them. As faculty and staff, we truly believe that each child is a unique, one-of-a-kind, unrepeatable, never-to-be-seen-again, created-in-the-image-of-God, MIRACLE.

Dr Jeff Myers states that, “Now is the most pivotal time in history to recognize the importance of passing Godly values to the next generation.”

Parents won’t be able to pass on their faith or their values, or even protect their kids from the culture, unless they make the relational connections, loving bonds and intimate attachments that the children so desperately want and need.

CCS strives to make those connections and bonds on a daily basis whether it’s in the classroom, in the hallway, or in extracurricular activities. We take the education of each child seriously and endeavor to partner with parents in preparing each student to fulfill the wondrous future God has in store for them. Essentially, we believe that we are mentoring tomorrow’s Christian leaders today. Raising up Generals for the next generation. And the  prayers continue.

Psalm 66:19 “But certainly God has heard me; He has attended to the voice of my prayer” NKJV

Prayer: Father thank you for opening doors and making ways to challenge tomorrows Generals in Your Army. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

Cross. 0122 CCS 02Bernie augers the hole

Cross. 0122 CCS 03To a depth of six feet

Cross. 0122 CCS 04Joshua prepares Cross

Cross. 0122 CCS 05Cross arrives

Cross. 0122 CCS 06Eager volunteers move the Cross into place

Cross. 0122 CCS 07Lifting

Cross. 0122 CCS 08One final push

Cross. 0122 CCS 09“FIRE IN THE HOLE”

Cross. 0122 CCS 10Kitty Shipshock with husband Ed steadying the Cross

Cross. 0122 CCS 11Laura and Steve Newton

Cross. 0122 CCS 12Superintendent Scott Thune

Cross. 0122 CCS 13Team CCS

Cross. 0122 CCS 14     Scott attaching plaque

    Plaque “Declaring God’s Glory”
over the entire Cambridge, Minnesota area