ccm Cross 116
Thursday December 28, 2017

Youth for Christ #2
Ambohibolakely, Madagascar
ccm Cross 0116

GPS/DMS 18.7333° S, 48.2667° E

Pastor Bill, thank you for the Crosses. They have been completed and are ready for planting but permission from the Chief of Districts to plant our Crosses is blocked right now.The Chief told me he will call a meeting with the Mayor, the Chief of Police, and the President of the Association of the Reformer Churches. He said he will call me in front of all of them to discuss if they approve of the Crosses and where and when is the appropriate time and place to plant them..I communicated to YFC Africa to pray.Please pray we have the meeting as promised and that we receive approval and can complete the planting of the Crosses sooner rather than later.BlessingsRavo