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February 2017

New Life For All Church
Pumula South, Zimbabwe
ccm Cross 0098

GPS/DMS 20° 9′ 44.25” S 28° 29′ 5.42” E

New Life church 22 - CopyAdditional photos after Testimony

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Cyber Daily Devotion
Volume 18 Number 052 

Today’s Author: Pastor Bill

Scripture: John 4:35b
“Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest!” NKJV

Hello my name is Pastor Clopas Ncube from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and this is my Cross Testimony of how I fell in love with Jesus Christ and the Bible.

I was born is a rural community the second of eight children. My mom was a single parent who had no interest in the church. We didn’t go to church, we didn’t talk about God and I had no training in the things of the Lord.

I was seven years old when my grandmother took on responsibility for my salvation. Every Sunday she walked to our home and invited me and my sister, who was five years old, to church. For nine years, my grandmother was faithful to take us to church. We heard the Bible stories, we heard the words of Jesus but outside of church the world was a bitter struggle.

Then I moved to town at age 16 for High School. My grandmother came to visit each Sunday. We went to church. It was here I received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. The Pastor was speaking about Jesus and gave an invitation — I accepted.

The church responded with joy! They surrounded me with love and gave me The Book of John from the Bible. They asked me to read it. I said I would. They invited me to a youth meeting. I went home with the Book of John and thought they were going to quiz me on the book, at the youth meeting. I read it, read it again and then I committed it to memory. I fell in love with Jesus as I read. I was ready for any questions. I went to the youth meeting and no one — I mean not one person asked me a question about the Book of John. Instead they prayed with me, accepted me for who I am, encouraged me in the Lord and mentored me in the things of God. I heard testimonies of what Jesus was doing in the lives of the youth. It was an awesome experience.

Every Sunday I was in church and every youth event I was present. Then I was invited to a meeting of the Scripture Union. It turned my life upside down. They were a non-denominational group of youth that taught me daily prayers and why to have a quiet time with the Lord each day.

So, I fell in love with the Bible too. The words of God written down — it was like He was writing just to me. Each book exploded with insight. I attended every meeting, camp and rally.

The years passed in high school and I became the chairman for our local Scripture Union group. I was invited to share my testimony and address the entire school for Jesus many times.

I was in a mainline church and they thought I was too involved with too much Jesus. Soon they no longer believed as I did. I wanted more of Jesus — they were content with a couple of hours on Sunday.

I met a girl — her name is Nomusa. She was on the praise and worship team and wanted what I wanted with the Lord.

I wanted more of the Jesus in the Bible. More of the Holy Spirit in the Bible. I wanted more of the Father.

Nomusa left our church and joined a praise and worship team at New Life For All Church. I attended often and found a home here where there was freedom of expression in all the things of God. At first I sat on the bench and just listened and took it all in. Then Nomusa and I were married. Together we entered ministry. We were involved with intercession and evangelism ministry. Today we have 2 girls who are in college and love the Lord, ages 23 and 20.

We were very active in the church and our life with the Lord grew. But my job in micro- finance moved us to Gwanda, Zimbabwe.

Then we moved again as my job grew. This time to the Capital city of Harare, Zimbabwe. This was all during the late 1990’s. Each time we found a good church where we could worship with our young family.

By the year 2006 we were back in the Bulawayo area. Then the economic woes of our country went into overdrive. People were losing their jobs left and right and uncertainty was all we could depend on. Jesus became our only source. We returned to our former church becoming the Pastors at New Life For All Church, in Pumula South, Zimbabwe.

During these transitions Nomusa became sick with Rheumatoid Arthritis which severely crippled her. Her diagnosis was critical as we were told to prepare for her passing. The news was devastating. We sought the Lord. He answered. Nomusa’s life was spared but even today she remains in a wheel chair. Her voice is stronger than ever as she ministers praise and worship. And through it all the Holy Spirit has given her a very special gift. When Nomusa prays for the sick compassion wells up in her and they are healed.

For me my special gift from the Lord is deliverance. When the Holy Spirit prompts me, demons flee and people are set free from years of bondages. Addictions are released. Depression must go. And tormenting spirits must flee.

My favorite Bible verse takes me full circle back to the Book of John that I memorized back in my early days. John 4:35 “Do you not say, ‘There are still four months and then comes the harvest’? Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest!” NKJV

Soul winning — the greatest of miracles. Ushering people into the Kingdom of God. It is our passion.

Currently throughout the church there are many who are living a season of compromise. This Cross planted today is going to shout to them about what Jesus did for them giving them a visual impact they have never had before.

This Cross stands for everything about the Christian Faith. We are nothing except for Jesus dying on the Cross for our sins and resurrecting giving NEW LIFE FOR All.

Prayer: Father thank you for the privilege to meet, interview and share these testimonies of Pastors who are your chosen vessels reaching the lost for you today in such dynamic Biblical ways. the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

New Life church 01 - CopyWe arrived and the hole was already dug. As you can see
the ground is dry with some water in the hole.
The hole is a foot from the building which
will prove to be a challenge throughout.

New Life church 03 - CopyA great team of guys — we had more than enough volunteers. PTL!

New Life church 04 - CopyPastor Bill is kicking the Cross down  while boys are lifting — it started to rain.

New Life church 05 - CopyUsing the pole to push the Cross higher as the rain continued.

New Life church 06 - CopyJust missing the electrical wires

New Life church 08 - CopyThis picture captures the pouring rain. This young man held steady through it all.

New Life church 11 - Copy

In a few minutes the road in front of the church was covered with water.

New Life church 10 - Copy“FIRE IN THE HOLE” with water running everywhere.

New Life church 12 - Copy

The children across the street were watching everything we did the entire time it rained.

New Life church 15 - CopyAll these kids watched us in the rain

New Life church 13 - CopyRain subsided and the Cross is up — PTL!

New Life church 17 - Copy

Pastor Clopas Ncube full of joy is attaching the plaque.

New Life church 19 - CopyPlaque “Declaring God’s Glory” over Pumula South, Zimbabwe.

New Life church 16 - CopyThey were an awesome team for God’s glory.

New Life church 18 - CopyPastor Clopas Ncube giving God the Glory for his new Cross

New Life church 20 - CopyThe following Sunday Pastor Bill gives his testimony at the church using an interpreter.

New Life church 21 - CopyPastor Clopas Ncube and his wife Nomusa