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March 24, 2015

Youth for Christ
Maseru, Lesotho, Africa
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Volume 16 Number 088

Today’s Author: Pastor Bill

Scripture: Acts 9:36
“This woman was full of good works and charitable deeds which she did” NKJV

Hello, my name is Lineo (pronounced De-Ne-O) Lekhotsa from the capital city of Maseru which is in Lesotho, Africa. We are known as the beautiful Mountain Kingdom or Mountain in the sky.

I grew up in Maseru, Lesotho as the eldest in a Christian family of six children. My dad was a miner in South Africa and mom watched over us as we grew up. Dad would come home from South Africa one weekend a month. He would also be with us for one month during the Christmas holidays.

When I was born dad and mom received a challenge they never knew existed. I was born with an extra-large head, my face was red and I was severely underweight. I was very sickly right from the beginning of my life. The older I got the more challenging were my sicknesses. My family was convinced I was not a member of their family. They shunned me and wished I would die. Doctors had no answers and gave no long term hope for my life.

One evening I was on my bed when I was 10 years old. I was crying and praying to Jesus. I asked Him to heal my head and correct my color and heal my sicknesses. When I finished I said, “Jesus, if you heal me I will give my life to you and serve you.” I remember it now just like it was yesterday. (Today I’m 34 years old.) Within a few months mom took me to the doctor and he could not believe what he was seeing. My head was normal, my skin matched my mom’s color and I had no more sickness.

When I was 12 years old my father left us for another woman. Mom and I were left to raise the other five children. Things were tough. We had no aide from the government and mom had not skills to get a job. Mom taught us Jesus was now her husband and He would be our dad. Jesus would be our provider.

In the morning we would be off to school and immediately after school my sister, brother and I would go door to door selling cabbage and spinach. This sustained us as a family.

A year later I was in church at age 13 when the preacher was talking about how true Christians are like yeast. We need to die to ourselves and let Christ rule. The Holy Spirit grabbed me just then and I realized that my life was only all about me. I was overflowing with bitterness and anger. The preacher told us there is still hope for the hopeless if we accept Jesus as our Savior. At that moment I said “YES” to Jesus. When I did the Holy Spirit filled me with joy and peace I cannot place in words. My heart was healed. Since that moment there have been no regrets for choosing Jesus.

In 1997 I was completing my final year of high school when Jesus introduced me to people who would re-direct my life for Him.

Youth for Christ came to our school with a ministry team. They ministered through drama, dance and testimonies. The presentations were from young people who were on fire for the Lord. I knew I had to join with them. I went on to volunteer at Youth for Christ and within a year came on as a full time staff member. I was actively involved in the drama, dance and music ministry teams.

Then it was time to get a full time job as a peer coordinator. That was for two years where I was able to save some money. Then I went on to college. When I graduated from college the desire to serve God was very strong. My friends were getting married and having families and I stood on what my mother had told me about Jesus. The desire to get married was replaced by my love for Jesus. He would be my provider. I joined back up with Youth for Christ on a full time basis. One year later I was appointed the National Director for Lesotho — the first female National Director in Africa. I was also the first indigenous Youth for Christ Lesotho worker to be appointed to this type of position.

The beginning was scary. It appeared everything and everyone was against me. First I was single. Second I was a woman. Third I was a local. Fourth Youth for Christ had never been headed up by a non-white person. I held on tight to Jesus. My favorite Bible verse is comforting every day. Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” NKJV

The first thing I did was re-organize our programs, upgrade the quality of our ministry and move our books from red into the black.

It has now been three years and Youth for Christ in Lesotho is a strong and vibrant ministry. We have a healthy Christian reputation among the churches and with young people throughout the 10 provinces in Lesotho. They know when they are in need we are here.

More specifically we work hard at re-building relationships between fathers and their sons and daughters. In Lesotho it is cultural for a father to spend his time watching soccer on TV with friends while spending his money on alcohol. All at the expense of a relationship with his children.

More about my dad. After leaving us for another woman he became critically ill in that South African mine. The other woman left him and he returned home. Mom and I cared for him. We forgave him and He became my best friend. I figure if little ole me and mom can forgive what he did everyone should be able to do it!

We conduct Pastor Seminars to help pastors throughout Lesotho relate to the youth in their churches. And when they have mining families in their congregation we help bridge the gap of an absentee dad.

The Cross to me means salvation. That all who believe Jesus Christ came to earth to die for our sins will be saved.

This Cross planted is a light to our community. It is the first Cross in this area and it will tell everyone who passes by that Jesus is here to help. Whether it is a healing like I received or help in school or a job. Jesus cares.

Editor’s note: Lineo (pronounced De-Ne-O) was given a nickname from her colleagues in ministry — Dynamite. Pastor Carol and I can attest, after meeting her for a few days that she is in every sense of the word “Dynamite for Jesus” spreading the Good News.

Prayer: Father thank you for Lineo and continue to strengthen her and expand her ministry for You in ways she never imagined. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

Lesotho Map

 The Kingdom of Lesotho is a landlocked country completely surrounded by South Africa.
The population slightly more than two million. Its capital and largest city is Maseru.


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Welding and painting complete the Cross rests drying on the roof protected from traffic


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Left to Right — Lineo (pronounced De-Ne-O) with Pastor Carol and Cross welder


Cross 0083 Lesotho Web 04


 Moving the Cross from the roof to the truck


Cross 0083 Lesotho Web 05


Cross in transit tied to the the pick up truck


Cross 0083 Lesotho Web 06


Preparing rocks to hold the Cross in place while concrete is being mixed


Cross 0083 Lesotho Web 07


Raising the Cross


Cross 0083 Lesotho Web 08




Cross 0083 Lesotho Web 09

Declaring God’s Glory over Lesotho Africa