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December 15, 2014

P.S. 1-2 Santa Rosa
Hospital Clinic
Island Santa Rosa, Peru
ccm Cross #0067

GPS/DMS 4°13’24.00″ S 69°57’16.79″ WCross. Island Santa Rosa, Peru 12.15.14 274

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3704 cdd The Office Cross 12/29/14
Cyber Daily Devotion
Volume 15 Number 268

Today’s Author: Pastor Bill

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 1:18
“For the message of the Cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God” NKJV

My name is Doctor Carlos Medina from Island Santa Rosa, Peru, in the Amazon River. This is my Cross testimony of what Jesus has done and is doing in my life.

I grew up in Iquitos, Peru, as the older of two children. My dad was a faithful policeman all his life. I became accustomed to the Cross of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ because my dad was not ashamed to display it in his office. Every time I walked into his office the very first thing I saw was the Cross.

Our mom was very special and diligently worked to make our house an extraordinary home.

Dad and mom were good Christian examples and I attended church regularly until I left for university. I was studying to be a doctor and all my time was used in preparation for one class or another. I moved away from Jesus but he didn’t move away from me.

I would read my Bible and pray whenever I could at university and on occasion Jesus would speak to me through dreams. Angels would visit me. At first I didn’t know what to say or do but as my dreams increased I became more comfortable with them.

Then one night I was visited by an angel — an older woman — who was walking in a park. She gave me bad news about our baby that was one the way. My wife Gisa was five months pregnant. The angel brought news that our baby was struggling with muscular dystrophy and was going to die. I began to cry and the angel comforted me reassuring me that all would be well.

When I received the news I asked the doctors to make special testing and they confirmed that our baby did have the disease and they encouraged an abortion. We just couldn’t do it. Our baby Joao was born at 9:00 AM and passed away two hours later at 11:00 AM. We were brokenhearted.

Soon after, Gisa and I moved to administrate a new hospital. It was months before I could return to Iquitos and visit Joao’s grave site. It was difficult at best that first visit. I had often thought what could have been with a young boy by my side. But I held on to what the older woman — the angel had said, “All would be well.” I had continued to read my Bible and pray and the pain of the loss was difficult to live with.

Now there I stood at the foot of Joao’s grave. Suddenly the angel in my dream — the older woman — appeared a short distance away. This time she had a large smile on her face and said, “In three months’ time your wife Gisa will become pregnant again. And you will have a little girl bouncing on your knee and you will be stroking her hair. Her name will be Annie and all will be well.” Just as quickly as she had appeared she was gone.

The Lord had heard my prayers of desperation and soon we would have a daughter. My heart burst with joy and Gisa became so excited. Just as the angel spoke. Gisa became pregnant with a girl and Annie was born to us. Our perfect gift from Jesus.

Eighteen months ago we moved to Island Santa Rosa, Peru, to replace the Doctor administrator who had been reassigned.

Today I am the Administrating Doctor at this Hospital Clinic on the Island. It is my privilege to serve the people with medical care they so desperately need.

Pastor Bill as I mentioned, my father always had a Cross in his office out of respect for the Lord Jesus Christ. Can I as a man who has been given the talent to help the needy, the hurting and the sick do any less? When your Cross was offered “Declaring God’s Glory” I wanted to make a statement to our community that Jesus is alive and he cares about each one of them. I accepted immediately.

When I entered medical school in Lima, Peru, there were 3,000 of us. When the course was completed there were only 13. The Lord has a plan for my life — thank you for planting this Cross here.

Our community is the poorest of the poorest. Prostitution is rampant, diseases, drugs and debauchery are everywhere. This community is a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. We are a simple community, a sinful community, a prideful community, a lustful community and a faithless community. We need Jesus.

Pastor Bill ask your readers to pray for us and pray for Peru. We need Jesus. We need the hope Jesus brings and we need to walk hand in hand with Him.

Prayer: Father we thank you for the opportunity to Declare Your glory over Peru and the Amazon River — send Your Holy Spirit as requested by Doctor Medina and cleans this community inside and out. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

Cross. Island Santa Rosa, Peru 12.15.14 100Peru is in the foreground
Brazil is off to the right
Columbia is at the top
The Amazon River is the lifeline or highway servicing everyone on the river.

Cross. Island Santa Rosa, Peru 12.15.14 003

John Fenske is the resident missionary who provided the logistics
necessary to accomplish the three Crosses on the Amazon.

This picture shows the bluff behind the docks where the Crosses
were stored in preparation for planting along the river.

Cross. Island Santa Rosa, Peru 12.15.14 023

Carrying the Cross for Island Santa Rosa in Peru from storage to the canoe.

Cross. Island Santa Rosa, Peru 12.15.14 027

Carrying the Cross onto the board walk to reach the canoe

Cross. Island Santa Rosa, Peru 12.15.14 032

Securing the Cross on the canoe

Cross. Island Santa Rosa, Peru 12.15.14 038

Guiding the canoe from the boardwalk area into the main stream of the river

Cross. Island Santa Rosa, Peru 12.15.14 043

John Fenske gives a final push

Cross. Island Santa Rosa, Peru 12.15.14 053

Arriving at the marina on Island Santa Rosa, Peru

Cross. Island Santa Rosa, Peru 12.15.14 066

Transporting the Cross from the river on the boardwalk en route to the Hospital Clinic.

Cross. Island Santa Rosa, Peru 12.15.14 075

Farther up the boardwalk turns into more suitable footing

Cross. Island Santa Rosa, Peru 12.15.14 079

The Cross arriving at the Hospital Clinic

Cross. Island Santa Rosa, Peru 12.15.14 102

Here we meet Doctor Carlos Medina

Cross. Island Santa Rosa, Peru 12.15.14 112

Hole preparation

Cross. Island Santa Rosa, Peru 12.15.14 163

Lining up the Cross

Cross. Island Santa Rosa, Peru 12.15.14 183

Lifting Cross into position

Cross. Island Santa Rosa, Peru 12.15.14 189


Cross. Island Santa Rosa, Peru 12.15.14 225

John Fenske and Greg Thomas prepare concrete

Cross. Island Santa Rosa, Peru 12.15.14 237

Greg and John attach the plaque

Cross. Island Santa Rosa, Peru 12.15.14 252

Plaque in Spanish “Declaring God’s Glory” over Island Santa Rosa, Peru

Cross. Island Santa Rosa, Peru 12.15.14 298Meet Doctor Carlos Medina, his wife Gisa and daughter Annie