ccm Cross 0059
February 15, 2014

Maranatha Church
Mbabane, Swaziland
ccm Cross #0059

GPS/DMS 26.3054° S, 31.1367° ECross 0059 Mbabane Swaziland WEB 01

Additional pictures below the Testimony:

3483 cdd Meet the Mockers
Cyber Daily Devotion
Volume 15 Number 047

Today’s Author: Pastor Bill

Scripture: 2 Peter 3:3b
“In the last days, mockers are going to have a heyday. Reducing everything to the level of their puny feelings” MSG (Bible Paraphrase)

My name is Pastor Khombisa Lushaba from the Maranatha Church of Mbabane, Swaziland. My wife is Busie and together we have 8 children. This is my ccm Cross Testimony.

I grew up as the oldest of five children. My parents had no religion and we grew up knowing nothing about God. My childhood was spent in trouble. Drinking beer and hard liquor, smoking and hanging out at the largest discotheque in Swaziland was what I was born to do. Together with my brother Enoch, for years, we partied all night waking the next day with a hangover.

We knew people who were religious and whenever they spoke to us about Jesus we mocked them and mocked Jesus. Enoch and I were on a roll. Every night a different lady on our arm and every kind of evil followed.

One night Enoch and I we were drinking beer with the guys and partying when we heard that a large tent was being erected at the football stadium. An evangelist named Ntombela would be speaking about Jesus. We laughed, mocking Ntombela and mocking Jesus. “Who is this Jesus? What can he do for anyone?  People who follow him are fools?” We laughed on into the night.

Next morning Enoch said, “Let’s go see for ourselves about this Jesus guy.” My head hurt so bad I could hardly speak. I agreed. That night instead of the discotheque we were in the back of the revival tent. It was full to over flowing. We mocked the singers, we mocked the songs — they weren’t hip and they sounded terrible. The words were clear but they said nothing of sex, violence or alcohol. We laughed and mocked — we caused a disturbance in the back of the tent. We were asked to be quiet or leave. The show was too good to leave so we mocked and snickered under our breath.

Then Baaa Baaa Ntombela came on the stage. As he spoke his words pierced our hearts. We listened to every word. He spoke about the Prophet Joel Chapter 2:12a in the Bible: “Now, therefore,” says the Lord, “Turn to Me with all your heart” NKJV.

He introduced us to a new kind of love that when we accept Jesus we receive His nature — the nature of God resides in us. We never heard such things before. And when we are forgiven we are never again accused of our past — we are set free.

Enoch and I accepted Jesus Christ as our savior that night. Enoch was many years younger and went to Newcastle, South Africa completing the Maranatha Bible School and is now pastoring a large church.

For me I went on to get a government paperwork job, married and we had four children. My wife died some years ago and I remarried Busie whose husband had passed away. She also had four children.

I started attending and working in a local Maranatha church helping with the youth. Then Jimmy Swaggart came to Swaziland for a one night revival crusade at the football field. This time I volunteered to help and became an usher so others could hear about Jesus.

After this I started a ministry driving unsaved people to attend Baaa Baaa  Ntombelas crusades, all over South Africa. We would go in a van and it was my privilege to see lives changed. Transformed by the same Jesus we had mocked.

There is lots more to tell but just know this Pastor Bill, miracles happen when we pray. The sick are healed, jobs are found, children saved, marriages restored and crisis after crisis is solved by Jesus.

My favorite Bible verse is Acts 2:38. Peter replied, “Each of you must repent of your sins and turn to God, and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. Then you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.” NKJV Peter is very clear — everyone!

The Cross to me is the way to salvation. Jesus gave his life for me and it is my responsibility to tell everyone I can about His saving grace.

Pastors Bill and Carol we want to thank you from our sincerest heart. You have encouraged us and blessed us and we appreciate you coming to plant this Cross.

Prayer: Father thank you for the repentance offered by Jesus for everyone. Open their spiritual eyes to see. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

Cross 0059 Mbabane Swaziland WEB 02

Pastor Khombisa and his wife Busie

Cross 0059 Mbabane Swaziland WEB 03

Pastor Khombisa stands in front of the church
in the beautiful Ezulwini Valley with the
spectacular Lubombo Mountains in the background.

Cross 0059 Mbabane Swaziland WEB 04

The road to the church yielded large
gullys from the latest rains

Cross 0059 Mbabane Swaziland WEB 05

Gully along side the road can easily hold a full size car

Cross 0059 Mbabane Swaziland WEB 06

The Cross is transported from its storage position to
the church location by the planting crew

Cross 0059 Mbabane Swaziland WEB 07

The young men carried the Cross beam

Cross 0059 Mbabane Swaziland WEB 08

The elder men carried the long beam
stepping around the gullys.

Cross 0059 Mbabane Swaziland WEB 09

Attaching bolts, washers and nuts.

Cross 0059 Mbabane Swaziland WEB 10

Tightening the nuts and bolts

Cross 0059 Mbabane Swaziland WEB 11

Pastor Khombisa removes excess bolt length

Cross 0059 Mbabane Swaziland WEB 12

Pastor Bill instructs the Cross planting team
with a Power Point presentation

Cross 0059 Mbabane Swaziland WEB 13


Cross 0059 Mbabane Swaziland WEB 14


Cross 0059 Mbabane Swaziland WEB 15

Final push

Cross 0059 Mbabane Swaziland WEB 16


Cross 0059 Mbabane Swaziland WEB 17

Securing the Cross

Cross 0059 Mbabane Swaziland WEB 18

Filling the hole

Cross 0059 Mbabane Swaziland WEB 19

Attaching plaque

Cross 0059 Mbabane Swaziland WEB 20

Cross planting team

Cross 0059 Mbabane Swaziland WEB 21

ccm Plaque
“Declaring God’s Glory”
over Swaziland