ccm Cross 0042
January 19, 2013

Bethel Christian Pentecostal Church
Arusha, Tanzania
ccm Cross #0042

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3192 cdd Dreams and Visions
Cyber Daily Devotion
Volume 14 Number 018

Today’s Author: Pastor Bill

Scripture: Numbers 12:6b
“I, the Lord, make Myself known to him in a vision; I speak to him in a dream” NKJV

(Our names are Pastors Isaiah and Janet Naiman from Arusha, Tanzania and this is our testimony)

Growing up in family of 4 children where his father and mother were Christian you would think that Isaiah would have known better. His father was a shepherd for sheep, goats and cattle which drove Isaiah from his home — he would be a businessman and not a Christian shepherd.

It wasn’t long until Isaiah was a successful businessman and relished the lifestyle. The world grabbed hold and Isaiah — under the pressures of this life turned to alcohol. Alcohol became an escape and the more he drank the more he wanted to escape. He began coming home drunk and his wife Janet became his outlet for years of emotional pain. The alcohol turned him into a wife beater.

Janet took the abuse as long as she could and with four young children turned to preservation. She prayed the Lord would heal her husband, marriage and family — but it was not yet to be. The beatings were too often and too ugly.

Janet lived in a culture where the man was the king of the house and leaving was not an option. Leaving your husband was frowned upon by friends and family. Janet prayed hard — long — and in desperation.

Finally God gave her hope. A dream that she and her husband Isaiah would pastor a church. It was just a glimpse of hope — but then the drunkenness and beatings became a frenzy. Janet packed up the children and left Isaiah — continuing to pray that Jesus would help her husband. But for right now — she was alone with four children. It was a tough go for Janet but she believed in God, believed in herself and she believed Jesus would help her.

The separation from Janet and family was tough on Isaiah. He turned toward more alcohol and was not a pleasant man to be around. He was angry, frustrated and alone.

Then Jesus sent pastor John into Isaiah’s life. He counseled Janet and Isaiah and prayed their love and marriage would be restored. Two years later Isaiah gave his life to Christ. He wanted to become the new creature talked about in the Bible.

It took years but Isaiah became an evangelist and together Janet and Isaiah pastored a church. During the process Janet had more dreams and Isaiah had visions of angels. Janet continued with her dreams and counseled marriages and watched as the Lord set couples free to build families together.

Meanwhile Isaiah was preaching anywhere he could telling that Jesus saved him from himself. His message was that Jesus was the way, the truth and the life. As Isaiah preached and laid hands on people they were set free.  A man with a withered had became whole as Isaiah prayed to Jesus for healing. Many more healings took place and Isaiah became known as an evangelist with a healing ministry.

Together Janet and Isaiah have become a potent force for the Lord Jesus Christ. Then came a special vision for Isaiah. An angel appeared and said he and Janet would be going to Israel and there would receive their assignment. Nothing happened for several months. And the vision became a distant memory.

Then a knock at the door. Isaiah opened the door and the man had an envelope in his hand. The two men talked for a few minutes. When it was confirmed that this was Isaiah the Evangelist the man handed Isaiah an envelope and promptly left.

In the envelope were two round trip tickets to Israel for Janet and Isaiah. The vision was being fulfilled.

The trip to Israel took place and there Isaiah had another vision. This time the vision showed Isaiah and Janet as Pastors of their current church. A church where people come to receive life in Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.

And today we planted a cross at this church — Bethel Christian Pentecostal Church — to Give God Glory for restoration in their marriage and now serving the Lord together.

Janet’s favorite Bible verse is Philippians 4:14 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.

Pastors Isaiah and Janet believe this New Cross will be a point of conviction when people pass by stirring their souls for Jesus.

Prayer: Father thank you for Your dreams and visions that are as real today as described throughout Your Bible. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!Cross 0042 Tanzania Web 02

Bethel Christian Pentecostal Church
Arusha, Tanzania

Cross 0042 Tanzania Web 03

During hole preparation we struck a huge rock

Cross 0042 Tanzania Web 04

Our carpenter’s name is Shadrack

Cross 0042 Tanzania Web 05

Preparing the notch in the main beam

Cross 0042 Tanzania Web 06

Chiseling out the burs

Cross 0042 Tanzania Web 07
Drilling holes for the bolts, washers and nuts

Cross 0042 Tanzania Web 08
Setting the cross beam in place

Cross 0042 Tanzania Web 09

Attaching bolts, nuts and washers.

Cross 0042 Tanzania Web 10

Tightening the bolts, nuts and washers

Cross 0042 Tanzania Web 11

Mixing sand, rocks and cement

Cross 0042 Tanzania Web 12

Preparing ropes on the four corners

Cross 0042 Tanzania Web 13
Lifting the Cross

Cross 0042 Tanzania Web 14


Cross 0042 Tanzania Web 15


Cross 0042 Tanzania Web 16
“Fire in the hole”

Cross 0042 Tanzania Web 17
Pastor Bill interviewing Pastors
Isaiah and Janet for their testimony

Left: Nixon their son as interpreter
Center Left: Pastor Bill
Center Right: Pastor Janet
Right: Pastor Isaiah

Cross 0042 Tanzania Web 18

Attaching the plaque

Cross 0042 Tanzania Web 19
Pastors Isaiah and Janet with son Nixon
“Giving God Glory”
Over Arusha, Tanzania

Cross 0042 Tanzania Web 20
Pastor Bill and Carol
“Giving God Glory”
Over Arusha, Tanzania