ccm Cross 0032
May 19, 2012

Wayne Wubben Farm
Leland, Iowa
Cross #0032

GPS/DMS 43°20’0.60″ N 93°38’8.99″ W

01 Cross 0032 Leland, Iowa WEBAdditional photos after Testimony

3041 cdd The Brightest Light Incident
Cyber Daily Devotion ll
Volume 13 Number 130

Today’s Author: Pastor Bill

Scripture: Acts 26:13b
“Along the road I saw a light from heaven, brighter than the sun, shining around me” NKJV

Wayne Wubben grew up in rural Iowa at a time from the past. It was the late 1940’s and early 1950’s. His dad made an impact on his life that today nearly 70 years later still rings in his ears.

“If you live in this house you will be in church with us each Sunday.” “When you are in school you belong to the teachers — learn to get along with them and others — that’s your business not mine.” “After church each Sunday you’ll be with us for your mothers roasted chicken dinner, gravy with vegetables and homemade pie.” “Sunday afternoon was reserved for visiting relatives.” “No exceptions!”

Wayne grew up in church. With high school behind him it was into the service as a submariner. His stint was in one of the last diesel operated submarines — USS Atule. Life on the boat was not very Christian and for the next 10 years there was not much time for Christ in his life. All his Christian training was lying dormant and time in the world took over.

With his time as a submariner behind him he met his future wife Dorothy. Dorothy brought with her four young children. Instant family brought back the structure of his father and mother and soon the family was attending church each Sunday. And Dorothy was cooking roasted chicken dinner, gravy with vegetables and homemade pie. Sunday afternoons they visited relatives. No exceptions!

Wayne was a worker — he worked hard so Dorothy could stay at home with the children. Church was a duty — that is until the Brightest Light Incident.

Dorothy called Wayne at work one day screaming into the phone that their daughter Sandy was slipping away in the hospital. She asked him to meet her at the hospital. The drive to hospital was about 30 minutes and along the way Wayne was praying for Sandy — praying for Dorothy — and begging the Lord not to take Sandy’s life.

On the highway — in His car — as he was praying and crying the Brightest Light he has ever seen appeared in the back seat of his car, just over his right shoulder. While experiencing the Brightest Light he has ever seen The Holy Spirit spoke into his heart, “Sandy is not going to live but everything will be all right.” Suddenly a peace came over Wayne that he had never experienced before or since.

When Wayne arrived at the hospital he learned that Sandy was in intensive care. As he stared at her with tubes all around he knew instantaneously that his life would never be the same again. Through the Bright Light Incident Jesus became real in his life. One moment going through church motions — the next understanding that God truly is in control. Sandy held on in intensive care for two months and then passed away into the arms of the Lord.

Wayne will never forget his experience with the Brightest Light he had ever seen and understands today that it clearly was a vision defining moment. He had personally experienced the King of Kings.

Wayne’s favorite Bible verse is John 3:16 — “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” NKJV If you are reading this Wayne wants you to know that this is for real!

The cross to Wayne means Jesus gave his life for you and me — defeating death and Satan — Wayne is praising the Lord for what Jesus did.

The cross planted is a community cross — Giving God Glory — as it stands on a hill overlooking the West side of busy Highway 69 — a mile north of Leland, Iowa. It is there to tell everyone who passes that Jesus lives and gives them an opportunity to say: “thank you Jesus for what you’ve done for me” — traveling north or south — it is visible for all.

The Coup de gras— at just the right moment a semi tractor/trailer passed buy and blew his fog horn as we were planting the cross in the hole — Fire in the Hole!

Prayer:Father thank you for signs and wonders that are available for today and the Brightest Light Incident that changed Wayne Wubbens’ life. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

02 Cross 0032 Leland, Iowa WEB
Pastor Bill prepares the Cross beam

03 Cross 0032 Leland, Iowa WEB
Pastor Jim helps out

04 Cross 0032 Leland, Iowa WEB
Wayne Wubben securing the bolts

05 Cross 0032 Leland, Iowa WEB Finalizing beam strength

06 Cross 0032 Leland, Iowa WEB
Transporting Cross to planting site

07 Cross 0032 Leland, Iowa WEB
Applying post hole digger extension

08 Cross 0032 Leland, Iowa WEB
Preparing the hole

09 Cross 0032 Leland, Iowa WEB
Confronted with a steady 30 mile an hour wind
the “Calvary” arrived to assist with lifting

10 Cross 0032 Leland, Iowa WEB
Red made it look easy

12 Cross 0032 Leland, Iowa WEB
Pastor Bill and Wayne Wubben set the plaque.
“Giving God Glory”

13 Cross 0032 Leland, Iowa WEB
1 Corinthians 1:18
For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing,
but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. NKJV