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January 28, 2012

Apostolic Faith Mission
Xai-Xai, Mozambique
ccm Cross #0023

GPS/DMS 25.0605° S, 33.6959° ECross 0023 Xai Xai Mozambique WEB 01

Additional photos after Testimony

2946 cdd Blind Sight
Cyber Daily Devotion by Pastor Bill
Volume 13 Number 034

Scripture: John 9:25b
“One thing I know:that though I was blind, now I see.” NKJV

My name is Pastor Vitorino Macome and my wife is Mariann from Xai-Xai (Pronounced Shy-Shy), Mozambique, Africa.

Please consider this as we learn about Pastor Vitorino Macome:
1. He is a retired police officer.
2. Spent the last half of life preaching and teaching about Jesus and the Cross.
3. Established ten churches in and around Xai-Xai. (Pronounced Shy-Shy)
4. Previously never had a physical Cross planted
5. Recently suffered a heart attack and watched as we planted his Cross.

Pastor Vitorino Macome was a tough guy. You know the type — the kind that gets whatever they want no matter what or who they have to crush to get it. As a policeman he had ability and authority — no one could stand in his way.

In 1975 Vitorino and his wife Marianne were attending a church meeting and a missionary from the Apostolic Faith Mission in South Africa was preaching — this was his time and he experienced Jesus for real. That night he gave his life to Christ and everything changed.

They started attending church immediately and learning the Bible — it became real and personal for him. The more he learned the more he wanted to share about the blood Jesus shed on the Cross to bring forgiveness into his life and set him free.

Vitorino went to Bible school in South Africa and learned everything he could. He began by street witnessing. Soon he was evangelizing everywhere in Xai-Xai. The last part of his life he would be Pastor Macome and everything would be different — because of Jesus.

Over the next few years Pastor Vitorino Macome and Maryann set out to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. They soon had established 4 churches and were set to add more when tragedy struck. First mama Maryann came down with intestine problems. She went to doctor after doctor with no relief. Every day was a struggle with pain in her gut.

Then Pastor Vitorino Macome was stricken with blindness. Doctors could not pinpoint the cause and determined that surgery would not help.

It was clear the attacks were demonic to hinder their ministry and deliverance was necessary.

The churches were praying for their leader and his wife. Two missionaries from Apostolic Faith Mission in South Africa showed up for a Sunday service. The Lord had called them to set Pastor Vitorino Macome and his wife free.

That Sunday they were both healed from their physical problems. It was a glorious time of rejoicing for everyone. Maryann was pain free and Pastor Vitorino Macome could once again see. It was confirmation that they were needed for the kingdom and they wasted no time.

They immediately increased evangelizing the message of the Cross — over the next season in their lives six more churches were established. That made a total of 10 churches preaching the Cross — but not one had a Cross — that is until now!

Pastor Vitorino Macome always wanted a Cross for the churches because it is his passion to teach and preach about the Cross. From the beginning the Cross has been part of their church logo. He prayed diligently that God would provide for a Cross. Our friend Johan Lourens from South Africa showed up for a Xai-Xai, Mozambique, crusade and mentioned we might come and plant a Cross for him. Pastor Macome was delighted by the idea of finally having a Cross.

We added Mozambique to our itinerary. Pastor Vitorino Macome and Maryann were excited about receiving their Cross — a large Cross for Jesus Christ that he had been preaching about for half of his life.

The Cross was sent but the bridge washed out on the way to Mozambique so we had to do it the old-fashioned way — we built this Cross from scratch. And the only lumber on hand when it was constructed made it the heaviest and largest wood Cross we had built to date.

Prayer: Father thank you for making a way where there was no way for Pastor Vitorino Macome to have the Cross he had prayed for all these many years. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

Cross 0023 Xai Xai Mozambique WEB 02
Lady on the mat is Maryann Macome sorting peanuts
and Pastor Vitorino Macome is straight above her.

Cross 0023 Xai Xai Mozambique WEB 03
The hole diggers were so enthusiastic they
dug too far down so we had to back fill some

Cross 0023 Xai Xai Mozambique WEB 04
The lumber store manager graciously allowed us
to assemble the Cross in his yard where we had
use of his power hand tools – PTL!

Cross 0023 Xai Xai Mozambique WEB 05
Setting the Cross beam

Cross 0023 Xai Xai Mozambique WEB 06
Tightening nuts and bolts

Cross 0023 Xai Xai Mozambique WEB 07
Preparing transportation for the Cross

Cross 0023 Xai Xai Mozambique WEB 08
Lifting Cross on to the truck

Cross 0023 Xai Xai Mozambique WEB 09
Ready to go

Cross 0023 Xai Xai Mozambique WEB 10
The truck driver drove so fast they beat us to the church!
When we arrived they were setting the Cross on the ground.

Cross 0023 Xai Xai Mozambique WEB 11
The kids all gathered around to watch all the action

Cross 0023 Xai Xai Mozambique WEB 12
Two ropes help pull the extra heavy Cross up

Cross 0023 Xai Xai Mozambique WEB 13
Lifting the Cross

Cross 0023 Xai Xai Mozambique WEB 14

Cross 0023 Xai Xai Mozambique WEB 15

Cross 0023 Xai Xai Mozambique WEB 16
“Fire in the Hole”

Cross 0023 Xai Xai Mozambique WEB 17
Cross steady and ready for concrete

Cross 0023 Xai Xai Mozambique WEB 18
Pastor Carol with Cross planting team

Cross 0023 Xai Xai Mozambique WEB 19
Pastor Carol and church intercessors all give a shout
to the Lord as the Cross is an answer to their prayers

Cross 0023 Xai Xai Mozambique WEB 20
We returned the next day (Sunday)
Pastor Carol preaching on “Power in the Tongue”

Cross 0023 Xai Xai Mozambique WEB 21
Church sign in Portuguese and English
with Cross that was drawn at the beginning

Cross 0023 Xai Xai Mozambique WEB 22
Pastor Bill teaching on verse engraved on the plaque:
1 Corinthians 1:18
“For the message of the cross
is foolishness
to those who are perishing,
but to us who are being saved
it is the power of God”

Cross 0023 Xai Xai Mozambique WEB 23
Dedication of Cross
“Declaring God’s Glory”

Cross 0023 Xai Xai Mozambique WEB 24
Mozambique, Africa

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