ccm Cross 0014
May 28, 2011

Lakota Hope
Pine Ridge Reservation
Lakota Sioux Nation
Whiteclay, Nebraska
ccm cross #0014

GPS/DMS 43°01’31.94″ N 102°33’22.57″ W


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2760 cdd Dignity and Jobs
Cyber Daily Devotion by Pastor Bill
Volume 12 Number 108

Today’s Author: Pastor Bill

Scripture: John 8:36
“So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed” NIV

Have you ever sat in church listening to a missionary from a foreign land like Africa, India or the Philippines? Then said to yourself as the offering plate was passed around, “Lord here is some money — thank you that I’m not called to do this.”

Bruce and Marsha Bonfluer more than 15 years ago did just that. They had it all living with their two young children in a virtual paradise — Central Florida. They had two secure jobs, nice home and cars and were dependable Christians.

But Jesus had other plans. First God spoke to Bruce — the impact was such that he needed to write it down. “I want to use you along with others to help restore dignity to my people through the creation of jobs.” There it was in black and white. His first question was, “How — Lord?”

The “how” took several years to unfold as Bruce stood alone — his wife Marsha was not getting the same message! His heart was torn so Bruce asked the Lord, “Please confirm in Marsha’s heart the desire for this vision and I’ll be ready when you do.” The challenge was on.

While Bruce waited for confirmation through Marsha another visiting missionary challenged him to seek a peoples group and pray about working with them. The door opened and Bruce found himself helping a Pastor who ministered in the Wounded Knee area on Pine Ridge Reservation to the Lakota Sioux Nation in South Dakota. This confirmed his people group — as he continued to pray for a revelation for Marsha.

Marsha attended a revival meeting in North Florida — as an observer — and received a message of her own. Marsha was attending in support of her friends and co-workers and did everything she could to blend into the crowd unnoticed. It was not to be. At ministry time she was sought out and received a short word from the Lord, “Enlisting in God’s Army.”

The next day Marsha received another piece of the plan from God. “I want to give you something, will you take it?” Marsha was stunned and could not reply. The question was asked again. This time she fared no better and could not answer. The third time the echo of God’s question was so loud and strong it startled her — she responded with, “Yes.” Then the message became a huge amount of weight on her shoulders — the weight drove her to the floor: “feel the weight of this so you won’t have to carry it.” Then the Holy Spirit added, “You’ll receive a mantel.”

That was it. Now it was back home and the next week as Marsha pondered all these things in her heart — the final moment of surrender engulfed her. She was in worship and the first note played on the electric piano pierced her heart. Then she surrendered all by saying to the Lord, “I’m willing for you to make me willing.”

The first chapter of Isaiah and the first chapter of Jeremiah were burned into her heart. Marsha was ready for the Lord’s work.

Soon after — Bruce and Marsha received a phone call from friends who had no idea they were preparing to move out for the Lord. The callers asked them how much debt they had — they would like to pay to off for them. The callers instructed them to sit down and tally up their debt and they would call back in one hour. One hour later Bruce and Marsha gave them the number and a check was received a few days later. Bruce and Marsha were now free to go as the Lord leads.

That was then and this is now. Now we are planting ccm Cross #0014 in Whiteclay, Nebraska. This is a few miles from the Wounded Knee area Bruce was first introduced to when he selected a peoples group for ministry. God has made a way where there was no way.

Once the decision to move was made it was the Lord driving the bus. For the first three years Bruce was the principal of a Christian school and Marsha taught near Pine Ridge, South Dakota. Then followed a short stint in Rapid City, South Dakota working for a Reservation ministry. Then the specific call: They drove through Whiteclay and the Lord spoke to Bruce clear as a bell, “Put my light here.” Immediately Marsha received the word of the Lord, “Stop looking around at what you see, and praise me for the transformation I am going to do here.”

So far Bruce and Marsha Bonfluer have been walking the vision Bruce received, “I want to use you along with others to help restore dignity to my people through the creation of jobs.”  They have assisted in starting a recycling plant, a thrift store, community center, garden center and a few other entities. All within The Lakota Sioux Nation at Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota. Shinning the light for Jesus and being a part of the transformation.

We are planting this cross not for what has been done to date but for what is about to happen. Bruce and Marsha have earned the respect of the Lakota Sioux Nation by sacrificing self to help make a better world for Lakota children. While many have come and gone in ministry to the Lakota Sioux — leaving a legacy of broken promises — Bruce and Marsha have stayed more than 13 years and kept their promises.

Now we are believing the Holy Spirit will ignite the fire that will set the Lakota Sioux Nation free of alcohol bondage and all the collateral damage it causes — re-establishing their dignity as a Natio

Bruce and Marsha put it this way, “Politics and government have failed miserably in helping the Lakota Sioux Nation. Now it is spiritual — it’s about Jesus.”

Prayer: Father thank you for opening doors and breaking down generational strongholds that will usher in a new revival of body, soul and spirit for the Lakota Sioux Nation. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!