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Tuesday November 27, 2012

ccm Cross Project 2012 Report               


Thank you!

Because of your financial and prayer support, the year 2012 saw 17 new crosses planted for the Lord Jesus Christ.  Each cross is designed to Give the Father Glory. And, each cross has a powerful testimony — a specific story of how the Lord Jesus Christ is alive and well on planet earth today — and very active.

2012 Crosses Planted: — 10 in Africa  — 3 in Asia  — 4 in USA

All part of our continuing ccm Cross Project for the Lord Jesus Christ to:
1. Plant a minimum of one cross in every country of the world.
2. Plant a minimum of one cross in every state of the USA.
3. Each cross planted Giving God Glory!

Revelation 14:7 “Fear God,” he shouted. “Give glory to him. For the time has come when he will sit as judge. Worship him who made the heavens, the earth, the sea, and all the springs of water.” NLT

Below is one link per cross for the 17 crosses planted in 2012. There you’ll find pictures of each cross and the testimony which exemplifies The Lord Jesus Christ fully at work today in the lives of people around the world.

 2. ccm Cross 0021 Kampala, Uganda, East Africa

 3. ccm Cross 0022 Bugiri, Uganda, East Africa

 4. ccm Cross 0023 Xai-Xai, Mozambique, East Africa

 5. ccm Cross 0024 Jozini, South Africa 1, Southern Africa

 6. ccm Cross 0025 Jozini, South Africa 2, Southern Africa

Bethlehem The Holy Land #37. ccm Cross 0026 Cape Town, South Africa, Southern Africa

 8. ccm Cross 0027 Mtwapa, Kenya, East Africa

9. ccm Cross 0028 Bethlehem, Israel, Middle East #1

10. ccm Cross 0029 Bethlehem, Israel, Middle East #2Leland Iowa1428

11. ccm Cross 0030 Bethlehem, Israel, Middle East #3

12. ccm Cross 0032 Leland, Iowa, USA

 Cape Town, South Africa13. ccm cross 0033 Princeton, Missouri, USA

14. ccm Cross 0034 Braham, Minnesota, USA

15. ccm Cross 0035 Shanzu, Kenya, East Africa

16. ccm Cross 0036 Kawala, Kenya, East Africa

17. ccm Cross 0041 Antietam Civil War Battlefield, Maryland, USA


Mombasa, Kenya 1139Thank you for your help. Your prayers and donations do make a difference.  To God Be All The Glory!
Pastors Bill and Carol


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Cross Planting locations where we have not been before are needed. Please review our list of crosses and for any state or country that is not listed, perhaps you can help open the door. To view the World Maps of Crosses Planted: Click Here


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